you'll never take us

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    • you'll never take us

      It had been about a year since Anti started dating Dark or as he loved to call him 'daddy darky' mainly to piss him off,Anti sat in the office working on a video for Dark the shock collar that dark had gotten him on the left of his neck seeing as the right side had a small rash on the skin.Anti yawned softly seeing as he's been up for about a week making the video,the Irish man ran his hand through his dark green hair "finally done"he muttered,opening the office door which he had locked the whole time he was in Anti popped his head out "hey daddy darky can you come in here"he called
      I won't be on as much Monday,Wednesday and Friday due to college

    • A grumbling sound came before Dark appeared in the office as the door had been opened, he really didn't like the name that Anti had began calling him. Staring over at Anti as he sat in the office before walking up to the chair "What is it..?" He had tried getting into the locked room before but never did get in, as the week had been one of the longer amount of time where Anti had kept himself up in a room.

    • Dark's eyes focused on the screen although the remote seemed to move from hand to hand as if just waiting to send a jolt throughout Anti's body, He didn't show much of a smile at the time although the video was somewhat well made but he didn't say anything for the first few moments just silence after the video stopped.

    • Anti glanced to him "well what'da think daddy darky?"he asked after a few moments of silents,leaning on the wall his eyes flicking to the remote then back to dark. Anti then grabbed the mug of coffee that was basically keeping him awake as he stiffened a yawn
      I won't be on as much Monday,Wednesday and Friday due to college

    • "Its somewhat good.."Dark didnt sound so true on that but stood up from the chair holding the controller , it wasn't set on all the way meaning the shock for now wouldnt do that much. But he pressed the button to set off the collar not thinking this was worth the week of being locked in a room.

    • Anti hissed softly as his back arched off the wall, dropped the mug his hands uncleanching as the shock subsidies.Anti then looked down at the spilled coffee "tch now I have to get a new mug"he said, that week without being shocked had been annoying but he had to get that done for dark
      I won't be on as much Monday,Wednesday and Friday due to college

    • "Hmm... to bad" He looked over towards Anti then down at the cup an spilled coffee, Dark didn't feel to bad other then being left alone for a week being bored had just made his pissy mood even worse then when Anti had let him in. "You'll need to clean up to" Walking quite close to Anti's side past the dropped much looking down to him with little expression at the time.