Well this is new (BxB pafp)

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    • Well this is new (BxB pafp)

      So! Lemme explain my oc then you explain yours, after that we can discuss a plot.

      Name:Varlerli Tormonul
      Race:Dusk Elf (Pathfinder)
      Hair/eye/skin color: Long dark blue hair(in ponytail), and yellow eyes, pale porcelain skin
      Clothes:Long white sleeved shirt, black pants, black boots, brown cloak, three gold ear cuffs in one ear.
      Personality:kind, trusting, curious.
      Likes:Lizards,magic,books,cooking,cuddling, exploring, cold days, rain
      Dislikes:hot days, falling asleep while reading a book, mice, creepy people.
      Other:he's pretty chill.
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    • Name: Alantine Khaos
      Age: 18
      Gender: Male
      Race: Dhampir
      Class: Rogue
      Sexuality: Homosexual
      Hair/eye/skin color: Shoulder-length grey hair, grey-ish blue skin, sky blue eyes
      Weapons: Crossbow, Yatagan
      Clothes: Tattered red cloak, black long-sleeved shirt, grey pants, long black boots, black finger-less gloves
      Personality: Neutral, Loner, Level-headed, Adventurous
      Likes: Solitude, reading, tinkering with objects, sleeping
      Dislikes: Loudness, Dirtiness, Cats
      Other: He is constantly on the move, as he is nomadic.

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    • IC------
      When the sun rose shopkeepers started waking up and opening their shops, people returned from their quests, and other people were still sleeping...like Varlerli Tormonul who decided to stay up all night reading books and writing letters to friends.

      When the afternoon rolled around Varlerli was up, he brushed his hair, put on clothes then he left his house and into the town square which had different houses and stores. Varlerli went to the wooden board which had different papers on it wanting help, finally he found one which was just finding some treasure in this old cave which sounded fun "finally I'll be able to travel more." He mumbled to himself, before he went to grab it he noticed someone else looking at it too...now he can let the person have it or he can just take it unless they work together but that probably isn't possible because most people work with friends or by themselves.
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    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      As morning rolled around, Alantine awoke, with only two hours of sleep. He knew that if he wanted to get to the next town over, and get the best quests, he would need to awake much earlier than he usually did. Because he considered himself a nomadic being, he was always ready to leave at a moments notice. Packing up the blanket he slept on and the bag he kept his minimal belongings, he set out to journey to the next town. This journey was easy compared to how much walking he's done before. As the sun rose higher in the sky, Alantine covered his head with his red cloak; he's had enough sun for one day.

      After some time, he finally made his way into the town. He passed the bustling town square; he himself wouldn't stand being in this type of environment for too long. I would probably lose my mind, he thought as he approached the podium holding the list of available Quests. He was looking for something that required him to travel to a newer, farther place. Alantine joined the small group that gathered around the Quests and took a look at one that interested him. As he reached out to grab the parchment holding the Quest, he noticed another looking at the same one. He hesitated, as he wasn't one to fight over such things. He looked to the person, his piercing blue eyes resting upon the other male.

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    • IC------
      After a few minutes passed Varlerli looked at the other male with a small smile "you can take this one if you'd like, I'm sure I'll find another one or make up my own," He took the paper off the board and handed it to the other "besides I'm only doing quest for the adventure not the treasure." He quickly added as he looked back at the board.

      Mostly everything on there was killing monsters or hunting down a murderer..which was nice and all but he wasn't feeling up to do any of those "what do you think of potions?" He asked the man he gave the paper to "I personally think some are good depending on how well they're made and for their use." Okay maybe he was trying to start a small conversation with the stranger so he can totally go on the quest with him just to explore the area and creatures.
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    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      Alantine stood awkwardly there as the silence between them got longer. He was grateful that the other guy broke the silence, although he was surprised the man gave over the Quest so easily. Usually in these situations, he was the one to walk away, or face a meaningless fight with some meathead Berserker or something. He slowly took the Quest from the board but didn't move exactly. Alantine thought it was weird how they both didn't want to take the Quest for the fortune, but the experience, let alone wanting to start a conversation. He almost smiled, but of course he didn't. "...Yes, I use potions occasionally. But I can only really make minor healing potions myself. I usually buy the others, which can get expensive." He studied the male for a few seconds. "My name is Alantine, by the way. Alantine Khaos."

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