RP As Yourself!

    • RP As Yourself!

      A revival of an old thread I was following. It's very self-explanatory.

      This is an RP thread in which, as you may have guessed, you play as yourself. If you aren't comfortable giving out personal information like your name or what you look like, you're more than welcome to use an alternate spelling and a photo off of Google. No biggie.

      That being said, there are a (literally) couple rules you need to follow. These are really just common sense.

      • Follow all FeralFront rules.
      • Stay true to who YOU ARE. If you as a person wouldn't get sloppy drunk, then you in this RP shouldn't get sloppy drunk.
        • The point of this RP is basically to hang out with other RPers as though you were hanging out in person (or as close to that as you can get in an RP).

      To keep things organized, I will still ask for a character form.

      Source Code

      1. [align=center][img]PICTURE HERE[/img]
      2. Name:
      3. Age:
      4. Gender:
      5. Clothing Style:
      6. Interests:
      7. Dislikes:
      8. Other:[/align]

      Feel free to add to the form however you'd like. These are just the basics.

      Here's Me:

      Riley | Female | 18

      Name: Riley
      Sexual Orientation: Straight
      Birthday/Zodiac: June 20th/Gemini

      Clothing Style:

      tshirts, tanks, crop tops
      light sweaters if it's chilly, sweatshirts and hoodies for colder nights
      denim shorts, jeans, joggers
      sneakers, sandals
      tshirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts
      jeans, joggers, high-waist mini skirts (black or crimson)
      knee socks
      sneakers, booties

      tshirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies, winter parka
      almost exclusively jeans and joggers
      fuzzy socks, scarves
      booties, combat boots

      tshirts, light sweaters, sweatshirts
      jeans, joggers, high-waist skirts if warm enough
      knee socks (if wearing skirt)
      sneakers, booties

      Mint blue, purple, charcoal
      Sushi, steak, potatoes in all their glorious forms, most fruits, Cocoa Pebbles/Apple cider, grapefruit juice, milk
      Metallica, Nirvana, Exo-K, Xue Zhi Qian, Third Eye Blind

      The entire Alien franchise with the exception of Alien 3, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained
      Drawing/sketching, eating, sleeping, swimming, travelling, playing video/computer games

      Working 10-hour days, doing dishes, paying for gasoline

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    • Riley | Female | 18


      Riley sat behind the front desk of Haru Sushi, tapping her fingers on the smooth wooden counter. It had been quiet this morning, as it usually was. The lunch rush didn't usually start for a couple more hours.