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    Darth Vader is a cyborg barbary lion. An artificial lion-gorilla hybrid, robotic legs and arms allow him to walk upright and use his hands. At his full height, he is fourteen feet tall. A Dark Lord of the Sith, and former Supreme Leader of the First Order. He wears the axe of Rick Grimes, a knife from Judith, the eye patch of Bill Cipher on his belt, along with his lightsaber. Sometimes followed by Ivan (a polar bear.)

    Vader did not often meet another member with similar ideologies. And this was often for a reason, and meant one thing- anti-clan. Vader had suspicions, but was not about to call out names. No, not when he could get along with this person. He would just have to be cautious about his responses. And he also figured, he ought to pull them aside. Vader had already informed his Master of Blueridge, and the leopard responded with something he had heard before.
    "We will watch her career with great interest."

    Vader went about his cabin, flicking his hands, cleaning. Well, not exactly. He was really just moving the objects with the Force, letting them clean themselves. Making Navi and Padme's beds, putting tools back into the drawers, propping the metal-leather bear helmet on his work table, putting the picture away, locking the latch on his coffin-bed, rolling back out the carpet that covered the hatch, minute things.

    Okay. Good enough.
    It was the middle of the day, and he assumed that Blue's would be the one they were avoiding like the plague. After all, Windclan didn't like people who didn't fit their mold. And he asked the NPC next door, just to check. So, he knocked.


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    The feline didn't mind that others were avoiding her home like the plague. She would rather fine with being alone and in a place like this she would prefer her own company to anyone else's currently. Her home was immaculate to say the least, it was spotless and well cleaned. Nothing was out of place and everything had a place that it belonged. It wasn't because she expected a guest, no, it was more of who she was. Things needed to be clean and in their place, organization was key to a healthy lifestyle in her own opinion. So the female moved forward with a slow pace, eyes shifting over the door before she unsheathed her reinforced claws and pulled it open. Standing before her was Vader and though the shock and surprise passed through her form it never reached her face as her cold demeanor brushed it off. Stepping back she would beckon him in silently before she sat down on the plush blue rug she had managed to find. "So, why have you come to visit me?" It was just like her to get right to the point and she tilted her head.

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  • No one ever really expects Satan to come breath-rasp at your door, either. His form seemed or blot out the sun, letting in very little light when the door opened, and castes his shadow onto her. Vader took note of her expression, and ducked when he stepped inside, then moved onto his fourlegs, the rest of his form seeming to disappear under the cape.
    "To talk." He did not sit or make himself comfortable- preferring to stand. Vader's neutral posture was a mountain- steafast, breathing, and eerily still.

    "Windclan does not typically appreciate those who do not fit its mold. Jump to conclusions. So on. It's a game to climb the ladder. You, unfortunately, may have to be patient with them." He points out, his mask remained trained on her, but his gaze flickered about, looking for details. "This strict adherence to their values makes them biased. Second chances. Kindness. Consideration. Hippies. We had a cougar around here- he was a vampire, and attacked one of our children. Then everyone gets onto me for butting heads with him for attacking a child. This is part of why the defector went to Shadowclan, too. Different philosophies." His gaze went back to her, looking at her claws.

    "And joiners with more neutral or, aggressive ideals do not tend to stick around long. But you have managed to stay." He's watching now, his senses are reaching out, encase he pulls a trigger. "And I would prefer you stay. It is nice to have a similar mindset to talk to." Was that the nice way of saying that?

    "But this makes me cautious. After all, why would a feline with aggressive, possibly anti-Clan philosophies, stay? Why would someone with such potential waste it here? Why comes here at all?" A pause. "So then, Blueridge, what clan did you come from?"

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    Her eyes lifted up at the fact that he wanted to talk to her. About what she had yet to guess until he had begun. The talk was about Windclan as a whole. Their pessimistic ways which made her cringe whenever the idiots opened their mouths. Why did they even have a deputy who was like that? A leader who upheld such trivial was that did not benefit the clan as a whole. It was disgraceful and if her own clan wanted to come to these lands they would wipe the floor with this group and then some. They all be made to assimilate or be POWs for the rest of their lives. Though thought was slightly amusing in a way but she also knew that her home would not attack them unless provoked first. Which was the reason why they had a standing army for times of strife. Her large claws sheathed as she looked at him, a measure of intrigue sparking in her orange red gaze. "I had thought so the moment they protested against what we could have done with the Shadowclanner. If I have to bid my time then I shall. One day they will see that wasting their lives hoping than an enemy will stop attacking them is no way to live. To roll around with their bellies up and stomachs open is to be a slave to their own fear. It sickens me really."

    She had to admit that she was rather amused that he wanted her to stay. A like mind was often seen as kindredship but more often than not she saw it as competition which could ruin her goals in the end. Her eyes shifted away before she allowed a more relaxed stance to take hold, tail twitching back and forth as if her guard was down. "For one such as yourself, you sure do ask a lot of questions and give no answers yourself. What you learned at my meet and greet is all that you may have until you decided to let go of some of your own secrets. We all have them. So why is someone like yourself here? Where did you come from?"

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  • "The Shadowclanner was handled poorly. You were not going to mistreat her, there shouldn't have been a problem." He points out, recalling how she would have treated the shadowclanner. "Even I captured someone once," That Windclan knew about, anyway. "And they let it through because we had to find out why Windclan was beging targeted by Scarclan's war games." He sighs. "I have made efforts to sway Jekyll from pacifism, but he's proven stubborn and I'm almost surprised he isn't vegan."

    He thinks about this, finds it fair that she is closing herself off. Vader's lenses bore into her, her reflect casting inside them. "I am here out of personal matters." He states, eyes glancing away, but his mask still. "Victorianpup is my foster child. And few others." Vader was possessive of what rightfully belonged to him- Navi, Victorianpup, his pregnant wife.

    "I was raised in a group of warrior monks. I left, in favor of other ideals." He responded, being just as vague. "But this recent turn of events has made me regret stepping down."

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    "The Shadowclanner incident I can forgive as of right now. It doesn't much bother me that they can not see the benefits of keeping a prisoner and treating them justly. They are fools to think that capturing someone immediately means that torture will ensue right after. Capturing is used for many different methods and is certainly not used for anticlan purposes." Her tone was muted as she watched the male before her. He seemed, alright. At least a bit more level headed than those that were currently around here. Spouting these flawed ideologies that were only going to hurt them and the people of this clan far worse than shifting their mindsets. Since Vader had given her a few vague things about himself she decided to speak up her own. "Well, seems like your life is full. My father was a Darkclanner and at some point he met my mother who was....different so to speak. She had formed her how clan and was the leader over it. Stoneclan. I was raised there. Those within my clan are raised from the early ages of kithood to be trained and well groomed soldiers. I had been the General of my home, right before Leading but I decided to leave for my own purposes. To travel a bit and learn of the other clans that my mother talked of. Frankly I'm disappointed."

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    "At the same time, I am a believer in that, 'Torture saves lives.' If you truely need info out of someone- the tactics of another clan, location of a fire bomb, attack plans, so on, torture will lead you to it. It is not always the moral high ground, but it works." That and the interrogation drugs hidden in his cabin.

    As she talks of Stoneclan, vaguely, he thinks of the First Order. Members would donate children just to be raised in the ranks and some of them saw Vader as a father. "The monks had something similar to that. They thought I was too old- eight months- when they found me. Almost refused to have me. But they decided to have faith in me, I had too much faith in them, I was lied to, and I left." He said, still choosing to be vague. It wasn't like he was going to show her his trophies.

    "Is there a reason you will sometimes return with injuries?"