the night (pafp, bxb) is young

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    • the night (pafp, bxb) is young

      read me please

      This plot is pretty basic. Your muse and my muse (Ian) are both at the same party. My muse is outside taking a smoke break, pretty bored with being there. Your muse finds him, also bored. After some thought and some casual flirting, they decide to steal the host of the party's car, and hilarity ensues.

      Normal RP rules apply. Your character must be male. Keep it realistic. I ask for at least a paragraph (5-7 full sentences) with good enough grammar and spelling (I'm not perfect, but at least read over your posts). I can basically write to the information I'm given. Meaning, if you write a paragraph, I will too. If you write a 50 page story, I probably will too, lol. Let me know when you will be inactive.

      This was a mistake.

      As Ian leaned against the cold brick of this small frat house, he shook his last cigarette out of its container. Silently cursing at himself for not stopping by the corner store before coming here, he flicked his lighter, igniting the end. He took a long, irritated inhale of the cigarette, his brow furrowing, then relaxing as the smoke left his lugs. Feeling the small but comforting effects right away let him forget his troubles for at least a little while. The air was cold enough to where you couldn't even tell if he was smoking or not. His light flannel jacket was not suitable for this kind of chilly fall weather, but at this point, he didn't care if he froze right then and there, as long as he didn't have to step back though that door.

      He should've told his overly enthusiastic friend Jason that he wasn't in the mood for partying. Jason was the type of guy who thought any problem could be solved by a little fling after a night of copious amounts of alcohol. What Ian hadn't told Jason was that he had already tried that method, and still ended up lonely and crying, barely able to recall the one night stand's name. After the guy gathered his pants from the floor and left him, he still texted his ex. He didn't receive a response.

      Checking his phone for the umpteenth time that night, and seeing the lack of notifications, he felt a small squeeze in his chest, and took another hit of his cigarette. This entire night, he has tried to smoke and drink his negative feelings away, but couldn't even bring himself to drink more than a shot of tequila, so he was at least a little buzzed. But not enough to do anything that could take his hurt away. He scowled at himself again. The cigarette's ashes silently fell to the leaf-covered ground as he became lost in his thoughts.


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    • //Hope this boy is alright!

      Loud music, Strong alcohol, Swirling bodies and the sharp scent of smoke. It was enough to cause a strong thumping in Wren's head. They were all sensations the young man was unused to. He had never been a party person. No, Wren was the kind of guy that was far more content at home with his headphones in. Away from peering eyes of those around. But Alas. Wren had a big family, And his dear cousins had practically dragged him here. Only to abandon the young man shortly after arrival. With one- Frances heading off to drink and chat with friends. And the other, Stevie going to flirt with some chick at the bar. Leaving Wren alone and hoping deeply that neither would cause any trouble. Wren had always been the one to drag the two out of trouble- It perhaps was the reason they had brought him? So they could have a slightly more sensible person around to defuse any problem that started?

      Wren had tried to come to the party with a sort of open mind, But after a few bottles of beer Wren was sick of it. He needed a break from the stuffy air. So after a bit of stumbling and excusing himself as he moved around people. Wren had finally found his way to the open air and back door. He pushed himself out the room, Letting a deep breath to come from him. Hardly noticing the other male nearby. His dark brown hair was a bit ruffled-Some dude had thought it was completely funny to mess it up. But Wren hadn't gotten a chance to fix it. But, He was used to it. Wren grew up as the youngest and shortest child in his family. Even today Wren was a bit on the small side- Which he hated about himself. Everyone had always claimed he was a late bloomer and puberty would give him some more height. Guess what? It never did. Nor did it ever help him get any facial hair. And when it did come in? It looked as ragged and ugly as hell. But Wren's woes about his stature was a subject for another day.

      Striding forward. Wren allowed another breath to come from him, Striding towards the railing and stretching his arms out. Atleast there had been a few fine figures here. Wren was someone who could enjoy the sight of both ladies and men. Goodness, There were some FINE lads and lassies here. But Wren had always been a bit to awkward to greet them. All his previous attempts had always fell flat. Perhaps because he mostly went for women, Who ended up seeing him more as a little brother then anything else. He'd always been a bit to awkward to speak to a male he found attractive. But perhaps things were going to change tonight? For it had only took a few moments of stretching before Wren found his eyes flickering towards another. A handsome male about his age.

      Wren found himself going a bit quiet. It took him a moment to work up the desire to speak. Perhaps the beer had loosened his tongue. "Yo Man... You come here often?" Stupid, Stupid. Stupid. Wren mentally scolded himself. That was the best way he could start a conversation? Seriously? He needed to practice his flirting abilities. The male then attempted to save things. "I mean, Not to the backyard. But here? Like uh, The party. Or just, Parties in general. Not to this guys house! I mean... If you do thats fine. I'm not trying to suggest you and him are together- And not if your single! I'm just- I- Er.. ...... Its cold out here. " He'd ruined it, He tried to atleast change the subject at the end. He could already feel himself heating up a bit. His cheeks turning a shade of pink as he averted his eyes.
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    • // He's cute :D

      Ian jumped in surprise at the sound of the back door opening. He wasn't really expecting anyone to leave out the party, since, from hearing the blasting of music and conversation, it seemed as if everyone was enjoying themselves. He half expected the guy he saw leave with a girl the stranger planned to take home. He was surprised to see him alone. Ian took another smoke of his cigarette, now half gone.

      He looked the man up and down. Not half bad, he thought, eyeing the stranger's physique. He was a little shorter than the guys Ian usually went for, but he'd do. He scolded himself silently, remembering what happened last time. He knew that this wouldn't solve any of his problems, but he wanted to forget. He needed to forget. His eyes widened a bit when the guy looked towards him. He had the urge to look away, but he didn't want to be rude. HE removed the hood from his pullover from his head, revealing a mess of black hair. Because it was very fine, he never really bothered to comb it. Or he was depressed. He never really knew which. He ran his hand through the dark strands self consciously.

      Ian's mouth curled into a small awkward smile, an eyebrow raised in amusement. He's never actually heard someone use that line with him. As he opened his mouth to respond, he shut it just as fast, since the guy kept speaking. He wanted to hold back his laughter, but a few giggles escaped. He felt bad, like he was making fun of him, but he actually found it a little cute. Maybe he's just come out the closet or something?

      He opened his mouth again, hoping to respond during a pause, but found that he just kept going. Ian wanted to hug him in pity. He'd decided finally to just go along with him. No use in pointing out flaws; that would just be cruel. He took another smoke, then dropped the carcass of the cigarette to the ground and stepped on it, extinguishing the embers. "Uhh...yeah. Its pretty cold. I really should've worn something heavier."


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    • //I'm glad you like him! ^^

      Atleast it seemed the male was willing to put up with him! Wren had half expected the other to tell him off. Sending him running with his tail between his legs. But that wasn't the case. He spoke, And Wren couldn't help a wide smile growing on his face. A little sparkle in his green eyes. Though that didn't mean the other would tolerate him much longer. Wren half expected his cousin Frances to just bust open the back door and ruin everything. The women loved to mess with him, One time she actually start pinching his cheeks in front of a girl he was flirting with. He found himself warily glancing behind himself. Just in case. But he could faintly see her threw the window. Still jabbering with her friends. He was safe. For now. Focusing back on the other male. On habit already beginning to take off his jacket.

      He was used to ladies, To act like a gentlemen. Though flirting with men might be a little different. Like a gentleman he of course offered his jacket to those he was flirting with. "Its gotten a bit too hot on me, If you'd like it. " He offered, Finding himself once more mentally scolding himself. That had to look stupid. He half figured it made him seem desperate. He wasn't. He was just a little awkward in this situation. The beer hadn't helped much. He then focused forward. The air was cold, But Wren had delt with worth. He was raised in a house that was practically in the woods- When it snowed he remember some days having to dig the front door out. But that family home was a bit far off. He was in college now. His cousins being just a bit older then him and with some good wealth to them. He had moved in to stay with them while they went to school. What with his cousins family paying for the place.

      The green eyed male then told the other. "I'm Wren by the way. " He said, HE then decided to further describe. "You might know my Cousins, Frankie and Stevie. " He murmured. Stevie, Maybe not so much. Stevie didn't exactly like people. Not unless they were trying to get them in bed. Frankie.. More likely. She loved to be social. With the ability to talk ones ear off. Not to mention having dated a good few more popular folks. Wren then moved his hand to scratch behind his head. Still smiling awkwardly.
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    • Ian looked at the guy for a moment, then glanced at the jacket. He'd wondered if it was a joke or not. He had never been offered another man's jacket before. This guy's just full of cheese, huh... Despite his thoughts, he slightly appreciated the fact that he was not just trying too enter his pants. He was so use to it that he had already packed condoms in his pocket. At least he knew wouldn't run out. He took the jacket, then layered it over his own hoodie. It was a little too warm, but he knew it was a little too late to give it back now. He had the urge to smoke another cigarette. "Thank you." He gave him an appreciative smile.

      The tequila was beginning to lose its effect, the lightheaded feeling he felt wearing off. He debated getting another drink and bringing it out, but felt that would be a little rude. Besides, he kind of wanted to know more about this guy. He looked at him as he spoke, leaning against the side of the house's frame. "Yeah, my friend Jason mentioned them. I'm Ian." He extended a hand out to him. His other brow twitched slightly, his small nicotine buzz wearing off.


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    • Wren watched him curiously, Ian. Ian, He repeated the name in his head silently so he would not find himself forgetting. He'd never been the best with names. He was better with faces, And goodness knows he wasn't going to forget that handsome face. Smiling, He reached his hand out to shake politely. Attempting to keep his nose from wrinkling a bit at the smell of smoke that came from him. Wren couldn't find himself getting used to the scent. But he wasn't going to say anything about it. Removing his hand and leaning against the frame, Staring out to the backyard. He could faintly see a few bottles littering the small yard. Eh, Atleast the neighbors didn't complain? Wren could hear the party still going on behind them. Which seemed odd due to the small silence that had quickly developed between them. But, Taking a note out of his cousins book. Wren wouldn't let a awkward silence start.

      "Mmm.. You know, I can't help but find it weird staring at a fenced yard. Or just seeing the city! Where I grew up, You couldn't take two steps without bumping into a tree. And there was this lake everyone used to go skinny di-Er.. Swimming in. What about you? Where are you from? " He asked curiously, Had he grown up in the city? Wren found a brief longing for home come to his chest. Oh, He missed camping and roasting marshmallows out there. Dipping his feet in the lake and fishing. Not really swimming. He didn't really know how to- Weird. He grew up right by the lake! But any desire to learn had completely vanished when his eldest sister practically flung him into the lake without warning. Still, He missed it. He remembered fondly climbing a tree and listening to music on his phone. Sitting up there for hours.. Wren suddenly moved to pull himself onto the railing so he was sitting on it. Feet dangling down. He then briefly found himself once more worrying he was annoying this guy. He certainly didn't want to be a bother! He simply thought this guy was cute and wanted to know more about him!
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    • "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      Ian stared pointedly at Wren as he spoke. He'd abandoned the thought that the guy had any ulterior motives, as their conversation seemed to innocent. Maybe he wasn't even gay. He pulled another cigarette from the cardboard box they were nestled in, and put it in his mouth. He hadn't lit it yet though; he wasn't even sure if Wren was okay with him smoking. He has friends who he cannot smoke around, and tries to be considerate. But, Wren didn't seem to mind earlier.

      He talks a lot. Ian had grown up in a city; completely opposite to this rural or forest area Wren spoke of. He smiled a little at the thought of Wren skinny dipping."I was a pretty urban kid. I grew up in a pretty big city." Ian pulled out his lighter and lit the cigarette then blew out a small puff of smoke in the direction opposite to Wren.

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