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      A white male stood with long legs and a bold, yet narrowed face. With one green eye, and one blue eye, he stared at the foggy sky. He didn't believe in StarClan, nor the Dark Forest. He just felt a draw to the night, where shadows lay, where he couldn't see the stars. Sometimes, however, he did love the stars. They glittered above him, seemed reach less. The breathless sight of the stars and the moon in the darkened sky. LilacMask tilted his head, big ears flopping over. "Why are you here?" he muttered, his voice gravely. "You serve no purpose, yet you decide to shine over us." He spoke as if they could hear him, as if they were breathing and had the ability to speak. Of course, he knew they were not. He knew they couldn't hear him. What was even the point of talking?
      Just your local 27 moon old male with an apprentice name
    • ---- serein heard the male talking and padded over through the underbrush. she said nothing, but joined him under the stars. the femme thought that the silence could speak for itself, there was no reason to speak. the grey tabby curled her tail over her paws and tilted her head up, the stars shining back into her yellow eyes.

      info 2/15

      ------ serein TBD
      ------ cisfemale [she/her]
      ------ darkclan medicine cat assistant
      ------ single [ aromantic | asexual]
      ------ fifteen moons [ ages on the 19th]

      Physical :: YOU'RE THE LUCKY ONES
      ------ short hair gray and white tabby she-cat w/ pale yellow eyes
      ------ slightly torn left ear, constantly ruffled fur
      ------ smaller than average, skinny with long tail and whiskers
      ------ major injuries [ ]
      ------ minor injuries [ wounded front left paw | stepped on glass shard ]
      ------ physical [ 98% ] mental [ 100% ]

      Personality :: CAUSE MOST OF US ARE HEAVING
      - conscientious | easy-going | helpful

      - prideful | openminded | easily persuaded | independent

      - naive | anxious | jealous | easily agitated

      Interactions :: THROUGH CORRUPTED LUNGS
      ------ very stressed + snappish
      ------ good in medicine/poor in fighting
      ------ attack in UNDERLINE TAN
      ------ speaks in #FAFAD2
      ------ pm for capture or maim | no kill
    • Lilacmask looked over at Serein, a slight frown coming upon his face. It quickly smoothed over to a forced smile. He dipped his head in greeting before sitting down. He had pretty decent hearing, with his giant ear open to the world.
      Just your local 27 moon old male with an apprentice name
    • the truth you seek
      Songbird spotted the couple, crossing over with a long stride before slowing as she neared, noticing that neither was speaking. She showed her brief confusion, thin tail twitching before she made her way to one of their flanks, sitting a reasonable distance away and sitting as well. Were they just stargazing? "These nights are cold, but it warms me to see the night sky. They're very beautiful, especially with the moon out." Did she speak too much, or too loudly? Agh, she hoped not; she didn't want to ruin a moment of peace.
      never felt so bleak
    • LilacMask dipped his head in greeting to an unfamiliar face. He didn't know Serein was quiet for a reason. He was only quiet from then on because she was quiet. "Yeah, they can be. I guess it all depends, doesn't it?" he spoke smoothly, his bi colored eyes watching the two restlessly. "What are you two up for? I wouldn't expect others up so late." He was only up because he hardly slept. It was oddly one of the hardest things to do.
      Just your local 27 moon old male with an apprentice name
    • the truth you seek
      She looks over, offering a small shrug with her boney shoulders, gaze showing brief sorrow. "I had some bad memories return to me in a dream, so I decided to stay up." Songbird looked ahead again, ears twitching. "I'm not all that tired any more. How about you?"
      never felt so bleak
    • "It's difficult to sleep for myself. Always has been. Are you okay now?" The warrior asked to empathize with his clanmate. He didn't really care the answer. It's just what he learned to do. It was polite.
      Just your local 27 moon old male with an apprentice name
    • the truth you seek
      The warrior would nod, although she would feel a cold stone in the pit of her stomach. "I'm used to these dreams. Although I wish I could forget them, I should be alright." The feline's tail twitched behind her for a moment. "If you can't sleep, you could probably get some of those, um," Shoot, what were they called? "Poppy seeds? Pansy seeds? Seeds from some flower, I forget. They're small and black though."
      never felt so bleak
    • "I am familiar with what you are talking of. Some other night when lack of sleep has affected me, I will ask Thrushmumble for such seeds." Lilacmask said. "Thank you. Perhaps there is something he can do as well for your dreams. Make them stop, I suppose." With another thought, the white warrior came to another thought. "Or perhaps, you need somebody to help you relieve you of these dreams. Somebody to talk to." He wasn't going to sacrifice himself but if he talked about them to him, he'd listen.
      Just your local 27 moon old male with an apprentice name
    • the truth you seek
      She smiles more as she was some help to him. As Lilacmask mentioned that Thrushmumble could potentially help her, the she-cat got to thinking, up until he suggested going to talk to someone about her night terrors. The Peterbald was quick to shake her head. "People will judge me for my past, so I have no intention to mention it unless required to." The tall feline cranes her head so her chin lightly rested against her chest.
      never felt so bleak
    • LilacMask dipped his head in understanding. "Good luck, then." he said simply, not trying to sound rude. He could not say do not worry, or mention how it will fade from memory eventually. Who is he to say that would happen, when it may not? It would be utterly useless to try to compensate in a way such as that.
      Just your local 27 moon old male with an apprentice name