Full Moon Plots {Werecreatures/Shifters; Open}

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  • Recently, I've been reading book series' about werewolves, shapeshifters, other werecreatures...Ya know. Humans who aren't really human. So..Why not plot threads about them? Is there anyone interested? Give me a shout if you are.

    They don't even have to be about werewolves! I wanna try some of the following strains:

    Any suggestions? Don't be shy!

    Now, I AM very picky about who roleplays with moi. You will be asked to show me threads you have done. Though, (un)fortunately, I cannot bring myself to refuse people.

    Some plot prompts I am eager to do:

    Have any ideas of your own? Don't be shy! Share your thoughts and ideas!

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  • Name:Lillian Katy Hearts

    As all Wisewolves say,"The known is not here."

    Did "What Eeveelution are you?" And it turn out like this:


    You are still trying to understand yourself and things around you. You may be naive and outgoing, or hot tempered and thoughtful. You enjoy new things and experiences.