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  • [center][color=white] The sound of my alarm rung through my right ear as I shifted and groaned in my bed, burying my head farther into my pillow. Why me? The question circled in my head as I finally hauled myself up into a sitting position, my blurry but slowly focusing gaze resting on the alarm clock on my bed stand that was still blaring arrogantly. It read 7:00. Groaning, I ran my fingers through my short yet bed knotted hair as I quickly leaned forward, smacking the alarm right dab in the middle. Almost instantly it went silent, leaving me to groan and mumble softly to myself in regret. You see, today was the day that a family was moving in across from us and my mother apparently knew the couple. She insisted that we woke up early so we'd be there to help unpack and settle in once they arrived. Not only that but she expect me to hang out with their children! Groaning once more, I managed to roll out of my covers and stand on the side of my bed, my balled up hands rubbing at my eyes sleepily as I made my way to my closet.

    "Alright Quinn, gotta look nice." I reminded myself with a sharp sigh, beginning to rustle through some of my outfits before I finally settled on one ( click here ). After quickly slipping on my new outfit I went to go lace up my black high tops, grinning pride once I finished and looked myself over in the mirror. "Not bad, not bad." I hummed out in approval, turning on my heels and bounding out of my room and down the stairs. At this point I wasn't even upset for being up so earlier anymore, the small bounce in my step obviously expressing my happiness for the new arrivals. Well, the whole idea of it. I didn't know about their kids. For all I know their kids could be little demons or angsty teens, something I really wasn't up for at this point.

    "Morning Quinn, nice to see you up all of a sudden. I was just starting to think I would be going up there and waking you up myself." My gaze snapped towards my mother as she spoke, my feet leading me into the kitchen and straight to the fridge as if they had a mind of their own. Opening the fridge, I gave a small hum of amusement before I snatched up one of my last cans of monster that were currently nestled into the side of the fridge safely. I could hear my mother scoff in annoyance as I popped it open, taking a large sip with a refreshed sigh of joy. "You know that stuff will give you heart attacks, Quinn! What did I tell you about drinking those things?" I only rolled my eyes as my mother began to scold me, sending her a wide grin as I shut the fridge and headed towards the front door. "Yeah yeah, not like that ever stopped me or ever will. Anyways, i'm pretty sure your guests just showed. Someone just pulled in next door." I heard my mother shuffling around in the kitchen with a small gasp, chuckling as she almost instantly went walking past me. I watched carefully as she began to make her way across the street safely at to the driveway, waiting patiently as the family exited the car while giving them her signature smile. Shutting the door behind me, I slowly began to trail after as I held my monster in my hand loosely.

    "It's so nice to see you two again! I was surprised when I heard you were moving in across the street and decided that maybe you could use some help with unpacking and getting settled in?" I lurked silently behind my mother as she got the parents' attention, smiling happily at them as she basically offered help to the two and their family. I could then seen her gaze snap to me before quickly going back to the other family. "This is my daughter, Quinn. I was thinking that she could possibly show your children around? She's a very responsible girl-" I gave a small snort, earning a tiny glare from her before she continued. "-and knows this place like the back of her hand! Or she could just show your children to our house for some snacks, drinks, and games?" She gave a small gasp for air as she finished speaking, earning a small yet amused eye roll from me. It wasn't until then I glanced towards the children, my jaw dropped slightly though it was pretty obvious. They had four kids but hell, my eyes only seemed to find one of them. It was a girl, possibly my age or a year younger. She had a cocky look to her and I could tell that this girl knew she was pretty and god I couldn't help my wide grin that was now spreading on my face. I shot her a small wink, starting to finally realize that maybe this would be that bad. I mean hell, if this girl was living across from me I could sure have some fun. A lot of fun.

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    [fancypost=background: transparent; font-family: verdana; color: #A0B0A8; font-size: 10px; width: 650px; text-align: justify;]Waking up early was a nightmare. Not an uncommon one, for everyone had to suffer through at some point. However, I was forced to wander if that involved their crazy mother barging into their rooms at... what was it again? Ah, half past five in the morning. Either way, mine did. Just stomped in like it was nothing, with the amount of energy she didn't deserve to have at such an ungodly hour. Unceremoniously dumping my covers off of me, immediately and swiftly turning to the curtains, she cast them aside, pouring the dim light of early dawn into the now bare room. I groaned especially loudly, my head buried into the pillow.

    "Raise and shine, cupcake. We've got to leave if we want to get there on time."

    "I hate you."

    "I love you too. Now come on, your sister is waiting for you."

    Honestly, I wouldn't care if it was the president or Queen standing there, screaming and demanding I'd climb downstairs. I wouldn't budge. But then her shrill, way too high-pitched for the hour voice blasted down the corridor and with protest, I lifted myself to my feet. The floor was cold and unwelcoming without the carpet that was previously lain there, now rolled up and squished somewhere that wasn't my bedroom. For all I knew, by this point, it could be Mexico itself. My job was to clear it away, not ensure its well-being aside from that. It must have been my mother's job, her organizing the whole thing. I forget why it was happening in the first place. Something about a cheap house somewhere around her friend or colleague or acquaintance or whatever. And for whatever reason, I was meant to get along -- or try to -- with her children. Or was it child? I couldn't remember.

    What I knew was that she didn't have to apparently deal with two demon-like excuses for children. Oh and one guy who just wouldn't stop practicing drums in the basement. Talking of which, who also now hugged the bathroom. She threateningly pounded on the door, "I expect you to be out in ten, I need to take a shower!" She cried, grumbling when her father called from downstairs for her not to scream at anyone.

    Returning to her bedroom, she gathered the remains of everything that was still in her bedroom, leaving it by the door for her father to collect before they left. At least that wasn't her task for the morning. "Skye, honey, once you're done, Luke needs help changing!" I rubbed my face with my hand. Officially, I was the only one that hasn't gone insane. "As soon as Jacob gets his ass in gear and lets me in the bathroom!" I answered, being scolded this time around for swearing in front of children. Technically, I wasn't in front of any children but surprisingly didn't squabble. Instead, I went to pick out my outfit that I have chosen for the day, piling it together with a small packet of bobby pins and a brush. I stalked back to the bathroom, knocking on it with my foot, wincing slightly.

    "Jacob, out! Now!" I demanded, imagining I'd sound more threatening without a packet of the bobby pins closed in between my teeth. Finally allowed in, I had another three minutes to shower before I'd be screamed at again, quickly getting changed and somewhat brushing my hair, putting it up in a messy bun. I let the loose strands fall over my face and deeming myself appropriate, I walked out again, slipping the bobby pins into my pocket and the brush in my hand, where I shoved it into the duvet that still lay on the corridor where I left it. Might as well have my dad carry it, I figured.

    With a remainder of the five year old's state of dress, I quickly scooped Luke in my arms and carried him to where his bedroom used to be. Changing him was a struggle, to say the least. He didn't really like getting changed and I wasn't patient enough to do it right, so by the time I was done, to say he looked disheveled was a bit of an understatement.

    My mum, having caught onto the rush didn't appear to mind half as much as I'd expect.

    Making myself a last minute coffee in a portable cup, I was urged out the door by my parents, protesting the same lame 'I can walk on my own' as usual. Jacob shoved me out the way, calling shotgun and whatever else he expected to actually happen. I was caught with Arya's hand clutched in my left and Luke holding onto my shirt. "Mum, your minions are ambushing me." I complained, forced to actually help them in the car, despite my attempts at getting out of it. After all, I had a coffee to carry.

    Jacob laughed at me from the car, that is until dad threw him out into the back seat. There, no matter how childish, was my turn to laugh. Again, the roles switched when I was seated between two sleepy children and made to take of them for the entirety of the one hour journey.

    Per usual, we were late, by the tiniest of minutes. I stepped out of the car, abandoning the by-then empty cup inside, while helping the two monsters out as well. "Well, how do you like it?" I blinked at the house, admittedly a little larger than our last. "It looks like a house, mum." I informed her with a shrug, having her shoot me a glare. "Oh, here come the Whites. Now be nice, got it? And make sure Luke doesn't run off. Tell Jacob to keep an eye on Arya."

    I watched passively as the two people stepped out of the house. The mother immediately started chatting with my own parents, while I stood idly, mostly focused on not actually letting Luke get hit by a car or getting lost or whatever weird idea was crossing his mind at the time.

    The other girl caught my eye though and I surveyed her with intrigue, the wink especially attention grabbing. I returned with a small smirk of my own before glancing down at Luke, who's own mind decided to particularly stick to the games the woman had mentioned. I heard my parents' brief introductions, when they pointed in order to Jacob, myself, Arya and Luke. "Go, you guys have fun."

    After a little of an argument, Jacob managed to get himself inside the house, saying something about helping my parents move some of the stuff in. That left me, two demons and an incredibly pretty girl that now stood before me in the newly appointed driveway. It'd be a much more interesting scenario for me if it wasn't for Luke and Arya, who now held respectively onto either of my hands. They had a tendency to ruin anything possibly enjoyable or exciting that could happen to me.

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