Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Tell Me Where You're Hiding Out! [ PAFP -- 1D RP -- Liam Payne Needed ]

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    • Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Tell Me Where You're Hiding Out! [ PAFP -- 1D RP -- Liam Payne Needed ]

      Plot;; One day while the boys of One Direction are out on tour, they decide to go exploring the town they're in because they have a free day. While they are out and about in the town they come across my character, a pregnant homeless woman who's just barely getting by. The boys decide that they want to try and help the woman, but as soon as they get close enough she tries to attack one of them. It takes a bit, but they're able to get the scared woman to calm down. Then, Liam offers to let the woman stay with them while they are in the town. Surprising herself, she says yes, but only because she's tired and hungry. On the boys last day in the town they decide to ask the woman if she wants to stay with them permantly. Though she really doesn't want to stay with these strangers, she agrees, knowing that her babies life was at stake and that she needs to stay somewhere safe until the kid is born. After spending some time with one of the band members, Liam, feelings start to spark between them, though she's afraid to act on them.
      Ooc;; As you probably guessed, this is a One Direction rp. I will be rping the girl and you will be Liam. We can take turns being the other 1D members. If you'd like to rp a girl character that has a relationship with one of the band members, just ask and I'll happily rp one of the boys for you. Though you have to come up with your own plot and it can't be exactly like my plot. Also my plot is based off of one of my old plots. Also this thread will take place in 2017 and like I said in the plot, they will be on tour. I think we'll start out in the USA and in a large city - New York City.

      At first glance most people took pity Annaleigh Lancaster. She was pregnant and she was a homeless person. Being homeless and pregnant was never a good thing. Especially when you lived in a large city like New York City. She'd actually lived in New York her whole life, though most of her life was spent being homeless. There was a small fraction of her life when she actually had a place to call home, but after she found out about the pregnancy, she decided to leave that place. The place she used to call home just wasn't a safe environment to raise a baby. That was why she'd left.

      Living on the streets and being pregnant was hard, but she'd managed. She'd tried her best at finding jobs, to help support herself and the baby she would soon be bringing into the world. Though a lot of them were odd ones and she never kept them for long. The fact that she was now seven months pregnant didn't help much with the keeping of jobs either. She had quite a bit of money saved back in her backpack, but not enough to be able to rent a place. Instead, she stayed at an abandoned building. The place used to be a theater actually. One of those ones that used to play Broadway plays in it.

      Annaleigh turned down a musty and dirty alley way after a long day of job hunting. It was hard looking for jobs now - a - days, but she knew she had to continue searching. She really needed a job right now and she didn't know how much longer she could take sleeping in old theater chairs and eating fast food from the burger joint across from her run-down home. She shifted the backpack on her back as she walked, making her way out of that alley way and onto the side walk. This side of town was always a more quieter and run down part of New York. Not many people or tourists came here because most of the places were run down and there was lots of gangs and such here. This side of town was a part of town Annaleigh was used to though, because she'd lived on this side of town since she was a kid. She contiued to walk trying to get to the theater that she called home so she could rest.
      I love Liam Payne and Spencer Reid!!!
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