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  • "No it really wouldn't make sense to do that. I'm a person that knows how to injure you, remember?" Loki deadpanned, licking his lips sinisterly as he sat on the couch crossed legged while staring at the others butt without shame. "It's a shame I already have a partner for pleasure. You'd make a nice pet." He muttered tearing his eyes off the man to look down at his gloved hands a blush forming on his cheeks when he realised he'd said out loud.

    He raised a hand up to talk as if they were in a class. "Anyways what do you want to talk about? If it's not important can I leave? I need to catch up on studying, plus Lucifer hasn't been fed and I doubt my roommate has done anything about that." Red eyes scanned the apartment with a scrunched up nose, empty was the first word that came to mind. I shouldn't be here. Even if he's not threat right now he could become one in the future. He nibbled his bottom lip nervously.

     "Actually I think I'll just go, this was a mistake. I'll avoid you while you hunt, just make sure your not in my way." Loki quickly said, dashing over to the door trying his hardest to open it. "What? I can kill multiple humans in one night but I can't open a door? Pathetic. " He hissed insults to himself tilting his head to stare at the taller man with pleading eyes.