The Resurrection Effect ||Jump in roleplay||See more details inside||

    • The Resurrection Effect ||Jump in roleplay||See more details inside||

      Resurrection Effect

      My dearest love,
      I write in hopes that this will get to you in time. I have secured a boat near the coast and I hope to escape from this hell, I invite you to join me but should you be unable to know that I think of you. I pray for you from the bottom of my heart. I have invited a few others, and snuck out a similar message to them through anonymously posted notes about the cell city. You and I will not be the only ones escaping should you decide to join us. Love, I really do pray that this gets to you on time. I -and the others- will be gone by sunrise tomorrow. Please... Join us...

      The 'Resurrection Effect' is an experiment that focused on resurrecting a once dead body back to life. It, like many others of its caliber, resulted in horrific backlash but was supported heavily by the soon to collapse government. Established by the esteemed, Dr. Robert E. Howard, it soon gained popularity within the country as he vowed to resurrect the impoverished for free. He was now supported by not only the government and the wealthy, but by the large masses of people who were forced to live in the slums.
      Tests were run and a series of strange serums were pumped into the dead and almost decaying bodies of various deceased humans. These tests, however, gave startling results. The bodies were revived or as stated by Dr. Howard, reawaken, but in a state of hysteria and extreme rage. Having not predicted this outcome, many scientists were killed by the recently awoken. The government was son called upon to have a small island gifted to the scientists resulting in a large 'city' made of cells. After being moved here, more experiments were produced with the ratio of failures becoming more frequent. But of those failures came the few resurrected who were not plagued by insanity. These people were put into cells and given more freedom than their hysterical siblings.
      These people, however, grew tired of the experiments that continued to be run upon them and planned a rebellion. That failed and they were forced into heavier protected cells and limited in their freedoms. Until now, none wanted to attempt another escape for fear of being locked up even tighter. You, a free thinking and psychologically healthy resurrected, ae been invited by a mysterious 'Sofia' to escape from this wretched hell...

      A few characters of various backgrounds and origin who have died are forced to be ''remade''. They catch wind of escape attempt soon after their revival and follow after a rather suspicious girl who seems keen on leaving with her ''lover''. Though, her lover never appears and in a brief moment of sorrow, allows you to join her in her escape attempt. You've managed to get free but have found that the world isn't what it was when you had died... You all band together in an attempt to survive and perhaps find a safe haven somewhere in the new world.


      Sofia - Formerly the second daughter of a wealthy family, she was killed in a robbery which resulted in her family sending her body to be experimented on and hopefully resurrected. She is of rather short height and has light colored hair, pale skin, and wide blue eyes. She is rather haughty when she talks and wields her past wealth and connections in anyway she can. She is also the one who posted out the warning for any who wanted to escape to join her and has an unnamed female lover whom has recently disappeared. she agonizes over her lover's disappearance. Romance open to plotting...
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      The City of Cells is a large walled 'city' with high towers of cells stacked on upon another. It is heavily protected by turrets and guards with intense training with the ability to subdue even the strongest feral reawaken. It was designed to protect not only the outside world but the resurrected from one another, it currently stands against the radiation that has crept across the world. It is located on a small island a few leagues from shore which can be reached by boat. There is a small dock hidden behind some high rocks that houses a boat that will be used by our protagonists for escape.

      The world beyond the cells and island are barren and dead with very few vegetation remaining. Anything that has survived has been turned into a malicious creature that preys on anything it can find, whether it be a rabid, mutated fox or a well meaning resurrected or mutated human. A few cities remain standing within the radiation but others have since fallen to time.


      -Please be relatively active, I understand if you have something going on but please don't join and then never reply.
      -Swearing is allowed but please don't make it a habit.
      -If something is not to your liking please tell me and we can work to change it to be more suitable.
      -You don't have to make a form but please give a general idea of who your character is, and what they look like and their personality.
      -Random scenarios will occur, feel free to throw them out there in the RP
      -Anyone is welcome but please write at least 2-3 sentences per post.
      -Romances can happen, but keep it PG13.

      There are a few named positions opened for people to claim, to be specific there are two and they are first come, first serve.No ands, ifs, or buts about it.

      The Group Leader - Leads the group across the dead land and through the various obstacles that block their path. Played by #
      Medic - Has knowledge of plants and medicine that can be used to heal or help their fellow group members. Played by #
      Group Members
      - Follow after the leader and help survive the barren lands of which they have arrived at. Played by #, #, #, #, & #


      Can I have powers? No. Just no, for lore sake and my sanity. I don't care what your reason is, powers are a no, sorry...
      What if I want a position but I'm gone for a long time? The torch will be passed (Metaphorically) in roleplay and your character will be booted from their position.
      Can I have two positions? No, one position seeing as there are only two. You can not take them both. Either choose one or neither.
      So I can just join in and RP? Yeah, just make your character, give us their personality and appearance and start RPing. No accepting needed. Hence why positions are first come, first serve. (Have I stressed that enough?)