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    sup! so for this plot i really don't claim any ideas, especially since i got the bulk of it from a book. basically it's about a group of teens that suddenly appear on a island with only a year to get to their 'portal' where they can then escape back to their home and real world. not much is known about the island and all memories are erased from the families that have their children disappear. it really isn't as hard as it seems but i'll put a spoiler below and explain the whole idea of it. now for the plot. basically i will be playing muse a, a teen that is nearing their 200th day on the island and has yet to escape. you will be playing muse b, a newcomer who is totally horrified and obviously coddled in their past. a group of the other teens happen to stumble past the girl and quickly take her into their so called town, allowing her a spot in society there for her year as long as she promises to contribute like everyone else. hesitantly agreeing, muse b begins her life in the group but is approached by muse a one day, the girl questioning muse b about her past and how much she could remember. Seeing that the girl was coddled and totally fearful of the situation muse a decides to take the girl under her wing, despite her known to be sour personality. one thing leads to another and the two end up falling in love quickly, muse a taking care of muse b and sheltering her from any other teens and dangers that lurk. what happens when muse a's time becomes to edge closer? when her chance comes to escape will she swoop in for the kill or will she refuse to until muse b also escapes safely?

    [ m y c h a r a c t e r ]

    name: Melissa Jay Wells.

    age: 17 years old.

    gender: female.

    sexuality: homosexual.

    relationship/crush(?): soon to be muse b.