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  • [center][color=white] The sound of my alarm rung through my right ear as I shifted and groaned in my bed, burying my head farther into my pillow. Why me? The question circled in my head as I finally hauled myself up into a sitting position, my blurry but slowly focusing gaze resting on the alarm clock on my bed stand that was still blaring arrogantly. It read 7:00. Groaning, I ran my fingers through my short yet bed knotted hair as I quickly leaned forward, smacking the alarm right dab in the middle. Almost instantly it went silent, leaving me to groan and mumble softly to myself in regret. You see, today was the day that a family was moving in across from us and my mother apparently knew the couple. She insisted that we woke up early so we'd be there to help unpack and settle in once they arrived. Not only that but she expect me to hang out with their children! Groaning once more, I managed to roll out of my covers and stand on the side of my bed, my balled up hands rubbing at my eyes sleepily as I made my way to my closet.

    "Alright Quinn, gotta look nice." I reminded myself with a sharp sigh, beginning to rustle through some of my outfits before I finally settled on one ( click here ). After quickly slipping on my new outfit I went to go lace up my black high tops, grinning pride once I finished and looked myself over in the mirror. "Not bad, not bad." I hummed out in approval, turning on my heels and bounding out of my room and down the stairs. At this point I wasn't even upset for being up so earlier anymore, the small bounce in my step obviously expressing my happiness for the new arrivals. Well, the whole idea of it. I didn't know about their kids. For all I know their kids could be little demons or angsty teens, something I really wasn't up for at this point.

    "Morning Quinn, nice to see you up all of a sudden. I was just starting to think I would be going up there and waking you up myself." My gaze snapped towards my mother as she spoke, my feet leading me into the kitchen and straight to the fridge as if they had a mind of their own. Opening the fridge, I gave a small hum of amusement before I snatched up one of my last cans of monster that were currently nestled into the side of the fridge safely. I could hear my mother scoff in annoyance as I popped it open, taking a large sip with a refreshed sigh of joy. "You know that stuff will give you heart attacks, Quinn! What did I tell you about drinking those things?" I only rolled my eyes as my mother began to scold me, sending her a wide grin as I shut the fridge and headed towards the front door. "Yeah yeah, not like that ever stopped me or ever will. Anyways, i'm pretty sure your guests just showed. Someone just pulled in next door." I heard my mother shuffling around in the kitchen with a small gasp, chuckling as she almost instantly went walking past me. I watched carefully as she began to make her way across the street safely at to the driveway, waiting patiently as the family exited the car while giving them her signature smile. Shutting the door behind me, I slowly began to trail after as I held my monster in my hand loosely.

    "It's so nice to see you two again! I was surprised when I heard you were moving in across the street and decided that maybe you could use some help with unpacking and getting settled in?" I lurked silently behind my mother as she got the parents' attention, smiling happily at them as she basically offered help to the two and their family. I could then seen her gaze snap to me before quickly going back to the other family. "This is my daughter, Quinn. I was thinking that she could possibly show your children around? She's a very responsible girl-" I gave a small snort, earning a tiny glare from her before she continued. "-and knows this place like the back of her hand! Or she could just show your children to our house for some snacks, drinks, and games?" She gave a small gasp for air as she finished speaking, earning a small yet amused eye roll from me. It wasn't until then I glanced towards the children, my jaw dropped slightly though it was pretty obvious. They had four kids but hell, my eyes only seemed to find one of them. It was a girl, possibly my age or a year younger. She had a cocky look to her and I could tell that this girl knew she was pretty and god I couldn't help my wide grin that was now spreading on my face. I shot her a small wink, starting to finally realize that maybe this would be that bad. I mean hell, if this girl was living across from me I could sure have some fun. A lot of fun.

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  • Does this need to be first person POV?

    Name: Luana "Lu" Kanani Opunui

    Age: 17

    Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual

    Gender: Female

    Defining traits: Easygoing confidence, natural talent, mischievous, Secretly responsible, Bohemian

    Watching the trees pass by had since lost its appeal. At first all these new, East coast trees- big and thick with wide leaves and paper-like or scale patterned trunks were something special. That was two hours ago. And two hours before that she was looking down on all this from the sky. Through tired eyes she blinked slowly at nothing, her mind no longer allowing entry to the new environment so that she might retreat into her memories from within the non-corporeal walls of her music, provided by a thick, shiny pair of industrial strength headphones put to good use in a song with a bass strong enough to double as a pacemaker. Behind the invisible wall of sound her eyes glazed and she slouched into the passengers seat of the little silver X-terra that was supposed to be hers this year thinking back to everyone and everything she was already missing.

    A bump at her elbow pulled her back to the present. She huffed a little, pulling one headphone back and turned toward her window, looking behind her at the seat barely filled with the unusually petite 12 year old girl who kicked her foot out toward the driver's seat.

    "Mama was calling you."

    "I asked if you remembered whether or not we brought the pit in the truck or sent it?" Her mother apparently repeated from beside her.

    "Mama, are we having kalua?" A very excited voice asked from behind her where his chubby little legs jumped up in their carseat restlessly.

    "It's in the truck." The young woman replied evenly, turning back to put her music back at her ears.

    "Look, you guys! We're here!" Her mother said excitedly as she followed the small U-haul in front of them around a corner into a little suburban street.

    "Mama where's ours?"

    "Is it that one?"

    "Can we get out?"

    "Where's the beach?"

    "You guys are gonna wake Alana up." At their sister's warning, the 12 and 7 year olds quieted, "And it's not a 'beach', it's a 'coast'."

    "Come on, guys," Their mother put the car in park, turning it off and turning back to smile at them with a hint of pleading, "give it a chance, you're going to love it here."

    Stepping out of the car, everyone moved to grab one thing or another, and at the slamming of a door, the toddler did indeed begin to whimper.

    "Kai-" their mother groaned.

    "Nuh-uh- it was Lio!" The middle girl protested.

    "Grab her please, she's not going to want to stay in that seat anymore." The woman asked her eldest. Without verbal protest, she moved around the car and went to the back, unbuckling the butterball 18 month old girl who was adgitated and now that someone was around to see it, was showing. As soon as she pulled her pudgy little arms out from inside her belts she leaned up to be lifted and was sat in the crook of her sister's arm while she went around to the back of the car noticing someone approaching her mother and father who'd just climbed out of the truck.

    "Luana," Her father called, turning to her with a smile, "Come say hi- these are the neighbors."

    Lu made her way over, bumping the baby on her hip as she pulled at the sweater the 17 year old wore the wrong way as she came up beside her other siblings. The woman smiled a lot, big too, but she supposed it couldn't be helped. Her own mother told her how they used to be old friends and all. The only other person was a girl- well probably- hair cut short bleached ghost white wearing a cool retro-punk esque ensemble and staring right at her. She'd been looked at before, and a smirk crooked her lips while she flipped some of her curls back around her head to expose both her eyes. Someone to play with maybe?

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  • [color=white] -- nope! you can write in whatever POV you'd like!

    I felt my lips tugging back into a toothy grin at the response I received from her, amusement dancing in my wide orbs as I gave a small chuckle. Alright so I was right about her. I could tell how she was already but I didn't push it, grin still on my lips as my gaze shifted to the other children. They didn't seem that bad but hey, kids could turn fast. I personally had a really bad relationship with almost all children, most of it because of the fact that I didn't put up with their crap like their mommies and daddies did. No, I'd kick their little butts right out of my house or neighborhood if they wanted to be brats.

    "Quinn why don't you go hang out together? I'll be helping their parents unpack, that is if they don't mind." My mother suggested, gaze drifting towards me as I gave a small whine. Really? Did I have to hang out with ALL of them? Hopefully the kids wouldn't like me because hey, that's less to deal with.

    "Fine." I gave in after a few more strict glares from my mother, trudging over to the oldest girl who I had been winking at earlier. I assumed her name was Luana, seeing that she did respond to that when her father spoke. "Want to go over to my house? Your siblings can come, too." I offered the girl, running a hand through my hair quickly before I stuffed it into my pocket, my other hand still grasping the monster loosely yet carefully. "I got tons of video games, if you're into that type of stuff." I added, casting her a wide grin. I guess it was best I made a good impression because by the looks of it this girl had no issues with me and possibly seemed just as interested.

  • "Oh, we'd hate to impose-" Lu's father raised a hand, shaking his head with a polite smile.

    "But it'd be a real help." Her mother finished, beckoning with a wave of her arm for Quinn's mother to follow her toward the truck.

    "Kids, you can play over at Quinn's house until the movers get here, you're not getting out of unpacking." Their father squandered the shared look of hidden joy the two middle children had snuck each other. They had done all their own packing back home, save for the large items like the hutch, the piano, the chests of drawers and such, and none of them wished to have to do it all again in reverse.

    "We'll call when they get here. Pick up when you see my name, Lu." Luana's mother more warned than instructed before she dissapeared around teh truck's corner. Each gave a different degree of a huff, but all three turned back to Quinn, the babe following suit.

    "Well, I've never really flown the gamer flag myself, but..." Luana trailed off, shifting her weight from one hip to the other, outside to underneath Alana, nodding her head to a beaming 7 year old Samoan boy.

    "Do you have Minecraft or Freddie's? What kinds of games do you like? What consoles do you have?" He asked excitedly.

    "Come on," Without being led, Luana took the opportunity to usher the kids up the walk toward where Quinn's house was supposed to be, passing the other girl last and glancing at the drink the girl seemed to like, deciding to be mischevous today,

    "Those things are going to give you a heart attack you know? You're gonna end up just another caffine-sugar-5-hour statistic if you're not too careful, and..." She clearly looked the girl up and down, pursed her lips slightly and shook her head with a little grin, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, wouldn't that be a shame?"

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  • [color=white]I couldn't help but chuckle at all the questions about my games and consoles. I didn't bother answering, knowing he would find out as soon as he got into my house. I had almost everything a teen could wish for, including at least one of every system and even a high performance gaming computer.

    "Oh really?" I asked, lips twitching into a flirtatious grin as I made sure to follow behind them, staying closer to the girl than I did the kids. "I know, it would be a real shame." I then added, winking at her with my usual cocky grin. I knew it was a stuck up thing to say but hey, gotta be proud of what you are. I mean, that's how to get the ladies. Or at least how I got them.

    "If you don't want to game you could chill with me. I would really like to know more about you." I offered, looking her up and down as we finally reached my house. I opened the door for all of them, allowing them all in. They could game in the same room if that was a issue, though I assumed it would be fine either way.

  • Much like an expectant child starting an Easter egg hunt, Lio entered Quinn's home in as contained a rush as he could. The neighbor's smile gave him a juicy bite of anticipation for what he'd find inside and for him that was almost too much to contain. He ran straight for a living room to begin. Kai followed after him calling after her Junior of 5 years as though she were going to punish him herself for impropriety, but the scanning of her eyes indicating a clear goal to aid him. Kai wasn't as obsessed as Lio, but she had had a crush on a boy a little while back that had neccesitated the need to get involved with them, and while the crush had passed the interest had not.

    Luana, on the other hand, moved into the house non-chalantly, raising her eyebrows back at the girls reaponse. A small and subtle snort was released upon Quinn's reaponse.

    "Well, at least you're cute." She sighed as she passed inside, her smile mellowing while she looked around at the house. It was not too surprising- there had been a bit of hope within her that something unusual or unique rested behind the walls, but not too many people had such things. Then again it might just be hidden elsewhere. Maybe she ought to return later and explore, as she figured she'd be seeing a lot more of Quinn.

    "I'm uh- cool to hang." Lu caught herself before she slipped into Pidgin and had to start translating, and sat down, crossing her ankle over her knee creating the perfect little lap seat for the squirming toddler.

    "Hey, do you have any cerial?" She asked aside, repeatedly pulling Alana's hands from her socks and shoes which she grumpy whined about.


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