The Circle {Sign-Up/Joining Thread}

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    • The Circle {Sign-Up/Joining Thread}


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      Magic and magical creatures do exist. They HAVE existed for ages; Blending in among us normies. Though there are periods of time where our ancestors were fully aware, but only managed to nudge the nail, rather than drive it into the wood. One such event...Was the Salem Witch Trials. Oh, don't you worry yer pretty head! A good amount of witches and wizards managed to escape death. Going on to live their lives and marry.
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      Our story right here covers their descendants. Five teens who have come together in their very own coven. Joined by the new kid in town.

      Based on works such as The Secret Circle, The Covenant, The Craft, and American Horror Story: Coven. This thread follows an outsider who joins up with a coven of teenage witches and wizards. Faced with threats such as witch hunters and the darker members of their kind. Next to other teenage issues.

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      1) Be able to write three detailed sentences to a paragraph.
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      2) Do NOT kiss-n-diss. Try your best to be active. And if you're leaving this thread, alert me beforehand.

      3) My word is law.

      4) If you can, create/play both a male and female character. Ya know, to even things out.

      5) Be creative with the character(s) you use. Different race, different sexuality/orientation, different age what have you. Go nuts!

      6) You do not have to play members of the Circle. You could be a regular human. Or one of the witch hunters. Or even a dark magic-user! There will be other species, who will be suggested/talked about on another thread.

      7) Do NOT create a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. I CANNOT stress this enough.

      8 ) While there WILL be dark/mature-ish themes, this thread is strictly PG-13.

      9) I am within my rights to refuse-n-reject you if I see fit. I tend to be picky with my roleplay partners.

      10) Try to be as interactive with me as possible. Give me your thoughts and ideas for plots. I'm eager to hear from you!

      11) Any witch/warlock character you play can have up to three powers. Three and nothing more. Savvy?

      If you have read and understand these rules, put "Magic" on somewhere on your form.

      About The Magic:

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      Magic is more or less inherited from the parents/one parent. A young witch's/warlock's power begins to manifest either at a very young age (7 or 8 years) or at preteen years (12 or 13). While many have knowing family members who can help teach them, there are others who are not-so lucky. There IS a Council that acts to rule/protect this hidden community. And covens can come in many forms/formats.
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      A witch/warlock has only one or more signature magic ability (Abilities) that include:

      *Pyschokinesis (The power to move or levitate objects without touching them)

      *Pyrokinesis (The power to control fire and heat)

      *Aerokinesis (The power to control air and wind)

      *Levitation (The power to defy gravity and hover/maneuver freely in the air; Or even fly)

      *Astral Projection (The power to project one's consciousness and senses beyond and away from the physical body)


      *Empath powers

      *Seduction powers

      *Shapeshifting (The ability to change one's physical appearance and voice to appear as another person)

      *Teleportation (The power to instantaneously disappear from one place and reappear in another)

      *Clairvoyance (The ability to see things that are invisible or magically hidden; Also, the ability to sense dark magic and werecreatures)

      And more!

      A Note On Dark Magic
      Dark magic is a twisted, Burton-esque reflection of its White side. A Darksider's power(s) can be downright terrifying and gruesome parodies. You do NOT have to be evil to have Dark magic. If your parent(s) are Dark, there's a good chance you'll receive this regardless of personal alignment.

      The setting of our little story is Mayfair, Tennessee. Founded by some escapees from Salem. With help from...Other members of the paranatural community.

      I will be playing NOT a member of the Circle, but the new member's love interest. A (possibly not full) human boy. Surprised, I am sure. But he gets himself tangled up in magical messes.


      Sign-Up Sheet:

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      That's just it: Create your own, personal sign-up sheet! Who DOESN'T love a good DYI project? Oh, and I cannot, for the life-of-me, figure out how to make a sheet with this new format. So...Yeah.

      Andrew Grayson Jr. {My Character}:

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      17 years old

      It's quite possible he's not entirely human. Lives with his mother or father and another adult (Who may-or-may not be a Darksider).

      Plays on the school football team.

      Despite his status in school and popularity, Rocky is a big sweetheart. Big and (Almost) dumb, he tries his hardest in life. Loves both geeky things and sports. He's essentially a manchild with half-a-brain. Though he can get competitive. And he's got one heck of a temper...

      His parent and the possible-Darksider or hunter living with them are up for grabs. So if you want to play one of them...Go on!

      And yes, the Darksider (or Hunter), no matter what gender, will be abusive in certain ways to him.

      The new member can also be any gender. Meaning their romance with Rocky CAN be BxB.

      Other Links:

      &quot;I believe I&#039;ll lock you in the tower for a few years until your head is ready. <br />And then I&#039;ll take it.&quot;<br />&quot;I believe you will NOT!&quot;<br /><br />I WILL BE GONE / INACTIVE FOR A WEEK!<br /><br />&quot;Doooorothy Gaaale!&quot;<br />

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    • coven character
      [img here ]
      Name; Darren Vasilyevskey.
      Дарен Василевский
      Role; Coven member.
      Species; Witch/wizard.
      Magic; More versatile than most, Darren deals in sigils. There's a certain way of creating sigils, which means that they can suit practically every need, but because you word them yourself, there's lots of room for it to go wrong, and you have to detail specifics when charging it. For example, if you wanted it to snow, you would create a sigil for 'make it snow', but when charging it, lay down rules for the sigil, like a contract, such as 'let it only snow for one day, I want a certain amount of snow, I don't want anyone hurt by it, etc' otherwise this can and will go wrong.

      For an example of what sigil look like, see the attached image!
      Description; wip.

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    • Concepts

      New member/romance:
      Clarissa Gwynevere Elanora(healing magic)
      A gentle person who discovered her power to take the injuries of others away by sacrificing her own wellness in return, she is fairly shy at times but shows often her spirit of steel. Claire is a beautiful girl with long red-gold hair and bright blue eyes, Irish by nature her skin is pale and sports freckles all over, a curvy figure and soft features make her seem more vulnerable and her 5'3 height helps little. 18 years old.

      Coven member:
      Ikesterbow(not shitting others this is his name) Valenhi Atashi ('classical' magic, he can do a little of anything but specializes in telekinesis and Pyrokinesis)
      Ike is a grouchy, irritable but intelligent and very powerful wizard. Affected by Autism, Ike prefers to study on his own, a very short guy with curly hair and alley cat eyes (left blue right hazel) and vaguely Latino features with a slightly darker natural skin tone. 17 years old.
      Leaving Feralfront soon. I've lost almost all interest in this and I have too many things going on IRL to deal with this.

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    • FULL NAME Ayalilla Ginger Gwenaelle
      NICKNAMES Ginger, which she prefers to go by. Her grandmother called her Aya, which she hated.
      DATE OF BIRTH April 4th, 2004
      AGE 15, but perceived age can vary from 10 to 18
      GENDER Female
      PRONOUNS She/her
      SEXUALITY Still figuring that out, though she finds herself enchanted by girls and hasn't been impressed much by boys
      ZODIAC Aries: Brave, independent, assertive, impulsive, hates restrictions
      FAMILIAR None yet, though it will probably be a wolverine or a honey badger
      SPECIALIZATION Fiery balls that usually explode as soon as she loses concentration, and slight control over fire. She's still working on it.

      LOVE INTEREST(S) Maybe one day. For now she just admires people for their bodies or how tough they are.
      PARTNER(S) Nah (But open)
      RELATIVES Mother, living. Father, deceased. Grandmother, deceased. Unknown grandfather.

      PERSONALITY Very competitive and easily bated, Ginger is definitely a hot-headed brute. She can be very violent and rude, though she knows when to shut up and respect someone who has earned it. She wants to see how powerful she can get and has high aspirations. She usually puts those close to her before herself, but doesn't have many close friends. She has a hard time not telling the truth, and her emotions are always very clear. When you earn her trust, you become her personal bad-feelings trash dump and you will learn EVERYTHING that crosses her mind. She works hard despite her attitude issues.
      MBTI TYPE ESTP: The Dynamo
      HOGWARTS HOUSE Slytherin mostly, though she got Gryffindor once
      DISORDERS None, really

      Appearance: Ginger's appearance matches her firey personality surprisingly well. She is a rather skinny but pretty well-muscled girl who often looks like she's plotting something thanks to her crooked eyebrows and extreme facial expressions. About 5 foot four inches tall, around 130 pounds, reddish bronze frizzy and poofy hair that goes about halfway down her back. She has tanned skin with plenty of freckles, and rich gold-brown eyes. You can easily guess what kind of trouble she gets into based on the claw marks on her arms and face. She usually wears a sloppy shirt and tight shorts usually, though if she must she will put on a button-up shirt and dress pants. Doesn't usually go barefoot and wears a rather old pair of shoes.

      ~Father dies (age 6)
      ~Discovers powers when she is upstaged in a little talent show with some other kids, the girl her rage was directed at had her hair set on fire for two minutes until someone managed to return with a bucket of water and dunk her (age 8 )
      ~Great Grandmother begins tutoring her in magic (age 9)
      ~Great Grandmother dies (age 10)
      ~Joins the coven (around age 12)

      Will very likely be making another character, but I have to decide what's up with them...
    • W.I.P

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      FULL NAME: Lysandra De'Evera
      NICKNAMES: Lyss
      DATE OF BIRTH: October 17th
      AGE: 17
      GENDER: Female
      PRONOUNS: She/Her
      SEXUALITY: Biromantic Heterosexual
      ZODIAC: Libra
      Powers; Levitation and Pscycokinesis

      RELATIVES: Tessa De'Evera (Mother), Luarie De'Evera (Mother), Tyler De'Evera (Little brother)




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      FULL NAME: Ray Aster
      NICKNAMES: Ray
      DATE OF BIRTH: July 19th
      AGE: 16
      GENDER: male
      PRONOUNS: he/him
      SEXUALITY: Homosexual/Homoromantic
      ZODIAC: Cancer
      Powers; Empath powers, Shapeshifting

      RELATIVES: Tyreese Aster (Father, deceased), Anna Tenlee (Mother), Ryan Tenlee (Step-Father)



      - Father dies in car crash (Age 4)
      - Mother remarries (Age 7)
      - Starts to have nightmares about his father (age 11)
      - Learns the truth about his father (age 12)
      - Refuses to Join the coven (age 12)
      - Learns to control his powers on his own (age 15)

    • All the female characters are redheads XD
      maybe it's a Coven Symbol, the members identify the women in the group by their hair.
      It would explain why everyone has the most rare hair color in the world (Less than 1% of Earth has red hair)
      Leaving Feralfront soon. I've lost almost all interest in this and I have too many things going on IRL to deal with this.
    • The Shifter

      Daurios "Dau" Abegend Kaliktrates
      NICKNAMES Dau, Ri, whatever you want
      DATE OF BIRTH May 24th
      AGE About 22, but appearance can change
      GENDER Intersex, Androgyne but leaning towards male
      PRONOUNS They/them but doesn't mind he/him or the occasional she/her mixup from someone that doesn't know them well
      SEXUALITY Doesn't really care much, but they can recognize a beautiful person and find compliments. Really only flirts with people they think can get them something useful.
      ZODIAC Gemini

      SPECIALIZATION Shape-shifting, but only to different humans. No animals or extra limbs or anything, sadly.
      PERSONALITY Sassy at times, polite at others. Dau has changed their personality so many times that there's almost nothing left besides different characters. The most prominent recurring personality is a fast-thinking clever manipulator who uses whatever skills they have to get what they want. Adaptable, Persuasive, Obedient (for the most part), Quick thinker, Graceful, Flexible, Observant, Assertive, Disloyal, physically a bit weak, holds petty grudges, sometimes plays it safe instead of taking an opportunistic risk, doesn't easily trust others, likes to feel in control of a situation and will pitch a fit if he isn't.

      MBTI TYPE ESTJ, The Executive
      HOGWARTS HOUSE Slytherin, but Ravenclaw came in at a close second
      DISORDERS Possibly bipolar

      CLOTHING STYLE Plenty of jewelry. Loves a good dress but usually wears tight-fitting clothing with a sleek look. Practically lives in shoes and hates the idea of going barefoot.
      BODY MODIFICATIONS ear-piercings and a nose ring, a few tattoos that they are happy to show off
      SCARS/BIRTHMARKS Not as far as they can tell, but there's a small triangular mark on the left butt cheek

      Born to unknown parents, abandoned at less than one year
      Taken in by a strange man and raised as male. This man raises other children, kind of like a strange cult house. (ages ~3 months to 13)
      Some of the children escape when they are old enough, Daurios among them. (13)
      Begins to identify as Androgyne after some research. (15)
      The children live on the streets, wandering around wherever they can survive. One day Daurios is caught shoplifting. The cops are called, but Daurios manages to get permission to go to the bathroom of the store. While trying to think of a way out, he learns that he can shapeshift. He uses the power to change his features, hides most of his clothing in a trashcan, and starts screaming. The employee rushes in and is so baffled that they believe the story of being assaulted by somebody and is allowed to leave after some questioning and being provided with clothes. (16)
      Interested in advancing their new-found powers Dau leaves the other kids in search of answers. (16-19)
      Finally begins to study magic when they find this town. (19-22)
      Has a decent amount of control over their abilities, and begins attending the local highschool out of pure curiosity. Daurios has taken the identity of a 17 year old boy who committed suicide in junior year, but was never found. It is now believed that he simply ran away for a time before returning. (22)

      I don't know if they should be a witch or just a shape shifter. Either way, they're going to be hanging around the coven members a lot as "that creepy guy that's probably trying to get into dark magic and might lowkey want to kill everyone".
      Also are we doing familiars or not?