ALONE (bxb, pafp)

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    • ALONE (bxb, pafp)

      pls read me
      Muse A (me) believes that he is the only vampire in the city of New York, New York. If there was other vampires, they had to be purposefully hiding from him. He hunts frequently at night. One night as he was out hunting for his next meal, he comes across a normal enough looking guy, Muse B. As he tackles the man into an alleyway, he tries to feed from him, but for some reason his fangs cannot puncture his skin. He realizes that this is the only other vampire in New York.

      Normal RP Rules apply. This is a bxb thread, so only male characters. Keep things at least semi-realistic with setting and whatnot. I ask for at least a paragraph (3-5 full sentences) with good enough grammar and spelling (I'm not perfect, but at least read over your posts). I can basically write to the information I'm given. Meaning, if you write a paragraph, I will too. If you write a 50 page story, I probably will too, lol. Let me know when you will be inactive. All I ask for is a picture ^^

      "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      Flashy store front signs, slow traffic, and crowds of people. The night was still young for Daniel as he stalked the noisy streets of New York in all black garb. In the poorer, more desolate streets, he was practically invisible, but in the densely packed downtown, he couldn't hide nearly as well. Weirdly, the crowds rarely noticed him while he hunted. As he walked with the traffic of the pedestrians, he noticed a rarity; a person walking alone at night. Most people knew not to walk by themselves around this time, but here he was, alone.

      Well, what do we have here? Danny immediately began to follow the man. It almost seemed too easy for him to track the man. He's kinda hot, too. Food's always nice when it looks good. He followed the man until they came to pass a dark, desolate, narrow alleyway. Using his vampiric speed and agility, he rushed to the guy, grabbing the back of the man's shirt, and pulled him into the alley. There was no cry to help the man. Good. He swiftly tackled him to the ground, straddling him. He flashed his teeth in triumph as he positioned to make his strike. Man's gotta eat...

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    • Loki was surprised to say the least when he felt himself pulled away from the two women he was stalking, damn, they looked good enough to satisfy him for longer then two days. A frown settled on his face when he felt himself being thrown to the ground in a harsh way, he certainly didn't like that especially since you never knew what people did in the ally's of New York. That strength. Only a vampire could possess something like that, impossible correct? He let out a snigger when realised what was going to happen, judging from the sharp teeth and perfect pale skin thew male was indeed vampire.

      How foolish is he? Doesn't he know you can't drink from other vampires... Unless he doesn't know that I'm the same kind of spices, how entertaining... I'll have fun with this one. He grinned up at the dark haired male trailing a gloved finger down the pale neck to the chest with a wink, making sure to tilt his head to the side so he'd have full access to the pale neck. "Since your so stupid I'll let you have a go. Go on, right there. Or maybe you'd like my wrist, perhaps both? Hurry up, it'll be so fun to see you trying to kill me." His voice was dark, maybe reaching a point where it was hypnotic, similar to a sirens melody that would attract men with there beautiful yet murderous voices.

      With a gloved finger he tapped the main vein on his neck, long black eyelashes framing his amused eyes as he watched the taller male while starting to wiggle around as if to tell the strange vampire to get off him. "Don't blame me if you loose your only sharp teeth."
      he mumbled under his breath.

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative

      Daniel froze when his prey didn't scream or beg for help. The food usually required him to strike quickly, lest someone hear them. Danny followed the finger that trailed down the other's unusually pale neck. He's seen those goth humans purposefully pale themselves, but this skin was almost porcelain. Just like mine... The flirtatious wink the man gave him only fueled his anger and confusion. Does he have some kind of fetish or something? If so, I should kill him faster, put him out of his misery.

      Danny couldn't tell what he was going on about. If he wanted to kill him, he could easily, right? But a part of him was slightly afraid of this guy, but he wasn't sure why. His confusion was replaced with anger once more, and he gave a deep growl as he instinctively lashed at the other, his teeth going for his neck.

      His teeth felt like they were trying to bite a brick wall. Daniel couldn't seem to pierce the flesh, no matter how hard he tried. He held the man down as he growled again in frustration. He held the man down by his neck. "What the hell are you?" He hissed.

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    • "Sexy, handsome, beautiful, desirable and possibly a god." Loki replied a smirk basically dripping off his teasing words, he didn't seem to be scared of the other, if anything just happy to find another like him... Not that he was planning to stay beside another like him, it would only cause problems food wise. The brown haired boy yanked the hands away from his neck keeping a tight grip on one of the wrists his large eyes narrowed, daring the other to try attacking him again.

      "Nah, I'm just joking, I believe people these days call me a vampire," With swift movements he grabbed the black hair using it to yank the older vampire off him, keeping the other in place by sitting on the legs and pinning the hands behind the back with his own. "Pick your meals carefully next time, you made me lose my dinner. And thanks to your actions now I have to starve. I haven't drank a single drop of blood at all this week, do you know what it's like trying to survive off human food? Its bloody disgusting." He scowled childishly his head tilting to the sound of a woman screaming down the ally about someone stealing her purse, but by the slurred words she was clearly drunk.
      "Or maybe not." He mumbled under his breath turning towards the mysterious stranger loosening his grip on the hands getting ready to pounce away.

      Loki smiled mischievously, placing a closed mouthed kiss on the rather soft lips letting go of the hands. "Bye stupid. I'll be honest with you, I hope I don't see you again while I'm hunting." He basically purred, quickly standing up making sure to keep his distance. He should be either confused or just extremely angry, eh who cares? He made me loose my first choice of dinner he deserves to be confused. Red eyes looked towards the other still dusting off small rocks from his black outfit before walking deeper into the ally his brown hair shining in the moonlight.

      As soon as he was hopefully out of the veiw his face turned red starting to mentally panic. I just kissed a stranger, the stranger was a man also a vampire that could easily kill me if wanted. Shoot do I have to apologize? No he's a grown man he should be able to handle a bit of embarrassment. But am I able to handle it? He rested his gloved hands on his slightly pink cheeks as if to hide his blush as he walked. Shaking his head furiously he darted to the lady smelling of cheap perfume and vodka grabbing her by the badly bleached hair and covered her mouth mentally cringing as he dug his fangs inside the fake tanned and makeup covered skin, slowly moving his hand out the hair to cover the eyes while sucking furiously as he slowly walked back into the dark.

      How long was it since I've eaten like this? I should stop trying to turn myself human and just give in to my old habits. Five bodies a day, no that'll be too risky. He pulled away once he felt a need to breath his quiet pants echoing off the walls, Loki opened his mouth wide, his fangs blood stained as he bit down trying to suck more blood hopefully. He kept slowly stepping backwards trying to find a clean spot where he could sit without showing the world what he was doing.

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      "What?" Daniel spat. What an ass... He practically bristled hearing the arrogance of this guy. Feeling his wrists being grabbed painfully, he was surprised that this...thing could hurt him so easily. What had he gotten himself into? He struggled, trying to free himself from his grasp, to no avail. His hands instantly became unusable, and quickly loosened from the man's neck. Before he knew what was happening, this man who called himself a vampire had quickly incapacitated him, his entire body unable to move. A vampire? That can't be possible... But it was. Only another vampire could match the strength and speed the curse granted him.

      He barely moved, just out of sheer amazement. Danny would've never dreamed he would have found another one of his kind. He wanted to be happy; he'd been alone for such a long time, he'd forgotten how to interact with others in a friendly manner. He couldn't befriend humans, as he just always had the urge to feed from them. Of course he knew how awful human food was; he finally had someone to complain about it with. Unfortunately, the situation they were in was not ideal. He didn't even have the urge to struggle.

      Seeing the other vampire's face near his, he thought he was going to finally kill him. He cursed himself for being frozen and unable to defend himself, and closed his eyes, bracing for whatever impact was to come. He was surprised, to say the least, as he felt the vampire's lips meet his. It was short but sweet, and he hated himself for thinking that. This was not the time for this. He did nothing but scowl. What was even happening, anymore? When he was finally freed, he stood up quickly, ready to...what was he going to do? He looked around, seeing that the other vampire had left. He cursed. I should've gotten his name.

      The real dilemma was: Did he actually want to meet that guy again? Daniel had never met another vampire before. What if he was actually dangerous. He touched his lips slightly, remembering the soft kiss he was given. Was he some kind of pervert? There are a lot of those in this city... Still, he decided, he needed to knwo more about himself. His kind. Even if that vampire doesn't want to see him again, he would find him and hold him down if he has to.

      Danny took off, looking for more humans to prey upon. He would need his strength for this guy. Three people he'd fed form that night, dumping the bodies in various trash cans throughout the city. All the while he looked for the man in various alleyways.

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    • Loki smiled proudly as he threw a second body inside the bin he ruffled his brown hair successfully messing it up as he trotted out the ally and down the street, pausing at a shop's window watching the clock with a frown before gasping in realisation. Great I'm late! There going to kill me for being late. He made sure to keep human like pace as he ran to a small pizza based restaurant, straightening out his outfit making sure he looked presentable as he sniffed the air, tracking down the familiar smell of his human 'friends' with ease.

      Loki smiled at the group which involved no more then four people sitting inside the small restaurant, all looking fairly annoyed as they saw him. "Sorry guys, I got lost." He lied sheepishly making all of them roll there eyes playfully whispering among themselves for a moment or two. "Whatever, can we order now?" "Sure." he replied hiding his dry tone with a smile as he looked through the menu, deciding to pick a burger pizza. He flirtatiously looked at a petite girl with long silver hair styled with a big white bow who was staring at her phone. "So, Tasha, how was your day? I trust it was good? Working with animals all day must be h-" "Shut up, I'm thinking." The girl replied making him sigh, toying with a loose piece of wood from the table.

      Why do i hang out with these people again? Oh yes, because without having people to talk to I'll go insane. He looked at his pizza hiding his disgusted face as he took a small bite shivering as he chewed trying his best not to spit it out and run for his precious life.

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      As he got closer and closer to the downtown area, the sidewalks became much busier. Daniel kept at a brisk, but human-like pace as he continued his search. The other vampire couldn't be asleep, as they don't really need to rest like humans. He looked through the windows of various shops and restaurants, trying to remember the face of the man.The thing he couldn't seem to forget, however, was that stupid kiss. Instead of embarrassment, only anger crossed his features.

      The search seemed a little hopeless. He had almost gone through most of the popular restaurants on the strip, and had peeked inside most of the stores and alleyways. Maybe he went home. As he thought this, his gaze turned to a small window facing a booth full of people. He almost looked away,before catching a glimpse of the other vampire sitting with them. And he was eating pizza? What kind of vampire eats pizza? He scowled again, this time determined. He walked inside the small restaurant, trying to seem as normal as possible.

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    • Loki turned to the familiar footsteps his long eyelashes framing his wide eyes his face only showing horror as he jumped up, ignoring all his friends questions as he slammed ten dollars on the table taking a bottle of water.That idiot! Does he have any idea how to act like a human? He's going to blow both our covers! He marched up to the vampire, taking a fistful of the jacket using all his strength to drag him outside a scowl set on his face, it was harder then before leading the brown head to believe the vampire had quite a lot to eat. "What the bloody hell? I told you to back off, your going to make me lose everything I've worked so hard for!" He hissed pushing the other inside the small parking lot before moving to the side. Leaning down placing one hand on the wall and the other on his water trying his hardest to choke out the one slice of pizza up.

      Loki spat out the chewed food, standing straight and wiping saliva off his mouth with the back of his gloved hand glaring daggers at the
      vampire as if it was all his fault. "It's disgusting." He mumbled gulping down the bottle of water as he watched the dark haired male curiously. Carelessly tossing the water to the ground, rubbing his eye with a balled fist as if he was tired. "Well you obviously came to me for a reason, so what is it? And if your going to try biting me again don't bother, I've already had enough stupid for one day." He twirled his short hair innocently humming as he turned to a bench deciding to lie on it while waiting for a awnser. "Thanks to birdbrained you I had to eat something full of makeup and fake tans... I'm not impressed."

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      As he spotted the other vampire coming towards him, Daniel looked at him and smirked. His eyes widened, though, as he felt his jacket being tugged on hard. "Hey! What the hell? You're going to ruin my-" He made a hard 'oof' sound as he was thrown from the entrance into the parking lot. The strength of another vampire was still new to him, as he hadn't been pushed around like this before.

      Once he regained his footing, he stared at the man as he gagged. Why would he even eat that stuff if it's awful? He crossed his arms and watched him until he was done berating him. "Look, I'm not here to fight you. I just want to talk." He frowned again and raised his voice this time. "And stop calling me stupid! Its not my fault I've never seen another vampire before! Why do you even eat that crap if you hate it so much? Do you like pain?" He kept his arms crossed.

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    • Loki snapped his head towards the vampire, his teeth baring as if a wild animal, "Why yes, yes I do enjoy pain. Especially
      when I'm chained to the wall and am having to beg for mercy, being choked by a dog collar is also quite pleasurable." He replied harshly, but a smirk entered his face when he remembered the kiss. "Oh, I see what your here for. An explanation for the kiss, well it would make sense. To be honest there isn't one, I just did it because I was bored and needed someone to play with." He carelessly shrugged. Stalking closer to the black haired male before jumping just in front of him standing on his toes so there lips were inches apart.

      Loki grabbed the black hair pulling the face away from him before hitting the side of it on the brick wall with a growl, like he though, no blood. "You think i eat human food and live like one because i like it? No! I'm trying to turn human. Why you ask?" He smashed the head on the wall three times, still no blood.
      "Because of that. Thanks to this curse I can't afford to get into any type real relationships, die or even bleed. I'm forced to take blood from women who's faces are basically painted with god knows what. Men's blood is disgusting while wild animals are not even an option. Ask me to continue, i dare you."

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      Daniel's lip curled in a snarl. He wondered if all vampires were so confrontational as he was. If there are any others, he thought, a bit solemnly. "Look here you crazy, pompous piece of shit, I'm not here to pick a fight with you And I'm not interested in any kiss. I just wanted to know-"

      Danny's eyes widened as he felt the back of his hair being pulled harshly. He felt tears well up in his eyes from pain he'd never experienced. He'd almost expected his face to be bashed into a wall, but still cried out in pain while it happened. Even though he felt the electrifying pain of his skull being cracked, and the brick wall certainly suffered, there was no trace of blood coming from anywhere. The pain he felt only intensified as the abuse continued. He'd had enough, damn it.

      Daniel reached his hands around the wrist attached to the hand that gripped the back of his head. Twisting, he forced the arm to let him go, and kept his hold on it as he turned around to face him. His thumb extended outward and bent the other vampire's middle finger back painfully. These actions would've permanently disfigured a mere human's hand, but even he was finding it difficult to bend the finger all the way back to break it. His lips curled into a snarl that became audible after a second. "So you want to fucking fight me? We can go, right here, right now!"

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    • Loki leaned forward there faces centimeters apart, his grin challenging. "Go on, fight me. Break your only chance of being around another vampire, it'll be fun. " A light pink blush dusted over his cheeks as he looked down almost uncertainly, kicking the small rock away from them. Shit, I didn't know it'll get this far, that am I supposed to do? Fight? Apologise? Say rude words? He panicked looking to the starless night sky shifting around for a few seconds before focusing his attention on the black haired vampire with a sigh.

      "Your mean. But since you showed me your serious I'll 'talk' with you." He pouted his tone surprisingly serious, he looked to the taller males hand position with a frown. "Even if you do break my finger it'll only heal up once I snap it back into place... You do know what right?" He asked alarms ringing in his head as he heard the familiar chattering of his human friends. "You going to come with me and we'll talk in my dorm.. Unless you have a house that isn't covered in humans? Judging by the way you acted in the restaurant you have no idea how to make friends." He asked his eyes narrowing as he stepped away trying to hide as much as possible while inside the deadly grip.

      "Loki?!" The same silver haired girl bounced up to them staring straight at the black haired vampire, clearly having a interest in him. Loki bit his lip as he watch her scan the taller up and down apparently waiting to be told who he was, strange jealousy running through him. "Hi Tasha, this is my.. Cousin? You alright with being my cousin?" He asked looking up at the vampire confirmingly while kicking the side of the shin with most of his strength only to intertwine there hands actually shivering at how close they were "Cousins huh? You seem a little close, no?" "This is how cousins act." He scowled tugging on the hand as if mentally saying 'we need to go.'
      Is this how cousins act? I'm unsure.

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      Daniel's adrenaline from the scuffle was still rushing through his body. His eyebrows still drawn together, he cautiously loosened the grip somewhat on his hand and wrist. He almost with he would've just broken it anyway for good measure. "Yeah, I have my own apartment. No humans allowed." The ringing in his ears began as the concussion he probably had quickly healed itself.

      Hearing the footsteps of another, he quickly looked to the girl who appeared in front of them. Their hands clasping together suddenly his face went a bit red. This type of human contact was almost foreign to him now. He barely noticed the girl checking him out. "Oof...Uh...yeah, Cousin. Shouldn't we go? I left"

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    • Loki gave a horrified look towards the vampire taking the excuse seriously. "You left your dog outside?" He repeated while starting to walk where they first met only waving with his free hand as a sign they were leaving. He yawned, resting his head on the shoulder as they walked his red eyes showing no readable emotions as he did. "Do you really have a dog? I have a pet, it looks just like you, you'll like him. I wasn't sure what gender it was so I just named it Lucifer." He hummed, he was acting surprisingly innocent for someone who'd almost bashed a skull open.

      Loki rubbed his head on the point of the shoulder like a cat would mark it's territory. "Sorry, I don't know if we're going the right way." He mumbled enjoying the feeling of another so close. How long has it been since I've been this comfortable? Four years? Six years? Eh, who cares? As long as I can get my share of non-sexual attention tonight. He smiled excitedly tugging on the hand. "When we get there can I touch your hair?"

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      Daniel immediately became annoyed. Maybe talking to him wasn't such a good idea...But I can't go back. He clicked his tongue at the other vampire. "No. I hate animals. I just said that so we could leave." He blatantly frowned at the feeling of his head leaning on him. "What are you even doing?" He said this, but did not push him away.

      "No, you can't fucking touch my hair! I don't even know your name, let alone do I know what you'll do to my hair." Daniel wondered why his mood changed so suddenly. Were all vampires like this? He then pondered if they were the only vampires there ever was. That, to Daniel, sounded like a lonely existence. He thought that maybe that's why this man surrounded himself with humans that he can't even relate to.

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    • "My names Loki I'm nineteen and in college studying how to become a vet, do you have any jobs?" He asked his tone going slightly bitter as a response to his complaining. He sighed through his nose, the black haired male was rude, a massive turn off. Red eyes glaring into the distance as they walked, most people were gone by this time it was peaceful which was a surprise considering. "Your comfortable." He complimented his tone weary as if he was trying to sum up when to sprint away from the older.

      "You know were the only ones right? I mean I'm sure there's more vampires like us somewhere in the world, but not here." He said almost sadly as they walked. "This is going to complicate huntings, right? Could we possible make a schedule where we avoid each other?" Loki asked

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      Danny rolled his eyes. He didn't exactly want to say too much, but he guessed this was alright. "I'm a freelance writer. I never went to college." He wondered why a vampire would want to become a vet. When times were hard as a younger vampire, he'd often used animal blood as a substitute for human blood. Because of this he'd only seen animals as food just as much as he saw humans as food.

      "Comfortable? Never heard that before." He'd had little contact with others since he began to embrace his vampiredom. Humans confused him and he only saw them as food, so having them as friends and companions was out of the question.

      Daniel scowled and looked away from Loki as they finally approached his apartment. He had at least a small sliver of hope that Loki knew more vampires, but he considered that maybe he was just as lonely as he was. "We can discuss that later." He climbed the stairs to his apartment, leading Loki up to the elevator. He pushed the button that said the number four above it and sighed as the doors closed. He was grateful that no humans decided to enter this time.

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    • Loki watched the older vampire bluntly, never taking his eyes off him when they entered the elevator, seemingly deattached from the world as he thought. What does this man actually want? Surely he isn't considering trying to kill me? Well I would kill me if I was him. I'll talk to him and if he tries anything I'll just run, I'll run from my problems just like I did with the town. It's not like I have anything special except my pet and college here anyways. He noticed the scowl making him let go of the hand, wrapping his arms around himself protectively. Fangs showing in a snarl, making it clear he felt threatened with the males behavior.

      "What do you want? Surely you couldn't just want to talk? Don't bother trying to kill me, because I've tried multiple times, it doesn't work." He snapped moving so he was leaning on the opposite metal wall glaring daggers at the male until the elevator stopped.

      Loki drifted out the metal box making sure to stay a good distance from the other. "Your apartment number?" He asked impatiently his tone bitter as he looked at all the small living spaces cramped together.
      I hope the apartment isn't crappy, it wouldn't surprise me if it is though. He seems like the careless type.

    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      How impatient, he thought as he led him to his apartment. He retrieved his keys from his pocket, and swiftly unlocked it. His apartment was noticeably bland, if one never noticed that just about everything in it was completely black. Even some of the walls were black; the only visible white was a little kitchenette area with white tiling. Daniel himself matched the home, with his black button up shirt, black coat, and black jeans. The apartment was indeed small, but clean nonetheless.

      "I'm not trying to kill you, for the last damn time. I just wanted to speak to you. Wouldn't it make sense, seeing as you're the only other vampire in this city?" As he made his way into the apartment, he pulled black cloves off his hands, revealing long pale fingers. He also removed his coat and draped it along the back of the couch. "Take a seat, if you want."

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