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  • Introduction: Welcome to Las Vegas, Sin City, The City of Lights, call it whatever you want. Vegas has been quite the tourist attraction for years with all the entertainment it has to spare. However, there is more than just pretty lights and gambling. Within the crowds are people, special people. They're job is to protect the public from the things they can't understand. Y/C (your character) is one of those people. She comes from a long line of hunters and is ready to care on that lineage and make her parents proud. Y/C has pledged to give up her life to protect the public from all danger. She isn't one to give up easily but she's also quite new to the city life. While out on a break at a small jazz club, she finds a young man that catches her eye.
    Rus was born and raised in Vegas. He's quite the special one as well, however, he is not a hunter. He is the one being hunted. Rus comes from a long line of werewolves. For years he has been trying to hide his power and not get killed by the hunters. He blends in as a normal person, working as a musician for a jazz club and for multiple other clubs and bars. Ruslan knows he's not normal and really tries his best to hide that fact that he isn't. While performing in the club he is approached by a young woman.

    Plot: Y/C is a hunter of the supernatural. Her whole family has been this way and she's not planning on letting them down. She's not one who's easy to impress and feels like romance needs no place in her life. Y/C has only lived in Vegas for a month and has been through quite a bit in the month she's been there. She has fought with demons, vampires, ghouls, you name it. One night she gives herself a well deserved break and takes to a nearby jazz club where Ruslan is performing at. As she sits there, with her food and drink, Rus comes up to the stage to perform. Y/C is quite impressed with his skills and when he's done she asks him questions about where he learned and all of that. As they talk Y/C notices something a bit off about the young man but shrugs it off and thanks him for his time before leaving. 2 days later the two of them meet again. While leaving her apartment he bumps into her and she realizes who he is. They talk once again and Y/C finds out that Ruslan lives only 7 doors down from her. The two of them quickly become friends and they start to get to know each other even more over the phone. However, Y/C notices something weird about him. He's never home during full moons and will usually excuse himself he gets angry or nervous. Wanting to investigate she heads to the outside of his apartment during a full moon and listens in him. She starts to call herself paranoid when she hears nothing but him playing on his keyboard. However, the keyboard music stops and heavy shuffling can be heard from inside. The noises then stop and Y/C returns to her apartment. Now she's really curious about this young man but just keeps telling herself she's getting too paranoid. The two of them start to hang out a bit more and Y/C is starting to fall in love with him. One night they turn down into an empty street and while they're talking to each other they find themselves getting lost. A group of men close in on them and before anybody could start throwing punches Y/C notices that Rus is slightly freaking out and soon enough Ruslan starts taking on the features of a werewolf. His eyes turn yellow, hair grows longer, teeth get sharper, etc. He scares away the men and while Y/C tries to calm him down he only tries to attack her. Y/C runs away and locks herself inside her apartment. The two of them don't talk to each other for about 2 weeks until Y/C goes to his apartment and talks to him through his door. She's curious on why he doesn't open the door but little does she know his transformations are getting worse and that he can't control them or himself. It's driving him insane and he has locked himself inside of his apartment for these 2 weeks. Y/C ends up going against everything she has learned about being a hunter and wants to try and help him. Y/C lets Rus think it over and after 2 days he finally lets her in. His apartment is in ruins. There are claw marks all over the wall and things scattered throughout the place. Rus himself looks like he's been through hell. Y/C is scared but isn't going to abandon him. She helps him learn how to control his transformations, slowly. Y/C uses music to calm him down (such as his keyboard) and slowly starts taking him back out into public. However, other hunters find out what Y/C is doing and is against her. They are now in danger of being killed and soon enough, the hunter becomes the hunted. Not only are other hunters after them, but so are other werewolves. As she is trying to help him control himself, the two of them are trying to avoid being killed. Will Y/C survive and end up helping the young man or will he join him in death?

    Rules & Stuff:
    - Of course, no power-playing in this. There will be some action, but do remember, you can't win a fight with a single hit.
    - Please post at least a minimum of two paragraphs.
    - Please be as active as you most possibly can!
    - Sorry for any typos. I type quite fast and don't usually check for any typos.
    - The RP does begin at the very beginning when they first meet.
    - I don't want their relationship to be completely skipped through. There should at least be some development.
    - Do no kiss and dis. If you have to leave for any reason, please tell me.
    - At least try to post once a day and I'll try to post once a day as well. I completely understand if you become inactive because you're busy and life gets in the way, it happens to all of us.

    - On that note of being busy, I do tend to seem to drop out at certain times. If this ever happens, it's because of school. My muse usually drops for a bit but it quickly gets back up so don't worry.
    - This is a PG-13 thread and all Feral Front rules apply.
    - Swearing is allowed, just don't take it overboard.
    - You don't need to have a fancypost, that's completely your own choice.
    - I don't have perfect grammar and I apologize for that.

    - I don't think there's anything else to say. If you have any questions or anything to add, please do ask me or tell me.
    - Your character must be between the ages of 21-25 and of course, be a female. They should also at least fit the small description I give of them in the introduction. Of course, you can still add much more to her personality and history/backstory. I am completely a-okay with that.
    - I really don't care how you do your form. I just ask for the basics such as a picture, personality, etc.

    My Form:

  • //Sorry, I suck at Faceclaims and Descriptions. But! Basically Stevie is just a grumpy moody Cross-dressing girl with the social skills of a awkward turtle that likes knives.

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    It was about 8 PM at night and the building was fairly busy. People were either in groups or pairs sitting at the many tables and enjoying that live performances in front of them. One band had just finished up their own performance a few minutes ago and now it was his turn, it was Ruslan's turn to climb on up there and entertain the visitors. He was usually told to perform songs that were set up for him but this time, the owner of the club told him to go his own way and play anything that he wanted. Of course, Rus was happy to be told this but he was also a bit nervous about it. He didn't know if the crowd would like it or if they would hate it. Rus was only here to perform 5 songs and this was his last one but it as the one he worried about the most. As he stood there, watching as the band left the stage, the club owner walked up next to him and motioned for him to get up on stage. The young man gave a small nod and nervously scratched at the back of his neck. He quickly took to calming himself down and headed up towards the stage. When he made it up there he looked out towards all the people. Everybody was talking to each other, enjoying their drinks and their food. Ruslan quietly looked down at the piano as he adjusted the bench so he could sit at a comfortable position. He sat there for quite a bit, purple and red lights positioned over him. With a deep breath he positioned his hands on the keys and began to play.

    His hands and fingers were quick to glide across the keys and when he looked out towards the people they had begun to watch him. He gave a small smile and looked back down at the piano, making sure that he hit every key correctly. His right hand quickly moved up and down the keys as his left hand kept the rhythm and beat. This was what he had done to try and help him forget about this 'power' of his. That's what other people probably would have called it but he saw it as a curse. He barely ever slept and the moon was his biggest enemy. Rus had always liked to imagine what his life would be like if he was born as a normal human being.

    Ruslan's right hand quickly changed pace and he looked back over at the crowd of people. They now all seemed to have their attention on him. Of course, some of them were still holding conversations and eating but they still had some glances up at the stage and at him. Rus could feel their eyes on him but he shook his head to get the feeling away. He was getting into the music and there was no way he was gonna let his own thoughts stop him.

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  • //I hope this post is okay!

    Girl, We need a vacation.
    Those little words were the whole reason two girls had found there way to a little club. Which indeed were pretty well true. After a wild time chasing a banshee threw the streets the two females had finally come to a agreement of needing some time off. So the girls- Sisters. Had decided to go to a little club not to far from there apartment. The taller- Blonde sibling in the lead. Tugging her much shorter darker haired sister. Both bundled in warm clothes against the chilly air. Anyone who might have seen them would hardly assume ether was related. With the leading girl- Frankie. Being a blonde green eyed lass. Who was a bit tall. A certain mischievous smile on her face as she strut along.
    The girl following- Stevie. A brown eyed brunette who was only about say.. 5'1 maybe? Uncomfortable glancing from side to side as she seemed to try and shrink herself into her coat. Indeed, It was like yin and yang comparing them. Perhaps it made more sense considering they were half-siblings? But that was a story for another time.

    They had been a bit late arriving at the club- But soon enough to hear some of the last songs and for a good drink. A few winks from Frankie had quickly gotten them a decent place to sit. Though Stevie had to admit she'd of much preferred a spot over in a dark corner somewhere. "Oh loosen up Stevie, This is a reward for ourselves. For good work!"

    [b][/b]The perky blonde commented. Not that Stevie seemed to convinced. It wasn't to much of her fault. They had been fighting monsters every day for about a month. She felt like every waiter could possible be a demon or something in disguise. Besides. She hadn't been a talkative person even before all this. "Are works not done yet.." Stevie murmured. But she eased up in the chair. Beginning to remove her coat as the room was rather warm compared to the outdoors. Luckily, Frances was there to do most of the talking to waiters, Stevie chose to instead turn her gaze to the artists playing. That was the good thing about Frankie. She could talk to anyone- As well as get them a decent discount. (Hunting magical creatures didn't exactly pay well. ) She had even once got them a completely free meal! But that had been when she was flirting with the manager of some place.

    Eventually Stevie managed to go into a bit of a daze as she listened to the music. The same kind one might go into when they were simply thinking of random things. It was only when the song ended that Stevie came out of it- Only to find her sister was gone! Alarm flashed across her face. Had you ever experienced that moment, When your mother left you alone in line at a cash register to go get one more thing. Only for her not to show back up quickly as the line kept getting shorter and shorter. This was what Stevie felt as she realized Frankie wasn't sitting at the table beside her. Her gaze flickering along the room, Only to catch a splash of the blond girl. Making out with there waiter in a corner. A expression of embarrassment and horror came to Stevie's face and she quickly glanced away. As if not to know this women. Sinking into her seat. Her brown eyes wide, But. Luckily, The music was starting up again quickly. Something to distract herself.

    Stevie glanced up towards the male playing. Handsome, Tall, And jeez he was talented. Stevie found herself once more sinking into the music. -She'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy the sight of him. But she quickly averted her eyes when she realized she was staring. Though.. Everyone was staring at him, Besides her Sister who was still with the waiter in the corner- Or atleast. She hoped that was the case. She might have slipped off with him by now. But! Anyway! Stevie found herself listening to the lovely music in a little awe. Her eyes closing and a small smile of enjoyment across her face.

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    (It's perfect!)
    Rus could feel his left foot bouncing up and down as he started to near the end of the song. He was starting to feel a bit tensed and he knew that he was. His fingers were hitting the keys harder and his leg was starting to speed up. The young man shook his head again and cleared out all his thoughts. When he looked back up he could see the owner of the club in a corner giving him a smile. Ruslan could feel himself relax once more when the much older man had given him that smile of approval. Towards the end he stopped himself from standing up since he knew he had to keep it professional. The owner was quite a nice man but he didn't mess around when it came to enforcing rules. Finally, Rus finished up the song and could actually feel his heart beating against his chest. His hands rested on the keys and as he stared at them he looked out towards the crowd and they began to clap. The young man smiled and was sure to display his teeth in that smile. He stood up from the bench and gave a small salute as to say, 'thank you'. As the applause died he made his way off of the stage and looked back at the owner. He gave Rus a nod and went off to talk to somebody else. After watching the older man walk off he looked around at the place.

    It wasn't too full but it was pretty packed. All the tables he spotted were occupied and he couldn't find an empty one. Ruslan gave a small huff but was able to find a table with a single chair. Well, what a coincidence for it to only have once chair as well. He was only gonna stay here for a bit before going home. Rus didn't drink and he didn't usually ever order anything. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he walked over towards the table and took a seat. As he looked around he spotted another person sitting by themself, a young woman. Well, at least he wasn't the only lonely one. Sure, he was a regular around the place and performed almost every day but nobody ever approached him. His only real friend in the whole place was the owner, but of course he was a busy person and didn't have anymore than 5 minutes to spare. With a sigh, he sunk down in his seat a little bit and looked down at his shoes.

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  • Stevie allowed herself to fall once more in her lost in thought trance as she listened to the soft sound of the piano. Jeez he was good. And at the end- The sound of clapping once more brought her back and signaled the music was over. Stevie allowed her eyes to open, And had she been more comfortable. She might have clapped as well. But she could feel the hairs prick on the back of her neck keep her still. She wondered briefly if anyone would go and compliment him for his work, He deserved it. But no one budged from there seat and the young man dipped into the crowd of tables. Joining a single chaired one. Causing Stevie to frown a bit. But she felt she might be staring so she quickly glanced away. Luckily for the two solitary people. Sometimes Stevie had a tendency to think. Thus often led her into really more awkward situations. For her legs would move her, She'd be all pumped to talk. Then nothing would come from her lips. This was to be the case for tonight.

    She moved to her feet, Almost confidently. Though her arms crossed over her chest in a uncomfortable manner. She'd only realized how bad a idea this was when she reached his table. It must have seemed so weird, A random chick just walking up to him. Her brain was totally noping out of this. She had the desire to just turn around and walk away. But that might look even weirder. Yeah, Random girl just comes up. Stares at him, Then runs off. Totally not weird. Chewing on her bottom lip. She forced herself to talk. Not that her brain or tongue was much help. "I-Er.. I'm.. You.. The-I..." Nothing of use came out of her mouth. HEr face had turned a shade of pink. This was why Stevie needed Frankie. Stevie simply wasn't good with people. Never had been. It was silly really. She could handle a demon, But she got flustered and uncomfortable talking to folks.

    Eventually she tried again. This time, More sense came from her words. Though they were perhaps to quiet to hear. Meaning someone might have to lean in to hear her. But she feared if she raised her voice she'd be talking far to loud. "That.. That was very lovely up there. H-How long have you been playing? " Yeah, That was somewhat normal to say. Though she scolded herself silently. Of course he knew it was lovely. He wouldn't be up there if he didn't know he was good!

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    As he started to drift away into his own thoughts a voice pulled him out of them. At first, he was confused and lifted his head to look around at where the voice was coming from. Rus then noticed a young woman standing not too far away from him. Was she... talking to him? Ruslan made sure that it was him who she was talking to. When he realized there was nobody else around him he looked back at the stranger. He must have looked like an idiot just sitting there and staring at her in disbelief. When he found himself staring his slightly shook his head and looked away. That was then when he heard her start to speak. She was just as nervous as he was and he was glad that he wasn't the only one feeling uncomfortable. The young man gave her a friendly half smile. When he realized he was clearly displaying his wolf-like teeth the smile quickly disappeared. He didn't want to be asked questions about his strange-looking teeth. Rus could feel his leg start to bounce up and down quickly but he tried his best to ignore it.

    "I've been playing for about 16-17 years..." He gave a small shrug but found that when he spoke his leg just started to quicken his pace but Rus continued to ignore it. Rus was actually quite glad somebody took the time to come up to him and talk to him. She even seemed quite nervous to be talking to him which made him even happier. Just as he was about to say, 'thank you' the sound of glass breaking came to his attention. Some of the people looked towards the source of the sound before turning away. However, the sound hit Rus quite hard and he found himself biting the side of his mouth quite hard. His whole body didn't move for a full 5 seconds before he gave a small shake of his head. "S-sorry about that. Anyway, thank you."

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  • She paused a bit as she observed him, He seemed rather surprised. She wondered briefly if she wasn't supposed to talk to the people who had played on stage! But no one else seemed to be looking at her oddly. Still, Her face had soon flushed in a little bit of a embarrassment and she allowed herself to glance down. Luckily failing to take notice of the fangs that showed in his mouth. She was to busy mentally scolding herself. Both for being silly and actually speaking to him, And also for acting like a coward here. Stevie could certainly be a rough women at times. She had shot and stabbed plenty of foes. But talking to one person was a adventure for her. Conversations didn't involve stabbing stuff in the face. Thus, She had no expertise. Then again, She could always talk about stabbing stuff if she ran out of things to say! ...- That probable would scare anyone off.

    Stevie allowed herself to pause at the sound of breaking glass. Instinctively her head turned. Studying the crowd until she spotted Frances, Who had for a brief moment glanced back at her. A habit- Breaking glass normally was a signal of trouble. But Stevie soon located the source of the sound and deemed it safe enough. Turning her head. Rus seemed a little more ruffled at the sound. But Stevie decided not to question it. Instead she commented. "T-Thats really cool, Have you.. Er.. Ever considered giving lessons? " She asked softly, She remembered briefly in her family home there used to be a violin that Stevie would sometimes try to play. She always failed, But it was the only real memory she had of messing with a musical instrument.

    Stevie then realized she hadn't introduced herself yet! She then quickly stumbled a bit before reaching a hand out to shake. "I-I'm Stephanie by the way. But everyone just calls me Stevie. " Well, Actually her first name was Sol. Because her mother wanted a mystical and pretty and blah blah blah. Sort of name for her. Stevie personally hated the name- So would certainly probable never mention it. The only one who ever used it on her was a few family members, And Her sister when she was teasing Stevie.

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    Rus gave her a small friendly smile. He himself wasn't entirely comfortable talking to he was trying his best to try and keep himself calm. Ruslan had to continuously tell himself that he was normal. He was a human and he was just like anybody else. As he sat there he silently listened to her speak. Then she brought up the question of him considering giving lessons. It wasn't a thing that he had actually ever considered and her question did make him think. He probably would have actually given lessons as a job if he hadn't ever dropped out of college. However, he had his reasons and they were very important reasons to drop out. With a small shrug the young man thought of how to reply to her question. "Well, if I ever find the time for it, then I guess you can say I have considered it." It was nice to be able to talk to somebody. For all the time he has worked at the club this was really the first time somebody had actually tried to strike up a conversation with him.

    When he had gotten his own apartment and started to find a living in Vegas, he had been tracked down by several different hunters. They all desperately wanted him dead and Rus knew from that day on that he would learn to have to blend in and of course, he did learn. He learned how to keep himself calm and how to keep his enhanced abilities hidden. Then afterwards he basically shut himself in his apartment to hide from the hunters and now he was here. He had a normal life and he hoped it would stay that way.

    As Stevie offered her hand for a handshake Rus gladly accepted it. He listened to her speak her name and kept a mental note of it just in case they ever met again. "I'm Ruslan, but my name is usually just shortened down to Rus. Or you could call me Rusty... or Ross." When he had began to list off his nicknames he had to quickly stop himself. He knew that if he continued to talk that he would ramble on and on about why exactly he had those nicknames and he wasn't planning on chasing away this person with his rambling. Rus bit down on the side of his mouth to scold himself. "So, uh, you just come here by yourself?" He continued to bite down on the side of his mouth but quickly stopped himself before he could draw any blood.

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  • Stevie listened to him curiously. Ruslan.. She liked the name, Specifically the nickname Rusty. It was cute. She found a smile had grown on her face as they spoke. This was nice, This was fine, She was being social. Then he had to ask if she came alone and her smile dropped from her lips. Already turning her head, Only to spot her sister practically trapping the waiter against the wall. One hand on the wall as she smiled at him. Stevie could already imagine Frances pulling out all the moves. It nearly caused her to roll her eyes. She briefly considered saying she had come alone. But she didn't want to risk her sister coming over and proving she lied or something. So Instead Stevie murmured. "No, I came with my sister. But I might as well should have come alone. She somewhat abandoned me. " She scowled lightly, Pointed silently in the direction of her sister. It might take a while to realize they were related! Neither girl retained many similar features.

    Stevie could never understand her siblings ability to chase man after man. Stevie herself had only really had one relationship. A pretty lass she had gone to school with. Stevie remember fondly sneaking into the girls window so there guardians wouldn't notice when her friend was grounded. Laying on her bed and day dreaming to each other. Holding hand in hand as they spoke of there future.. But- They got older. Stevie's lover wanted a family. Wanted to settle down. Stevie couldn't do that. Her life was devoted to the hunt. So, At the age of 20. There whole lives laid out before them. The girls had went there separate ways. The two loved each other, And knew if they stayed together it would be to cast aside the others dreams. Neither could do that to there love. So, With tender kisses and tearful faces, Matched with soft words. The two had then turned there backs on each other.

    Stevie had little desires for another relationship, She didn't really see herself as being able to have one. Besides. She had never been one to have lustful desires. Unlike her sister. She also had always leaned a bit more towards women- Though she of course went both ways. Still, There were nights when she missed the warmth of her lover. Holding her close, Her heart would always remain with that woman. Even if she found love somewhere else. She would never let go of her feelings for that girl. But anyway, Back to the present. Stevie then looked at him, Asking. "What about you? Bring any friends to watch the show? " Beginning to open up a bit more now.

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    Rus gave a small nod at her answer. He himself missed being with his own siblings, even if one of them was still in jail. The two of them cared for him deeply and he cared for them just as much as they did. Now, he was on his own and when he started to think about it, he realized how long it had been since he had even been in contact with his family. The thought started to make his mood start to slowly decline but he was snapped out of it when the question he asked was now directed at him. Friends? Did he bring any friends to the show? Heh, he actually started to forget what the word 'friend' meant. It had been so long since he's actually held a friendship for more than several months.

    Ruslan didn't make a lot of friends in college and all his 'friends' now we're more of the social and outgoing party types. He would have loved to invite them to one of his shows but they always seemed to be off partying somewhere. That and he only had one friend who was also a werewolf, however, he was killed by a hunter. After that day, Rus feared the hunters just as much as the hunters feared him. He worked hard to seem like he was a regular human being. "Uh, well uh... I don't... I don't exactly have any friends to bring." It was a simple answer and it wasn't to painful. However, he wasn't so sure how she would react to his answer. Maybe she would think he was just some weird lonely dude who only had instruments to talk to. Well, at least that's how most people saw him. "They're all too busy getting blackout drunk or something."

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