The Circle {Sign-Up/Joining Thread}

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  • Plot:

    Based on works such as The Secret Circle, The Covenant, The Craft, and American Horror Story: Coven. This thread follows an outsider who joins up with a coven of teenage witches and wizards. Faced with threats such as witch hunters and the darker members of their kind. Next to other teenage issues.


    About The Magic:

    The setting of our little story is Mayfair, Tennessee. Founded by some escapees from Salem. With help from...Other members of the paranatural community.

    I will be playing NOT a member of the Circle, but the new member's love interest. A (possibly not full) human boy. Surprised, I am sure. But he gets himself tangled up in magical messes.


    Sign-Up Sheet:

    Andrew Grayson Jr. {My Character}:

    His parent and the possible-Darksider or hunter living with them are up for grabs. So if you want to play one of them...Go on!

    And yes, the Darksider (or Hunter), no matter what gender, will be abusive in certain ways to him.

    The new member can also be any gender. Meaning their romance with Rocky CAN be BxB.

    Other Links:

    [center]"[i]I believe I'll lock you in the tower for a few years until your head is ready.
    And then I'll take it.[/i]"
    "[i]I believe you will NOT![/i]"


    "[i]Doooorothy Gaaale![/i]"

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  • Will either make the new member or my classical 'wizard' Ike, possibly both...
    Both, I'll make forms after school

  • Concepts

    New member/romance:
    Clarissa Gwynevere Elanora(healing magic)
    A gentle person who discovered her power to take the injuries of others away by sacrificing her own wellness in return, she is fairly shy at times but shows often her spirit of steel. Claire is a beautiful girl with long red-gold hair and bright blue eyes, Irish by nature her skin is pale and sports freckles all over, a curvy figure and soft features make her seem more vulnerable and her 5'3 height helps little. 18 years old.

    Coven member:
    Ikesterbow(not shitting others this is his name) Valenhi Atashi ('classical' magic, he can do a little of anything but specializes in telekinesis and Pyrokinesis)
    Ike is a grouchy, irritable but intelligent and very powerful wizard. Affected by Autism, Ike prefers to study on his own, a very short guy with curly hair and alley cat eyes (left blue right hazel) and vaguely Latino features with a slightly darker natural skin tone. 17 years old.

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  • FULL NAME Ayalilla Ginger Gwenaelle
    NICKNAMES Ginger, which she prefers to go by. Her grandmother called her Aya, which she hated.
    DATE OF BIRTH April 4th, 2004
    AGE 15, but perceived age can vary from 10 to 18
    GENDER Female
    PRONOUNS She/her
    SEXUALITY Still figuring that out, though she finds herself enchanted by girls and hasn't been impressed much by boys
    ZODIAC Aries: Brave, independent, assertive, impulsive, hates restrictions
    FAMILIAR None yet, though it will probably be a wolverine or a honey badger
    SPECIALIZATION Fiery balls that usually explode as soon as she loses concentration, and slight control over fire. She's still working on it.

    LOVE INTEREST(S) Maybe one day. For now she just admires people for their bodies or how tough they are.
    PARTNER(S) Nah (But open)
    RELATIVES Mother, living. Father, deceased. Grandmother, deceased. Unknown grandfather.

    PERSONALITY Very competitive and easily bated, Ginger is definitely a hot-headed brute. She can be very violent and rude, though she knows when to shut up and respect someone who has earned it. She wants to see how powerful she can get and has high aspirations. She usually puts those close to her before herself, but doesn't have many close friends. She has a hard time not telling the truth, and her emotions are always very clear. When you earn her trust, you become her personal bad-feelings trash dump and you will learn EVERYTHING that crosses her mind. She works hard despite her attitude issues.
    MBTI TYPE ESTP: The Dynamo
    HOGWARTS HOUSE Slytherin mostly, though she got Gryffindor once
    DISORDERS None, really

    Appearance: Ginger's appearance matches her firey personality surprisingly well. She is a rather skinny but pretty well-muscled girl who often looks like she's plotting something thanks to her crooked eyebrows and extreme facial expressions. About 5 foot four inches tall, around 130 pounds, reddish bronze frizzy and poofy hair that goes about halfway down her back. She has tanned skin with plenty of freckles, and rich gold-brown eyes. You can easily guess what kind of trouble she gets into based on the claw marks on her arms and face. She usually wears a sloppy shirt and tight shorts usually, though if she must she will put on a button-up shirt and dress pants. Doesn't usually go barefoot and wears a rather old pair of shoes.

    ~Father dies (age 6)
    ~Discovers powers when she is upstaged in a little talent show with some other kids, the girl her rage was directed at had her hair set on fire for two minutes until someone managed to return with a bucket of water and dunk her (age 8 )
    ~Great Grandmother begins tutoring her in magic (age 9)
    ~Great Grandmother dies (age 10)
    ~Joins the coven (around age 12)

    Will very likely be making another character, but I have to decide what's up with them...

  • W.I.P

  • All the female characters are redheads XD
    maybe it's a Coven Symbol, the members identify the women in the group by their hair.
    It would explain why everyone has the most rare hair color in the world (Less than 1% of Earth has red hair)

  • Clarissa is my most played female character.
    Just behind her is Kallisto.

  • I don't know if they should be a witch or just a shape shifter. Either way, they're going to be hanging around the coven members a lot as "that creepy guy that's probably trying to get into dark magic and might lowkey want to kill everyone".
    Also are we doing familiars or not?