I think we've met before PAFP

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    • I think we've met before PAFP

      This based on miraculous but you don't need to watch it to rp.....I've barely watched it

      Y/C has a major crush on my character Amy but is too shy or spunky to actually talk to her. Until one day they both run into an old man who hands them a box, when they open it a small creature comes out. The creature is a semi version of what animal or object they can transform our characters into. But Y/C and mine meet up dressed in their masks and have to battle a villain together but slowly every time they have to transform Y/C tries to stop Amy from running off to see who she really is. Will they just battle together never knowing or will they one day unmask and see who they really are?


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      Mainly what she looks like in superhero form but with long brown hair

      Amy walked along the sidewalk when she saw an old man get pushed from the road by a man who was in a rush. The girl rushed over helping him up and giving his cane. You alright sir? Nodding the man gave her a box and walked away. The girl looked at the box unsure of what it was but had a felling that she should open it at home. She sighed glancing at her watch before continuing on home but at more of a rushed walk cause she wanted to know what was inside.
      Walking up to her room and shutting the door, locking ti as she did so and opening it to have a small creature hovering in front of her Hello Amy, I am Tiny......an evil man is trying to destroy your kind by waiting for those with negativity and turning them evil. But you won't do it alone you have a friend that we think will be very helpful. the little creature nodded at the shocked girl. But Tiny flew up to the girls ear becoming an earring and as Amy touched it she transformed into an all black and leather suit with ear and a tail. Looking at her hands she had claws too. Quickly running to the mirror What the h*ll!?

      {Just pick an animal to transform to, not literally your still a human just capable of that animal. Just post a pic of your character like a above and rp}
    • Demean had helped the same man as well not knowing what is was going to do to his life waking up in the moring he rolled over not wanting to get up. "Come on bud time to get up." Confused the male turned over and came face to face with blue eyed tiny version of a snow leopard. "What are you?" He asked confused and shocked the tiny male in front of him smiled. "My name is Kai now let's go." Kai turned into a bracelet on his wrist and Demean gained a new outfit he was shocked and excited. 'Let us get going then'. He thought going out his bedroom window not noticing the weapon attaching to his back.

      Can change length
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    • Come on Amy!? Tiny voiced as Amy jumped out from the door upon her ceiling. She jumped for roof to roof with easy. Awe man this is awesome. automactially she took the bar attached to her back and put it to the ground just she came down, jumping back onto a roof. She stopped and a looked around lashing her tail. Okay.....Is there soemthing I should looking for? she asked. The girl looked along the streets and to the horizon.
    • Demean was having a blast not caring who and what was wathcing him swing across town his dark colored locks flying his eyes now blue and more advanced for sight. "This is amazing!!" Demean yelled swinging past Amy he didn't notice her even he was to excited.

      Colors broken))
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    • Demean turned his head for a seocnd to sdeal who was talking to her and he slammed not so gracefully into a wall. "Ow." He mumbled into the wall before falling off and catching himself in a bridge move. "Oh why hello there cutie." He stood up straight and put the white leather whip on his right side ,with a dazzling smile on his face.

      Don't worry as a normal he is differnt))
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    • Demean did a small hair flip. "Neiges leopard ,but you can just call me Neiges." He just said and had no idea how he knew how to answer the question so he went with it. "Now your turn sweet." He said crossing his arms and leaning to one side.
      • pm me if you wish to rp with me<br /> MY OTP <3
    • Demean smirked at her his own spotted ears flicked as week as his tail. "So Kitty what si pretty lady like you self doing out here." Then he heard a siren go off his already rounded slit pupils wento snake like slit.
      • pm me if you wish to rp with me<br /> MY OTP <3
    • She glanced at him Well duh....Come on she said taking out her bar and glanced around. Looking at the clown for where the charm was. Okay get the charm and break it....Let's just hope we both don't stick in a bubble she told him before running in. When sadly the clown had already spotted them and blew a bubble onto them. The two got stuck together is a green bubble.

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