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  • [center][color=white] The sound of my alarm rung through my right ear as I shifted and groaned in my bed, burying my head farther into my pillow. Why me? The question circled in my head as I finally hauled myself up into a sitting position, my blurry but slowly focusing gaze resting on the alarm clock on my bed stand that was still blaring arrogantly. It read 7:00. Groaning, I ran my fingers through my short yet bed knotted hair as I quickly leaned forward, smacking the alarm right dab in the middle. Almost instantly it went silent, leaving me to groan and mumble softly to myself in regret. You see, today was the day that a family was moving in across from us and my mother apparently knew the couple. She insisted that we woke up early so we'd be there to help unpack and settle in once they arrived. Not only that but she expect me to hang out with their children! Groaning once more, I managed to roll out of my covers and stand on the side of my bed, my balled up hands rubbing at my eyes sleepily as I made my way to my closet.

    "Alright Quinn, gotta look nice." I reminded myself with a sharp sigh, beginning to rustle through some of my outfits before I finally settled on one ( click here ). After quickly slipping on my new outfit I went to go lace up my black high tops, grinning pride once I finished and looked myself over in the mirror. "Not bad, not bad." I hummed out in approval, turning on my heels and bounding out of my room and down the stairs. At this point I wasn't even upset for being up so earlier anymore, the small bounce in my step obviously expressing my happiness for the new arrivals. Well, the whole idea of it. I didn't know about their kids. For all I know their kids could be little demons or angsty teens, something I really wasn't up for at this point.

    "Morning Quinn, nice to see you up all of a sudden. I was just starting to think I would be going up there and waking you up myself." My gaze snapped towards my mother as she spoke, my feet leading me into the kitchen and straight to the fridge as if they had a mind of their own. Opening the fridge, I gave a small hum of amusement before I snatched up one of my last cans of monster that were currently nestled into the side of the fridge safely. I could hear my mother scoff in annoyance as I popped it open, taking a large sip with a refreshed sigh of joy. "You know that stuff will give you heart attacks, Quinn! What did I tell you about drinking those things?" I only rolled my eyes as my mother began to scold me, sending her a wide grin as I shut the fridge and headed towards the front door. "Yeah yeah, not like that ever stopped me or ever will. Anyways, i'm pretty sure your guests just showed. Someone just pulled in next door." I heard my mother shuffling around in the kitchen with a small gasp, chuckling as she almost instantly went walking past me. I watched carefully as she began to make her way across the street safely at to the driveway, waiting patiently as the family exited the car while giving them her signature smile. Shutting the door behind me, I slowly began to trail after as I held my monster in my hand loosely.

    "It's so nice to see you two again! I was surprised when I heard you were moving in across the street and decided that maybe you could use some help with unpacking and getting settled in?" I lurked silently behind my mother as she got the parents' attention, smiling happily at them as she basically offered help to the two and their family. I could then seen her gaze snap to me before quickly going back to the other family. "This is my daughter, Quinn. I was thinking that she could possibly show your children around? She's a very responsible girl-" I gave a small snort, earning a tiny glare from her before she continued. "-and knows this place like the back of her hand! Or she could just show your children to our house for some snacks, drinks, and games?" She gave a small gasp for air as she finished speaking, earning a small yet amused eye roll from me. It wasn't until then I glanced towards the children, my jaw dropped slightly though it was pretty obvious. They had four kids but hell, my eyes only seemed to find one of them. It was a girl, possibly my age or a year younger. She had a cocky look to her and I could tell that this girl knew she was pretty and god I couldn't help my wide grin that was now spreading on my face. I shot her a small wink, starting to finally realize that maybe this would be that bad. I mean hell, if this girl was living across from me I could sure have some fun. A lot of fun.

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  • Name: Taylor Lee Hare

    Age: 17

    Sexuality: Pansexual/Romantic

    Gender: Female

    Defining traits: Childish, playful, teasing, smart, a little geeky, confident

  • Ok.

    Her outfit

    Taylor yawned tiredly as she woke up and looked out the window tiredly. It was still dark and her family had been driving an hour now after their flight. Everyone was exhausted after the flight and fell asleep. Her little siblings were, luckily, still asleep. Her two sisters, Hope (15) and Eva (6), were slumped up against her and her little brother, Dylan (9) was on the other side of the car and leaning against the other window. Meanwhile her parents where in the front seats, with her father being the only one awake and driving and her mother was asleep next to him. "Dad... When are we going to get there? We've been driving for a while.." She yawned, looking over to her father. "Oh, I see you're up.. It'll be at least thirty or so more minutes, Taylor." He answered, glancing back at her. "Be patient. We'll be there soon..."

    Taylor groaned, sloping into the back of the seat. She wouldn't say she was thrilled with the idea of moving especially because her friends were all back at her former high school and it was just a hassle no matter how you looked at it. She didn't even know if there were any other kids her age in her neighborhood. Of course, she knew her mother had a friend that would be their neighbor and she had a kid but she didn't know anymore then that. She took out her phone and sighed. 46% percent of battery life left. Putting in her head phones, Taylor started to listen to the Panic at the Disco soundtrack and looked out the window.

    After half an hour pasted by, she noticed that they pulled into a neighborhood. She quickly put her phone in her jacket pocket. Soon they pulled up to a house that had the 'Sold' sign in the front yard and she knew immediately that they were 'home'. Though a woman outside, hurrying over to the car caught her attention. Before she could give much thought, her father was waking everyone up. Her mother immediately noticed Quinn's mother and quickly hopped out of the car, stumbling a little from her sleepiness, and hugged the woman. Meanwhile her siblings were starting to stir next to her.

    "We're here! We're here!" Eva shouted excitedly, seemly not affected after just waking up, and scrambled over her lap and opened the door, running out. "Great a new town. I'm so excited." Hope muttered sarcastically as her and Taylor climbed out of the car. "Be quiet, Hope! This is gonna be great! New friends and new places to explore!" Dylan exclaimed butting in, being the last to climb out after their father. Meanwhile her mother was too busy with her old friend. "It's great to see you again! We would love the help! Thank you so much!" Her mother replied cheerfully looking at her.

    Taylor, too busy rounding up her siblings to notice the appearance of Quinn, tried to calm her siblings down before Hope and Dylan started a fight. Her eyes snapped up when she heard the woman introduce her daughter and looked over. Her eyes widened when she saw the girl and grinned alittle. Admittedly, she wasn't excited about meeting the woman's kid but after getting a glimpse, the girl seemed exactly like someone she'd hang out with and she was pretty cute. She grinned when the girl looked over at her and laughed when she was winked at. "Well, Quinn, meet Taylor, Hope, Dylan, and Eva." Her mother introduced, list each kid by oldest to youngest. "Nice to meet you, Quinn. I'm Taylor." She said, introducing herself to the girl.

  • [color=white] "It is great to see you again, too!" I heard my mother giggle happily, returning the hug happily before she pulled away with a happy smile. At the approval of her helping, she turned and glanced towards me. "Quinn, hun, why don't you take Taylor and the others to our house? There's plenty of snacks and drinks but if you decide to leave the house at all please come get permission from their parents and me." She explained to me, her gaze telling me that I had no choice. Sighing, I gave a small pout. After a second of debating I just gave in, stepping closer to the children and Taylor.

    "So, my house? I have games and stuff like that." I offered, scanning the girl over carefully before my round orbs settled on her eyes. I gave a crooked grin, obviously more interested in her than I was the others. While I knew I would probably be forced to invite the children over also I didn't bother with it. If they wanted to come they could follow, same with if my parents or their's told them to. As long as I had someone around my age.

  • "Sure, let's go to your house... I'll watch over these ones, so don't worry to much about these three." Taylor said smiling lightly, trying to keep her siblings in one area. "Besides, our parents probably want some time to themselves. We might as well leave them alone for a bit." She added glancing back at the parents. "Hey, you don't gotta worry about me, Taylor! I'm the good kid!" Eva spoke up, with a pout as if trying to show off and get her new neighbors attention. "Sure you are, Eva." Taylor sighed looking down at her and gave a small cheesy grin to Quinn.

    "If you have a tv, two of them will latch onto it and Hope is attached to her phone." She laughed, pointing to Hope who was texting her friends, paying no mind to the others. "I know you are forced, so I won't ask to much of you. Besides, I haven't even been here a day... I don't want to make that bad of an impression on our neighbors." She added with a toothy grin looking at her. Meanwhile her brother was staring up at Quinn before suddenly speaking up. "Hey, you look like a dude!" The eight year old declared looking up at her. Taylor immediately blushed embarrassed at her brother and smacked the back of his head lightly. "Dylan! I-I'm sorry don't listen to him.." She murmured giving Dylan a small glare before looking back to Quinn apologetically.

  • [color=white] I gave a small chuckle of my own, about to say something when the boy pointed out that I looked like a boy. I rolled my eyes slightly, though I easily brushed the comment off. It was something you got used to, especially with short hair. Anyways, he was just a kid. I couldn't burst out onto a kid, even if I wanted to. Eyes trailing down to the boy, I gave a bitter-sweet smile.

    "Hey, you look like a girl!" I replied in a childish tone, sticking my tongue out at him before I glanced back towards Taylor with a smug look. "It's fine, i'm used to it. Anyways, as I was about to say, I have many tvs. One in my room, one in the living room, and one on the back patio. They can do whatever so that's not a issue, as long as they don't go harassing Prince. He's my cat. He has a really prickly attitude and can turn pretty easy, though he is sweet if you handle him sweetly." I warned, knowing that someone was bound to yank his tail. I've had many times where he scratched a kid who handled him roughly, though it wasn't because he was angry. It was simply because he had an attitude and often tried to be sweet. "Eh, besides that though you should all be fine. If you'd like you could watch some tv or play video games with me in my room." I offered Taylor, my gaze set on her. I knew that one of the kids were bound to follow but either way, it was obvious most of my attention was now directed to her.

  • "I know but he still shouldn't say things like that.." She laughed calming down slightly when she didn't get mad. Meanwhile Dylan pouted and protested, "Do not!" Taylor rolled her eyes at him and she listened about the cat and immediately looked to Eva. "Eva, don't even touch the cat. I can already tell your gonna get in trouble with Prince.""No I won't! Just watch!" The little protest looking up at her with a defiant look. "Sorry, she's an animal lover..." She laughed looking up at her.

    She grinned at her offer and declared confidently, "That sounds great! I should warn you that I am the master at video games. So if we play them, you don't have a chance!" Dylan scoffed and looked away embarrassedly, showing her reputation to be true. "I won't hold back just because I just met you, Quinn." She added playfully looking at her

  • [color=white] I understood what she meant but hey, kids would be kids. I remember running my mouth like that but you learn that running your mouth will get you hit. I gave a small chuckle at the Eva girl's response, listening to the two bicker lightly before they wrapped it up. "It's fine, just dont go tugging at him. He loves attention but he really hates having it forced on him." I explained, giving a small cock of my eyebrow at her last comment. Hah, her beat me? No way.

    "In your dreams!" I scoffed proudly, my grin wide and cheeky. If there was anything I was good at it was video games. "Why don't we put you to the test then, babe?" I offered, still grinning as I obviously gave off some flirtatious hints. It was pretty obvious but I mean, I was a pretty obvious person. If I wanted something I got it. Or at least tried to get it. Either way I didn't care much, even with kids around. Of course, I had to censor myself a bit but I wasn't changing for some kids. "I'll lead the way." I finally said, motioning for them to follow as I lead them safely across the road and into my house. "The living room is to the right, patio is in the back, and my room is upstairs." I explained, waiting to see who would go where. It was then I heard a small meow, my gaze snapped towards a rather large siamese cat who was padding over slowly and carefully. "This is prince." I chuckled, patting his head as he slowly rubbed around my legs before he began to rub and sniff at everyone else, obviously confused yet aware that they were new.

  • She blushed alittle before she grinned confidently looking at her as she was challenged. "You're on! I won't beat you too badly. I got to leave some dignity left for you~" Taylor teased, giving her best cocky grin. "You won't have that grin for long. Trust me, I'm pretty great." She added giving her a suggestive grin at her last sentence. "Eww get a room." Hope muttered glancing up from her phone for a moment which caused her to blush.

    The siblings all followed after Quinn into her house. Once they were in there, Hope went to the patio and Eva and Dylan ran to the living room. "Guess it's just us." She laughed before she noticed Prince. "Don't let Eva see him. She will try to steal him if she could." She joked, kneeling down to pet the cat gently, trying not to startle him. "He's a just a big sweetheart isn't he?" She laughed looking at the cat and then up at Quinn. "I'm glad you have a cat... I'm allergic to dogs and puppies." She laughed softly.

  • [color=white]I snickered softly at the get a room part, only winking to the blushing Taylor despite her sister being the one to say it. As the kids disappeared to do their own things I couldn't help but feel relieved, grinning and chuckling at her comment.

    "Yeah, now you're stuck with me." I snickered, pausing and leaning down to scoop up the cat. He let out loud purrs, allowing me to cradle him like a baby as he shut his eyes happily. He loved attention that was like babying. "Yeah, he's my baby sometimes I swear. Also that sucks. I wanted a dog but I ended up falling in love with Prince instead." I explained with a small chuckle before I gently set the cat down. I didn't care if that Eva girl bothered him. He seemed to be in a reasonable mood.

    "Lets head up to my room." I suggested, now reaching out and curling my hand around her hips. I winked before tugging her towards the stairs and right up them, opening the first door to the right to reveal a very dark themed room. It wasn't depressing or anything just.. dark? I dunno, it soothes me.

  • "Guess I am stuck with you, Neighbor." She laughed as she watched the other girl cradled the cat. "Prince is pretty good with you, so you two seem to have a close relationship... Even if you wanted a dog, Prince seems great. Meanwhile my parents won't let us have anything bigger than a hamster." Taylor laughed and gave the cat one last pet.

    She blushed slightly when she felt Quinn's arm wrap around her and she wrapped her own arm around Quinn. "Well, I can see your not the shy type already... That's cute." She laughed as she was led to the others room. When she got in there she smiled and looked at her and said, "Looks like me and you have the same tastes too. I love your room." She smiled, sitting down on the bed.

  • I gave a small chuckle at her comment, my eyes giving a small roll. "Me? I get what I want, when I want. And it's not cute." I gave a playful pout, almost like a little kid that hated being called cute by an adult. Honestly I just hated the word 'cute'.

    "Well thank you. It's nice to know you have the same taste." I added with a small chuckle, walking over and sitting beside her on the bed. I grabbed for the controllers, giving her one as Prince came trailing in, tail swaying as he let out a curious mew.