Important Links for Members!

We've done a few more changes to the site you can read about HERE
  • I would like to start off by welcoming any new members that may be reading this, and giving a big ol' greeting to any members already a part of this community! This thread will contain all of the threads you'll need to get used to FeralFront. To start, you should read the SITE RULES to know what you can and cannot do on this site!

    If you ever have a question or a request, you can message a member of the staff. If you have a question or suggestion that would be better answered by staff, you can also make a thread in the STAFF REQUEST BOARD.

    All members of staff can handle the below requests (with the exception that Community Helpers can't delete threads).
    Request here to have a thread moved, (un)pinned, or (un)locked

    But, only admins can handle the following.
    Admin board requests (adding/moving/changing boards)
    Purchase a global header advertisement/custom header/thread sticky

    Staff frequently update the ANNOUNCEMENTS BOARD with what's going on around the site. If you can't find an answer to your question there or by searching, make a thread in the HELP DEN (which is where you are!).

    The LIBRARY hosts a variety of helpful guides, from how to work functions of the sites to traits you can use for your character. You can check the LIBRARY INDEX if you are looking for a specific guide.
    ----In the library you can also see the semi- and high positions of the main games, and who all plays them (NON-TRAD FRONTBOARD / NON-TRAD BACKBOARD / TRADITIONAL).

    If you ever need someone to talk to about problems going on in real life, head to the SUPPORT CENTER. There you'll find a whole group of people ready to talk through things with you and offering helpful advice. There are also links to important outside sources you could find useful.

    For anything related to plotting or adopting out characters in the Main Game, check out the ROLEPLAYING RESOURCES board.

    Hey, that's alright! The main game (which is the Non-Traditional Warriors RP and Traditional Warriors RP boards) isn't for everyone. If you just want to chat, head on over to the GENERAL BOARD. You can create threads about anything, including chat threads for you and your friends or games.
    ----If you want to share your art or writing, head on over to the ART, FICTION, AND GRAPHICS board. There are plenty of artists there willing to draw your characters (though, sometimes they require a payment in return).
    ----If you want to test out FancyPost coding, head over to the CODING CENTER.

    If you still want to roleplay, you can check out the UNOFFICIAL GROUPS AND LONER LANDS. There you can create a clan of your own, or join someone else's.

    If you don't want to roleplay in a clan, check out the sections of the Free Roleplay. There is separate sections for ANIME, TV, AND MOVIE BASED RPS, MAGIC, SUPERNATURAL, AND APOCALYPTIC RPS, OTHER RPS, and OOC DISCUSSIONS. Each board has it's own sub-boards, for more specific types of roleplays.

    Enjoy your time on FeralFront! Remember to follow the rules, and put your threads where they belong.

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