Somber machines (Open)

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  • Plot: A group of machines wake up in their home expecting to find their creator, Mirona, ready to greet them but instead they find their home partially destroyed.
    With three odd carvings on the wall.

    All you need to do is fill in the form and you can jump in.

    Name: Cecko
    Function: Cleaning
    Appearance: Cecko has a snake-like body with several small claws petruding from it's stomach to move easily. It has two large metal arms to move and stand tall, with a single eye used to look around and filters inside it's body used for cleaning.
    Installed personality: N/A
    Other: Cecko can open it's eye in order to put small items inside its body. It is only able to talk a little due to a broken voice box.

    Cecko's inside whirred to life as the alarm inside it's body woke the machine. It's green eye flashed on and lit the dark basement, it moves it's arms to pull it's body up and look around properly. The light showed that the basement was a mess, tables turned over, papers torn, holes in the wall and more.

    City of liars (open)

    Somber machines : Somber machines (Open)


    Ghost found a cave and honey

    Alpha and Nuna are together

    Mirtin is in a fight

    Farlow/Karon bring pups back to the factory

    Primrose notices them aproach

    Shadow/Grim are at the factory

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