This is a first ~BOY NEEDED~

    • This is a first ~BOY NEEDED~



      Aria loves reading learning new things even though majority of the time she's sitting in a hospital bed.
      She's a softie to animals like kittens and puppies. But she can easily get ticked off if someone is annoying her. Now even though she has to have shots everyday Aria hates shots, they hurt and needle just sends shivers down her spine. But when Aria is able to get out the hospital just for a little while she goes skateboarding, plays basketball, hangs out with her best friend Holly who visits every day whether Aria is in the hospital or not. The thing is every time someone asks Aria what she wants most in life she usually answers "To find someone outside of my life that loves me for me" though she never really talks to boys or even has had a boyfriend. But is that wish doesn't come true at least she has her books and Holly.

      If interested just post below a picture of your character}
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