Full Moon Plots {Werecreatures/Shifters; Open}

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    • Full Moon Plots {Werecreatures/Shifters; Open}

      Recently, I've been reading book series' about werewolves, shapeshifters, other werecreatures...Ya know. Humans who aren't really human. So..Why not plot threads about them? Is there anyone interested? Give me a shout if you are.

      They don't even have to be about werewolves! I wanna try some of the following strains:
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      Panther (Werepanther)
      Leopard (Wereleopard)
      Lion (Werelion)
      Tiger (Weretiger)
      Coyote (Werecoyote)
      Fox (Werefox)
      Bear (Werebear)
      Rat (Wererat)
      Crocodile (Weredile/Werecroc)
      Alligator (Weregator)
      Dog (Weredog)
      Bat (Werebat)
      Hyena (Werehyena)
      Cheetah (Werecheetah)
      Jaguar (Werejaguar)
      Snake (Weresnake)
      Lynx (Werelynx)
      And more!

      Any suggestions? Don't be shy!

      Now, I AM very picky about who roleplays with moi. You will be asked to show me threads you have done. Though, (un)fortunately, I cannot bring myself to refuse people.

      Some plot prompts I am eager to do:
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      *My Character was transformed by a former romantic partner. Later, she finds herself drawn back into the world of magic & monsters. Maybe to help out with an issue.

      *A mother (My Character) is a werecreature. Her preteen child has inherited her condition. There...Are issues, to say the least.

      *A Shifter (My Character) hooks up with the next-in-line leader of a local werecreature group.

      *The classical werecreature/shapeshifter and vampire romance.

      Have any ideas of your own? Don't be shy! Share your thoughts and ideas!
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