GET IT TOGETHER [p, Jonathan]

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  • "In the discussion of new defenses for Windclan, the only result we got out of it was an agreement on a wall around the camp, and for the tunnel system beneath us to be mapped, utilized, and taught to every Apprentice from here on out." He stated, bringing up a paper with a map of the territory on it, and gestured to the new red line that circled the camp. "The wall is going to be here. It will have two entries, here and here." Towards the fields and towards the river. "It will be constructed out of earth and stone. If an enemy tries to hop it, they will be stabbed, by these." He pulled out a branch from a Honey Loctus tree- it was only a small portion, a twig- but it was splayed out with two and three inch spikes, needle sharp. "These will be on the top and outside of the wall." He says, then gestured to another's spot on the map, the temple, and the blue line that connected it to the camp. "With the tunnels, we want to have one that goes directly from the camp to the temple. A place to retreat to under cover." And that was just the ones off the top of his head.

    "Yay or nay on the wall? And do you have any suggestions or improvements?"

  • Jonathan would focus his attention onto the map Vader pulled out, his eyes following along as the lion explained. He would nod along as he listened to Vader, looking up at the masked male when the Honorguard finished up. "I think the wall would be a good idea," The wolf would begin to speak, with a nod of his head. It would help defend their clan, and the tunnel system would also be used well. Not only would they need to make sure that apprnetices would know how to use it, but any WindClanner that didn't have experience in the tunnels. That being a warrior, a medic, etc. It would be horrible if there were to be an accident because someone didn't know how to use the tunnels properly.

    "If we are to implant the tunnel system, I believe we should not only teach the apprentices, but everyone. We haven't used the tunnel system here in WindClan for years, I wouldn't want any accidents to happen down there."

  • "Well of course- I thought that was implied. We just need to make a point to teach apprentices, so that they know to teach their apprentices, and it becomes generational." Vader points out. "On a similar vein, due to sizes, not everyone is going to be able to use the tunnels. Someone like Ivan or myself would be a hazard in there to everyone else. I'd say members bigger than an adult wolf should use the tunnels sparingly."

    He stands. "I will go start the wall. Can you task someone to map the tunnels, find its weak spots, and entries?"