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      ooc: oh my gosh the whiplash from it all sounds intense. i'm sure it was all worth it

      Frankie bit at her nails as she listened, trying to think of a way they could get past motion detectors, or anything else that might be hiding in the water. It was impossible for them all to know, and it was obvious at this point that nobody had done any surveillance of the area beforehand to see if it was actually feasible to get away with this. At this point though, she didn't care. She removed her hand from her mouth and spoke in a louder whisper-yell, "Well if we're in the dark anyways then it doesn't matter! Let's just go before anyone else comes and sees us here!" she was getting verry impatient, and in fact moved closer to the small boat, preparing to board.
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      Sofia jumped a bit at Frankie's impatient tone and gave her a hard nod of understanding and slight worry, "Yes, the boat is over here...!" She said moving towards a small cluster of high, jagged rocks that were a pale almost luminous grey in the moonlight. She pressed her hand against the hard edge of one of said stones and glanced over the side to look upon the dingy little boat that would carry them away and out to the other world. "If you're ready, let's go!" She said clambering over and attempting to get into the boat.
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      Frankie sighed in relief and followed Sofia over to the jagged rocks to the boat, so we're finally getting off this rock

      The boat, admittedly, looked unsteady, and it wout be a miracle if it could keep them all onboard and stay afloat. Still, even if it took them all far enough away, Frankie would willingly get out and swim away if she needed to at this point. It was hard enough to convince herself to come, for fear of the guards and stricter punishments, but being here was worth it if they could all pull this off. She grabbed hold of the side of the boat and tried her best to sidtribute her weight closest to the center to avoid falling over or capsizing the tiny vessel