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  • <woltlab-spoiler data-label="IMAGES"><p><br><img src="" class="messageFloatObjectLeft" alt="vader_by_darthmater.jpg"></p></woltlab-spoiler><woltlab-spoiler data-label="THE BASICS"><p>He was once named <strong>Anakin Skywalker,</strong> but is now known as, including full name and titles, Dark Lord of the Sith, <strong>Lord Darth Vader.</strong> He was once addressed as Supreme Leader, or Lord Vader, by his underlings in the First Order. Vader was also a guardian in Stellarclan, and the Advisor of Discordance in Windclan. He carried this proudly, until he was forced to step down by his Master.</p>
    <p>Others who have dared to deviate from his name have called him <strong>Vader, Dark Vapor, Darth, Metalfasa, Vader the Inhaler, Daddy Vader, Major Metal, and Ani.</strong> He is biologically a <strong>hetrosexual male.</strong> Nothing more, nothing less. No, guys. Daddy can't be gay with you.</p>
    <p>Vader is a <em>Panthera leo leo, </em>also known as a <strong>Barbary Lion.</strong> After his accident, he became an artificial hybrid, given the robotic arms of a gorilla. For a long time, he felt misshapen and like a puzzle whose pieces were forced together. Unable to hold his weapon in his mouth, it made battle difficult for him, until his hind legs were ripped off in a 5-on-1 raid from the Exiles. He rebuilt his legs, and they allow him to work on two legs. As a Barbary lion, he is nine feet, five inches long. Due to his cybernetics, it has artificially made him taller, whether or not he is on two or four legs. On all fours, he is five feet tall, because his arms are artificially longer, causing his form to have an upward slope. On his two legs, his improved hindlegs are made to his proportions- four feet and 3/4 inches. This makes him <strong>14.25 feet tall,</strong> proportionally. He does not have a tail, so this throws off his balance, causing his legs to be bent half the time.</p>
    <p>Vader was born to a slave in the Nambia Desert.</p>
    <p>He is currently an advisor of Windclan. Formerly, he was part of Stellarclan, and leader of <strong>The First Order.</strong><br>Vader was an Olympian (SHP) in Stellarclan, and an Advisor in Windclan. For him, the Order came first, reigning as its <strong>Supreme Leader</strong>, but has since been forced to disband. The loss of his ranks was a punch in the gout- as the Supreme Leader, he was the highest possible rank in The First Order. He was often regarded as a godlike figure, treated with utmost respect, knowing that he stood high above any other rank and had harnessed his strength beyond what would be considered the average mortal’s capacity.</p>
    <p>This is true, even after Vader was confined to his armor. However, Vader is only 80% of the power he used to hold.</p></woltlab-spoiler><woltlab-spoiler data-label="PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES"><p>Vader's body is contained inside a walking life support system. It has also been called a walking bipap machine. He <strong>does not have a tail. </strong>While Vader once had flowing fur, a magnificent mane, and blue eyes, things he were proud of, Vader makes himself accept his new form.<br>Barbary lions were the largest of the lion sub-species- Vader is nearly 800 pounds, with his body being 660 pounds, and his suit weighing over two hundred pounds. (To compare, an African lion averages 400 lbs, with the female averaging 275.) He is<strong> nine feet, five inches long</strong> head to hind.<br>Despite being heavier and longer than African lions, Vader stood between at 3"3' at the withers, anywhere from 3-11 inches shorter than African lions. Barbary limbs are shorter, the torso more robust and muscular with a deeper chest and well-rounded hindquarters. Vader had a wide face and rounded cheeks; his muzzle, which is shorter than those of African lions, are also proportionally narrower.<br>More specifically, Barbaries have a higher occiput (back of the head) with a more pointed crown, creating a straighter line between the tip of the nose and the back of the head.</p>
    <p>Darth Vader is five years old.</p>
    <p>The most well-known characteristic, and what Vader used to display proudly, was the thick, dark, full mane of the males that extends over the shoulders and along the belly. The mane itself was blonde around the face, with the rest of it being a mixture of tawny grey, bright brown, and blackish brown hairs; it becomes darker towards the lion's rear. Barbaries also have slightly darker, more greyish fur and a noticeably shaggier pelt; Vader had thick, full tail-tuft.</p>
    <p>Hell, Vader could have been a movie star or a male L'oreal model, really. He had round, oval eyes, the color of the ocean. His eyes are now an intense yellow, with a red rim, having been described as "intense yellow eyes of murder." On clothing and accessories, Vader has shown to prefer to prefer darker tones and fabrics.</p>
    <p>The extent of his suit is described in the next post.</p></woltlab-spoiler><woltlab-spoiler data-label="MENTAL ATTRIBUTES"><p>Darth Vader is not a kind man. If he seeks to kill or or dispose of you, and sees that his troops have failed him, Vader will hunt his prey down relentlessly, without pause or mercy, and kill them the first chance he gets.</p>
    <p>Vader is a<strong> consummate liar.</strong> Meaning he is not your ordinary everyday lying jerk. This is the liar so good you never, ever want to play poker with them because you'd go home without your underwear and short next week's paycheck. He will lie when he needs, in order to achieve his goals, so skilled at it, that many easily fall for it. Most notably with people outside the Order, trying to pry him for information on the Order. He convinced Io, one of the two lords of Stellarclan, that the Order was a group or refugees.</p>
    <p>Vader is a Combat Pragmatist, a character who is willing to do anything in a fight to win. He will not hesitate to take them down quickly, willing to bring a lightsaber to a sword fight.</p>
    <p>Vader is a knowledgeable guy, being <strong>Dangerously Genre Savvy.</strong> In brief, a person smart enough to know a thing or two about the very situation they're in. And thus, he will usually bring attention to this very fact. Though they don't always overlap, being Dangerously Genre Savvy does help on the road to being a Magnificent Bastard and/or No-Nonsense Nemesis. Bonus points if the action is only superior if one assumes that the world runs on narrative logic rather than reality.</p>
    <p><strong>Vader does not like being bossed around.</strong> He hates being on any man's leash, he will go ballistic if he is ever held hostage, and will plot your downfall if you make him your pawn. If he is some other being's Dragon, the penultimate challenge that the hero must face before confronting the Big Bad, he will plot his boss' downfall.</p>
    <p>It is theorized that Vader has <strong>Borderline Personality Disorder. </strong>This means Vader shows various symptoms, such as:<br></p>
    <li>Having an unstable or dysfunctional self-image or a distorted sense of self (how one feels about one’s self)</li>
    <li>Feelings of isolation, boredom and emptiness</li>
    <li>Difficulty feeling empathy for others</li>
    <li>A history of unstable relationships that can change drastically from intense love and idealization to intense hate</li>
    <li>A persistent fear of abandonment and rejection, including extreme emotional reactions to real and even perceived abandonment</li>
    <li>Intense, highly changeable moods that can last for several days or for just a few hours</li>
    <li>Strong feelings of anxiety, worry and depression</li>
    <li>Impulsive, risky, self-destructive and dangerous behaviors</li>
    <li>Unstable career plans, goals and aspirations</li>
    <p>Some of Vader's <strong>positive personality traits</strong> include striving forward, being relentless, intimidating, looming, commanding, and strong.</p>
    <p>Some of Vader's <strong>negative personality traits</strong> include being.... Darth Vader.</p>
    <p><strong>∘LIKES∘</strong><br>answer here</p>
    <p><strong>∘DISLIKES∘</strong><br>answer here</p>
    <p><strong>∘STRENGTHS∘</strong><br>answer here</p>
    <p><strong>∘WEAKNESSES∘</strong><br>While Vader has coated his prosthetics with Silicon, he is weak to electricity. He is also emotionally clingy and can barely handle loss.</p>
    <p><strong>∘FEARS/PHOBIAS∘</strong><br>He is afraid of losing people.</p>
    <p><strong>∘DREAMS/GOALS∘</strong><br>answer here</p>
    <p><strong>∘HABITS∘</strong><br>answer here</p>
    <p><strong>∘PET PEEVES∘</strong><br>Vader has a disdain for shifting- he feels that it allows someone to cheat responsibilities and even death. From his point of view, <strong>if you shift in battle to achieve the advantage,</strong> then you are not worthy of combat at all.</p>
    <p><strong>∘HOBBIES∘</strong><br>answer here</p>
    <p><strong>∘TALENTS∘</strong><br>answer here</p></woltlab-spoiler><woltlab-spoiler data-label="RELATIONSHIPS"><p>Vader is <strong>married</strong> to Padme Amidala. He, before and after life in the suit, has had a surprising number of <strong>love interests,</strong> most of them being one-sided.</p>
    <p>This includes <strong>Whisperbreeze,</strong> a stormtrooper from the exiles, who Vader felt sympathy and related to, due her own massive burns. Vader even considered crafting a suit like his own for her. <strong>Most of the First Order,</strong> as he is referred to as "Daddy V" as an inside joke. It was possible for Vader and General Hux to be an interest, as Vader trusted Hux the most, and is the less shiny special snowflake to him. Kylo Ren, his apprentice, <em>was</em> the shiny special snowflake. Vader took the most pride in his apprentice, Mauled pup, but lost him, too.</p>
    <p>Before being placed into the suit, Vader had a pregnant wife, a lioness named <strong>Padmé Amidala.</strong> Vader believes he killed her in his anger. To his surprise, Vader later met a lion named <strong>Luke Skywalker,</strong> and seeks to have him.</p>
    <p>Vader's children are dubbed as, "Vaderlings." His cubs include:<br><strong>Padme xx Anakin Skywalker:</strong><br><woltlab-metacode data-name="s" data-attributes="">Liea Organa</woltlab-metacode><br>Luke Skywalker</p>
    <p><strong>Vanitas xx Padme Amidala:</strong><br><woltlab-metacode data-name="s" data-attributes="">Mona D.S.O.A</woltlab-metacode><br><woltlab-metacode data-name="s" data-attributes="">Cassopiea D.S.O.A</woltlab-metacode><br>Navi D.S.O Amidala</p>
    <p><strong>Darth Vader xx Padme Amidala:</strong><br>Almir Skywalker<br>Alice Skywalker<br>Naomi Skywalker<br>Pluto Amidala-Skywalker</p>
    <p><strong>Adopted:</strong><br>Victorianpup<br>Richard Grayson</p>
    <p>Vader had a litter with Padme by using a second body. As of yet, his own children have never seen his real face.</p></woltlab-spoiler><woltlab-spoiler data-label="OTHER SECTION"><p>Vader's <strong>faceclaim</strong>, obviously, is Darth Vader.</p>
    <p>Vader's <strong>TV Tropes</strong> include:</p>
    <p>answer here</p></woltlab-spoiler>

  • <p><strong><em>Darth Vader's Armor</em></strong><br></p>
    <woltlab-spoiler data-label="METALFASA?"><p>As the words of the crystal gem, Amethyst, <strong>Vader never asked to be made. </strong>The armor gives something. It gives him the psychical ability to keep going. Anakin Skywalker had been a slave, living on a world of dust. In the present day, Vader believes that having nothing is worse than dying.</p>
    <p>The real birth of Darth Vader, the moment Anakin Skywalker died, begins in fire, with Vader being born out of the ashes of a dead lion. He was bested by a jaguar, his friend and brother- his mentor, Obi-wan Kenobi.</p>
    <p>Perched on a rise above the lava river, Kenobi warned Vader that he had the high ground and attacking him would be useless. Vader angrily accused Kenobi of underestimating him; the latter then desperately begged him, out of a last vestige of friendship, not to attack. Blinded by rage and arrogance, Vader leaped at Kenobi, angled for the kill. However, he left himself open, allowing Kenobi to sever Vader's left arm and both of his legs with a swift mou kei strike. Dropping his saber, Vader rolled to the brink of the lava river. Vader had tried to crawl out and away from the lava flow, whilst screaming the other beast name through pained sobs and hateful roars. Vader wanted the world and everyone in it to burn, to suffer for the other beast's actions.</p>
    <p>Meanwhile, Obi-wan Kenobi left him to die.</p></woltlab-spoiler><p></p>
    <woltlab-spoiler data-label="Helmet + Mask"><p>Darth Vader's suit is made to be both <strong>intimidating and fearsome. </strong></p>
    <p>His helmet is black, with a highly polished finish from animal hide. The front is carved out to fit around his head and show his "face." This helmet has a raised ridge that ran from between his eyes to the back of his head, where it merged into the metal, obsidian, and plastic-metal of the helmet itself.</p>
    <p>In addition, it was also rumored that the helmet's already strong metallic hull had also been further strengthened via Dark Side alchemy. (Really, its Stone.) Two less jagged ridges swept and curved over the eyes of Vader's mask proper and served to accent them, and also acts as a means to deflect potential energy blows onto the thick shoulder armor. This helmet locks into the mask, via a pressurized seal. The seal is locked into place using Air Elemental and Molecule Manipulation.</p>
    <p>Besides protection, it sticks needles into Vader's skin when fixed in place, which feed data on brainwave activity to the central chest computer, and this technology was given to him by humans. There is also p0ossessed radiator conduction pads that were installed into the helmet as a means to allow excess heat to bleed through the metal surface, but this is entirely regulated through Air Elemental and Molecule Manipulation.</p>
    <p><strong>The mask itself goes halfway around Vader's head,</strong> giving a similar appearance to a skull in order to enhance his fear factor. Around the unseen part of the mask, the part covered by the helmet, are wires. The face of the mask is somewhat exaggerated and angular, with two ridges above his eyes that fit in with those of his helmet. The eyes are somewhat bulbous, with this front part of the mask of a more highly polished black material than that of the back, being the more flexible of the two. The bridge of the nose seems lost in the largeness of the eyes, but jutted out in a manner similar to a bare skull. The mask's cheekbones are generally angular, curving slightly to join the nose at its base.</p>
    <p>The base of the nose offers one of the only hues presented other than black—silver—on the mask. This silver piece, which acted as a multipurpose detector that acted as the suit's primary environmental sensor, and could measure radiation, temperature, and atmospheric toxicity and displays the information in the HUD, was rounded in shape, with a triangular grill growing out from beneath it that served as an air filter, further contributing to its skull-like appearance.</p>
    <p>The eye lens acted as optical filters a magnifying and transition lens glass, allowing for Vader to expand the limits of vision by detecting infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, while also blocking out excess light in a red filter, due to the inability to repair Vader's damaged retinas. As a result, Vader primarily uses super senses to see better on a daily basis, while coating his vision in red.</p>
    <p>In addition, the lens also comes equipped with a HUD that supplies critical data automatically as an overlay if Vader enters new environments, including information about atmospheric composition, nearby bio-signatures, and others, which could also be selected via the mouth controls. The lens, likewise, came equipped with secondary eye shields that activate and near automatically sliding over the optical blisters to prevent blindness when approaching intense light.</p>
    <p>It is equipped with audio enhancers and sonic dampeners (molecule manipulation), both are used with super senses, the latter of which were also capable of reducing noise as <strong>a defense against sonic weapons, and they can extend Vader's hearing range.</strong> It also came equipped with a voice synthesizer, which, upon picking up the electronic sounds from a built-in vocoder, <strong>translates Vader's otherwise weak speech to be audible, </strong>and also added a timbre, bass and amplification to produce an impressive amount of vocal quality.</p>
    <p>Despite this, his mask has been known to break.</p></woltlab-spoiler><p></p>
    <woltlab-spoiler data-label="CENTRAL COMPUTER + BELT"><p>Hanging off the belt, is Darth Vader's <strong>lightsaber.</strong> It is a silver cylinder with a metal loop, and hook, and a button. Vader powers it using his own electricity.</p>
    <p><strong>Vader's belt </strong>also has several compartments and boxes, akin to a utility belt, goes over his tabard, has three metal boxes around the front. The middle one has a silver electromagnetic clasp adorning it that includes the release button. The other two boxes are symmetrical blocks decorated with several green, yellow, and gray buttons. Maybe they're for decoration.<br>The left box is the<strong> respiratory controls, </strong>which contained six gray knobs for manual adjustment; which is regulated with air and electricity.</p>
    <p>The right box is the<strong> temperature controls, with air and molecule manipulation.</strong> One of the compartments contains a spare energy cell in case of emergencies, and a tool-kit for simple suit repairs.</p>
    <p>His <strong>cape</strong> is a protective, slash-proof shield, primarily for protecting the backpack on his back, but also to be defensively.</p>
    <p>The <strong>central computer control box </strong>is the center of Vader's get up. His fighting style and posture has adjusted specifically to protect his center (the computer and helmet) but remain a formidable foe.</p>
    <p>Over his solar plexus, a network of veins or nerves, he wears a chest unit that served to regulate many of the life-support functions of the suit, including the status of Vader's systems.</p>
    <p>The chest control box has three slots, and several rectangular buttons adorning the unusually vulnerable piece of machinery.<br>The blue button activates the suits control functions, while the red button, located below the blue button, activated the suit's manual override. There were also two shafts located on the left and right of the control box, acting as the life function sensor arrays. Although the chest computer and other systems were designed to run for weeks, they also were rechargeable via two access ports in the rear of the chest box. The fastest method of recharging involved attaching cables to a fusion furnace.</p></woltlab-spoiler><p></p>
    <woltlab-spoiler data-label="LIMBS + PROTECTION"><p>Before the suit, Vader lost all four limbs in total, and with his tail being lit on fire in the battle on the lava.</p>
    <p>What remains of his real limbs end in bulbs of grafted flesh, inserted into machines that triggered movement through the use of modules that interfaced with his damaged nerve endings. (Akin to the prosthetic from <a href=""><u>this</u></a> company.) The stumps of each organic limb are implanted with links that relayed muscle impulses between the brain and the limbs, allowing for the limbs to move under conscious control.</p>
    <p>The arms were modeled after his form, allowing for movement and rotation possible for various joint parts including the wrists, ankles and knuckles. <strong>The limb pistons utilize hydraulic fluid to operate, and as such required a replenishment of fluid as well as a piston realignment every six months and diagnostic check-ins during the monthly maintenance sessions. </strong>His mechanical appendages ans super strength provides him with greater strength than an ordinary lion; he could adjust his forearms to provide his hands with enough strength to crush nearly anything they could grasp. With the power of his arms alone, he had the ability to lift an adult being off the ground, though he had always been able to do so with the Force, especially in moments of rage. <strong>When put to use, his mechanical legs and super speed will allow him to leap a considerable distance.</strong></p>
    <p>When Vader first had to walk with his new legs, he had to take slow, deliberate, thudding steps. <strong>By the time he was accustomed to his new legs, he retained the noisy gait, as it "announced" his coming, though he soon walked more naturally.</strong> The alloy of Vader's lower legs were enhanced by strips of armor similar to those that filled and gave form to the long glove that Vader had worn over his right-arm prosthesis; these leg prostheses were protected by Vader's suit.</p>
    <p>The alloy strips were added in late into the surgery, to allow for Vader to walk relatively normally after simulations revealed that his stock prosthetic legs would buckle under the overall weight of his armor. Vader's gloves also adhere to his artificial limbs.</p>
    <p>Vader's back, specifically his spine, is not whole. Although his injuries on the volcano did not significantly affect the spine, it still was injured to the extent that, coupled with the projected strain of the shoulder armor and the later-adopted hermetic collar, the original bones had to be replaced with artificial and structurally superior components. This forces Vader to wear a thick electrode-studded collar that supported his helmet to safeguard the cybernetic devices that replaced his upper vertebrae.</p>
    <p>Because of the large amount of mass the overall armor contained (the shoulder armor alone weighed 12.2 kg),<strong> Vader does not often run,</strong> but is still capable of doing so if necessary. In addition, he is still capable of using Force speed, but rarely does so.</p></woltlab-spoiler><p></p>
    <woltlab-spoiler data-label="BREATHING"><p>By the volcano, Vader was inhaling volcanic ash- respirable crystalline silica- Silicon dioxide, the most abundant rock-forming compound on Earth and the predominant molecular constituent of volcanic rocks and magmas. Vader has<strong> Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)-</strong> in which the lung is injured to the point where it can't properly do its job of moving air in and out of the blood. Vader also has <strong>Lung Fibrosis</strong> or rather, silicosis -<strong>the thickening and scarring of connective tissue</strong> caused by the inhalation of dust containing silica.</p>
    <p>A flat backpack cycles air to Vader's lungs. The air goes in through the ventilator in the mask, using an air pump located inside the top of the mask, which supplies the distinctive rasp. The air is cycled through to the backpack, which filters the air, cleans it, supplies it directly to his lungs, then exhales.</p></woltlab-spoiler><p></p>
    <woltlab-spoiler data-label="CAN VADER LEAVE HIS SUIT?"><p><strong>Yes.</strong> Every piece is removable and Darth fixes his suit himself, most of the time. He does not have a Bacta Tank at this time to remove everything yet.</p></woltlab-spoiler>

  • <p><strong><em>TAGS</em></strong><br></p>
    <woltlab-spoiler data-label="all one post"><p>Last Updated: 12/20/16</p>
    <p><strong>GENERAL;</strong><br>Anakin Skywalker || (formerly known as) Darth Vader || male || former Dark Lord of the Sith || 4 years old || Windclan Advisor || Former Stellarclan Guardian|| Former Supreme Leader of the First Order || Cyborg Barbary Lion - Gorilla Hybrid (<a href="">ref</a>) || blue eyes || married to Padmè Amidala || hetrosexual || unsettling breathing - (<a href="">ref</a>[/color]) || the temperature drops with his presence || heavy footsteps || can walk on his hindlegs || <a href=""><span style="color: #FF0000">voice reference</span></a></p>
    <p><strong>POWERS/INTERACTION;</strong><br>POWERS ARE IN SEPARATE POST || legendary mentally || legendary physically || no kill/maim || pm for plots || attack in<strong> bolded <span style="color: red">red</span></strong> or risk being ignored</p>
    <p>Uses a hybrid <strong>Form V</strong> also known as, Shien, or Djem So, fighting style. His fighting style is more often adjusted to protect his center computer and his front. Form V allows someone to deflect blaster fire back at an opponent, and turn defense into an offensive action.</p>
    <p>Vader, in combat, uses one of three weapons hanging from his belt, or none at all. These weapons include:<br><strong>A lightsaber.</strong> Not exactly like the standard saber in the movies, though. Vader's blade is a silver metal hilt with a crystal inside, and neon gas. Why? Neon gives the blade a red color. When Neon gas is excited by electricity, it begins to glow red, and Vader then keeps the blade at a certain length with a magnetic field he can manipulate to decide its size. It is able to cut through things as it is powered by Vader's elemental control over<strong> lightning</strong>. Lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun- capable of turning sand into glass. Vader's gloves allow the charge to pass through. Doing this, Vader had to redesign both of his arms to use this, running the current down a large, flat wire. His metal arms are protected by a silicon glove, with the palm cut out and the electricity directed outward in his palm, dispersing it or charging whatever's in his hands.<br>The downside, Vader cannot throw his weapon and it only works while he holds it.</p>
    <p><strong>The Axe.</strong> This weapon is also used as a trophy- Vader is mortal enemies with Rick Grimes, and was undercover in the Exiles, serving as Rick's apprentice. Upon Rick's death, Cosmicclash (Vader) was given the axe, being told, "use it," and watched the life drain from the tiger's eyes. He sharpens and cleans the axe blade as needed, but does not clean off any blood, or the hilt. He wants everyone to <em>know</em> it's Rick's. He wants them to know, to believe, he plucked it from Rick's beaten body. Vader uses this when fighting against the Exiles, sometimes combined with the saber. He wants to destroy them with the very weapon Rick used to lead them to victory.</p>
    <p><strong>The Knife.</strong> He stole this right out of Judith Grimes' hand, and has kept it since. He has yet to use it.</p>
    <p><strong>OTHER/LINKS;</strong><br><a href=""><span style="color: red"></span></a> || all opinions ic || trigger warnings will be tagged</p></woltlab-spoiler>

  • <woltlab-quote data-author="Aurate - things i associate w/ your character" data-link=""><p><strong>Vader: </strong>Ash, blood-soaked paws, faint heartbeats, bright red, blinding spotlights, people you see in the shadows at night.<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="Praguekit heartchart and stuff" data-link=""><p><strong>"Darth Vader. I started out with no strong feelings for him. He attacked Marley which is not appropriate behaviour in WindClan, but I admit I overlooked that when he had captured that ScarClan high position to bring in for interrogation. I had respected him then. But my feelings for him changed quickly when he told me to "stop stuttering" because otherwise the enemy would never respect me. I know that my speech disorder limits my eloquence but my logic is valid and that will be enough. I do not need to know his opinion of my stutter, I share the same one already."</strong><br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>owly pls all for talia, daddy vader's not gonna let anyone anyone touch a hair on talia's pelt like nope, not talia<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="Windclan Choice awards" data-link=""><p>Most Likely to Hold the Moon for Ransom — Vader(7)<br>Most Likely to Be Exiled — Vader(5)<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p><strong>We have one rule here.</strong><br>Please do not take Darth Vader's Oreos.<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><span><br></span></p>
    <p>[<span>quote]Rick just started a fight with Supreme Lord Dad</span></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>Nine is literally the worst at this job. It's just, 'Lord Vader sir, I *trips over feet* it's a pleasure to- *falls over*'<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>DADDY VADER NO. DON'T HURT THE TINY STORMTROOPERS™<br>THEY'RE LIKE TINY TOTS BUT BETTER.<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>Does that mean Vader is the wine mom?<br>He works so hard.<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="Selfdestruction" data-link=""><p>How about one night everyone has a nightmare and they wake up handcuffed to someone who is the literal personification of that nightmare<br>And someone accidentally swallowed all the handcuff keys but nobody knows who</p>
    <p>BurningPyre:Anyway Sel will be chained to pissed off Daddy Vader<br>And he'll use the cuffs to pick her up and slam her back down a few times<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>THE ITEM KYLO IS GONNA GET AS PROOF FOR VADER IS SHUTTER SHADES AND I WAS JUST</p>
    <p>Vader: *examines shades*<br>Vader: *puts shades on his mask*<br>Kylo: ..........<br>Vader: .........<br>Kylo: You look great?<br>Vader: I always look great<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="F.B. HUX" data-link=";amp;postID=85846578&amp;amp;#post85846578"><p><strong><img src=""></strong><br><strong>only because it matches his "i really wish i weren't here right now!" badge</strong><br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>Hello my children</p>
    <p>Daddy's home &lt;3<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>Vader brings unhappiness everywhere he goes<br>it's just like<br>'oh no it's <em>him</em>'<br>'the tin can of destruction and misery'<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="MERCY H.X" data-link=";amp;postID=87129987&amp;amp;#post87129987"><p>oh no</p>
    <p><span>not the evil sinful hands </span></p>
    <p><em>anything but the evil sinful hands</em><br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>It was funny. In one moment, you couldn't decide how to feel about a party setup, and, in the next, you were pretty sure Satan had risen to come breathe-rasp next to you.<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>jerome is the kind of guy that would bring people from the resistance right as hux is telling vader somthn super important or that he's proud of accomplishing like</p>
    <p>HUX: dad I made a rocketship in class today and-<br>JEROME: *loudly drags in better more important project*<br>DADDY V: not now hux my other child has done something much more interesting than you<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>Darth Vader - ❥❥❥ "He's my husband. I don't always agree with him on the way he handles things. I do trust him, because I know he would never hurt me and will always be there for me, as will I for him. I do love him, and no matter how much he hates it, he'll always be my Ani."<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="F.B. HUX" data-link=";amp;postID=85868139&amp;amp;#post85868139"><p>fixed the thing<br><img src="" class="messageFloatObjectLeft"><br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="me" data-link=""><p>tbh in a sense Vader is the naughty kitty and Padme is the spray bottle keeping him from scratching the guests<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="" data-link=""><p>oh my god</p>
    <p>so Barbary lions are lanky but have shorter legs- Vader is nine and a half feet long, and his fore arms raise him to 5" on all fours. <br>So, for him to be able to stand on his hindlegs, the proportions say his legs would be 4.75 feet long.</p>
    <p><strong>Holy shit, guys. </strong><br>Vader is 14.25 feet tall.<br></p>
    <p>but also guys lets make rly tall Vader the sithmas tree<br>Or in battle he sticks a bunch of members under his cape and then does a full arc, throwing the windclanners into everyone's faces<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="-ROXANNE" data-link=""><p><br>Hmm. It seemed Darth Vader was adding her wasps to his own swarm. How dark. And evil. Heh.<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="me" data-link="pm"><p>Whitedove: y can't u be normal<br>Vader: conceal don't feel don't let them know<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="Dr. Henry Hacksaw" data-link=""><p>Henry wasn't planning on getting punched in the face today [by a metal lion]</p>
    <p>He's having a rough day<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="DARTH VADER." data-link=""><p>Anyways guys when Vader's dead i'm gonna have so much fun</p>
    <p>"There is no pain"</p>
    <p>"I'm free!"</p>
    <p>"also I've been moving all the furniture and Henry's house 4 inches to the left and rearranging his books and taking out the bookmarks"<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="TAKUMI H." data-link=""><p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes="">[fancypost= bg color;border:0;width:450px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt]<br>Takumi's fear of Vader had ebbed away, at least partially. The last 'incident' had been when the flea infestation was going around, and the barbary lion had choked him until he'd almost blacked out as a threat. Yeah... for a while after that the young tom had nearly pissed himself every time Vader decided to show up in his general vicinity. But he'd gotten over that. Mostly.<br></woltlab-metacode></p></woltlab-quote><p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""></woltlab-metacode></p>
    <p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""><br></woltlab-metacode></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="luke skywalker." data-link=""><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""><p>"Climbing classes?" <em>At least he's not murdering people. </em>Seeing the emporer, Luke frowned and his eyes narrowed slightly, but he said nothing more. Instead he would look up at his father now.<br></p></woltlab-metacode></woltlab-quote><p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""><br></woltlab-metacode></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="DARTH VADER." data-link=""><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""><p>[center][fancypost=border-width:0; width: 300px; text-align: justify; line-height: 12px][center]<span style="color: black"><strong>DARTH VADER</strong></span><br></p></woltlab-metacode></woltlab-quote><p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""></woltlab-metacode></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="DARTH VADER." data-link=""><p><br>At least now his Cubs would have a reference whenever he mentioned that Dystopia was an insult to lions and Frankenstein's uncooked Cronenberg. If they followed him, that was. One of the probably would.<br></p></woltlab-quote><p><br></p>
    <woltlab-quote data-author="ROOSTERTEETH" data-link=""><p>vader making fake as hell robot noises just to freak atticus out<br></p></woltlab-quote>

  • <p>Moves and Attacks:</p>
    <p><strong>POWER COUNT:</strong> 25/?<br><strong>The Sight -</strong> Vader will use this power to get information out of his enemies, or use their memories against them to blackmail them, or cause them emotional pain. On the bad side, this causes Vader to see ghosts of his past, including his once-dead wife, Padme, his deceased mother, and on occasion, the ghost of Palpatine. It also provides the ability to sense the emotions of others. It also provides Vader the ability to sense the emotions of others. It gives Vader the ability of foresight, giving him an idea of what to come in the future. (Note that The Sight is not completely infallible, and occasionally the user will see a past or future that had the potential to happen, but never actually came to be.)</p>
    <p><strong>Super Senses - </strong>Allows Vader to see in infrared vision and x-ray vision. He primarily uses the power for spying on just about anyone from the comfort of his hyperbaric chamber, and give the impression that "Lord Vader is <em>always</em> watching."</p>
    <p><strong>Telepathy -</strong> Allows Vader to read thoughts and communicate through telepathy with others, including members of the First Order. When Paired with super senses, he can use telepathy over long distances. Otherwise, this power can only be used on character's that are within sight distance of Lord Vader.</p>
    <p><strong>Project and Manipulate Emotions -</strong> Allows Vader to project and manipulate emotions, mostly to form someone into submission.</p>
    <p><strong>Memory Manipulation -</strong> Used in a similar way with the Sight, and allows Vader to brainwash others.</p>
    <p><strong>Ability to Take Away Pain -</strong> Used very rarely, for the need of others.</p>
    <p><strong>Manipulation Molecules -</strong></p>
    <p><strong>Replace a Body Part -</strong> When his legs and arms were cut off, Vader's front paws were replace with metallic gorilla arms. This allows him not only to climb, but to grab people's throat and wield his saber.</p>
    <p><strong>Robotic Pelt -</strong> Vader's ears and limbs are robotic.</p>
    <p><strong>Super Speed and Teleportation -</strong> Allows him to get around quickly, and strike fast in battle. Teleportation allows Vader to teleport to a location within sight distance. Occasionally, to teleport objects. Super Speed allows him to travel at up to 150 miles per hour.</p>
    <p><strong>Elemental Pelt -</strong> Under the armor, and in the armor, Vader's body is reinforced with rock.</p>
    <p><strong>Super Strength -</strong> Self-explanatory.</p>
    <p><strong>Telekinesis -</strong> Allows Vader to move and manipulate things with his mind, and does so with moving his hands. The item or items being moved or manipulated can't be more than about a hundred pounds combined, with the item or items moving slower based on their combined weight. This power can't be used indefinitely, as Vader needs a short break to regain concentration after about 30 seconds. Vader cannot use it on himself, because he weighs well over a hundred pounds.</p>
    <p><strong>Elemental Power - Water -</strong> Allows Vader to control water. It becomes possible to pull a limited amount of water out of the air (a gallon or two at a time). It also allows the user to control very large amounts of water from nearby lakes or streams (up to about 1,500 gallons at a time). The higher the amount of water, the slower it moves. Vader can use this power to control someone else's body through blood bending, but he must be touching them to do so.</p>
    <p><strong>Elemental Power - Air -</strong> This power basically allows Vader to live, as he uses it to breathe. It can do things from creating a gentle breeze indefinitely up to creating around an F2 tornado. When creating tornadoes, the larger the tornado the greater the fatigue on the user. An F2 tornado, for example, could only be sustained for about 2 minutes before the user collapsed due to fatigue.</p>
    <p><strong>Elemental Power - Fire -</strong> This power doesn't make you completely immune to fire. You must have a source of flame to initiate this power. The fire created cannot burn indefinitely, as it's constantly consuming its fuel sources. You can also use this power to throw, kick, or otherwise propel a fireball at a foe. A single user can create temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.</p>
    <p><strong>Elemental Power - Electricity -</strong> It allows Vader to create a lightsaber, using a metal cylinder and a conduit, and conducting a blade of lightning, at 53,540 degrees Fahrenheit. The downside, the object must be in his hand.</p>
    <p><strong>Elemental Power - Earth -</strong> Vader tends to cause Earthquakes when angry. Also, he stole a tactic from Rick Grimes, known as the <em>"Earth Bullet,"</em> in short, it is a bullet made out of stone, and a fast moving projectile that can cause damage.</p>
    <p><strong>Possession -</strong> Vader will only use this power in extreme cases. He feels this power is seductive to him- it would allow him to leave his body and enjoy the luxuries outside of his suit, but at the expense of losing all of his abilities. In other cases, he will use this power for spying.</p>
    <p><strong>Bipedal -</strong> After losing his hindlegs in a fight with a centaur and a few others in the Exiles, Vader dragged himself back to the Windclan camp, and rebuilt new legs. These legs allow him to stand on his hind legs, making it easier for him to fight.</p>
    <p><strong>Ivan -</strong> Ivan is a ten foot tall polar bear who is often seen with Vader- the bear was taken in by Vader, and is loyal to him. Ivan has sustained a few scars and the loss of vision in one eye since then, and wears an eyepatch. You can read about him <a href="">here</a>.</p>
    <p><strong>Anti-Gravity:</strong> This was allowed back in the game, and Vader uses it sometimes when lifting somone up, but also to scare people.</p>
    <p><strong>Time Control:</strong> This was allows back in the game as well, and Vader uses it to review things.</p>

  • <p><strong>Vader's Belt + Trophies</strong></p>
    <p>Vader hangs select items off his belt. For him, these things are a statement of power. They show who he has dominated, and as a subtle threat.</p>
    <p><strong>A lightsaber. </strong>Not exactly like the standard saber in the movies, though. Vader's blade is a silver metal hilt with a crystal inside, and neon gas. Why? Neon gives the blade a red color. When Neon gas is excited by electricity, it begins to glow red, and Vader then keeps the blade at a certain length with a magnetic field he can manipulate to decide its size. It is able to cut through things as it is powered by Vader's elemental control over lightning. Lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun- capable of turning sand into glass. Vader's gloves allow the charge to pass through. Doing this, Vader had to redesign both of his arms to use this, running the current down a large, flat wire. His metal arms are protected by a silicon glove, with the palm cut out and the electricity directed outward in his palm, dispersing it or charging whatever's in his hands.<br>The downside, Vader cannot throw his weapon and it only works while he holds it.</p>
    <p><strong>The Axe. </strong>A weapon and a Trophy. Vader is mortal enemies with Rick Grimes, and was undercover in the Exiles, serving as Rick's apprentice. Upon Rick's death, Cosmicclash (Vader) was given the axe, being told, "use it," and watched the life drain from the tiger's eyes. He sharpens and cleans the axe blade as needed, but does not clean off any blood, or the hilt. He wants everyone to know it's Rick's. He wants them to know, to believe, he plucked it from Rick's beaten body. Vader uses this when fighting against the Exiles, sometimes combined with the saber. He wants to destroy them with the very weapon Rick used to lead them to victory.</p>
    <p><strong>A Knife. </strong>He stole this right out of Judith Grimes' hand, and has kept it since. He finds Judith to be a displeasurable creature, seeing her as a lesser being, due to her personality and her jumble of hybrid parts. She has stood in his way on various occasions, and he has used her in return. Vader tortured her and cut off one of her claws, then sent it, along with a letter written in copper-smelling red letters. On a different occasion, he used drugs in interrogation and made her watch. When she stormed to Windclan and spoke of his crimes, he took it from her as she threatened him with it. He has yet to use it.</p>
    <p><strong>The Eyepatch of Bill Cipher.</strong> Bill was his colonel in the First Order, until Bill made an attempt on his life, by bringing down his speaking plateau and crashing rocks down on him. Vader survived this, and was livid. They broke out into a duel, gaining the upperhand by catching Bill in midair by the torso, and shoving Bill's face in snow. He then flipped Bill over, and ripped the eyepatch off the demon's face. This event caused Bill to be more ill and experience voices. The patch is tied to his belt, next to the axe.</p>
    <p><strong>Other trophies:</strong><br>These have been kept in a secret room connected to Vader's office in the past, but are now kept in a room built under Vader's cabin in Windclan. These are items Vader acquired in battle, but also through the First Order. Before it's disbanding, a custom in the First Order was to murder a member of your clan, or bring back a child to serve in the Order, to prove your loyalty. Vader has made three of these items into paperweights, which were on his desk when someone walked in to greet him. They are preserved in jars of suspended liquid, with a light at the bottom to show them properly and labeled them in English. They are now in the room as well, adjecent to eachother.</p>
    <p>The first paperweight was given to him by his former Apprentice, <strong>Mauledpup</strong>. It is the <strong>heart</strong> of former Darkclan leader, <strong>Junkrat.</strong> This item also came with a prosthetic leg, which is displayed on the wall.</p>
    <p>The other two paperweights were added by Vader. The second one being a paw of Poe Dameron, a former combatant in Blizzardclan and former leader of the Resistance.</p>
    <p>The third is one of Nighttales Xerses' paws, which Vader cut off while holding him in the air. This, prompted Colouredclan to retreat, and would the last battle in the First Order. Nighttales is also the Coloredclan leader.</p>
    <p>Special items are kept in glass cases, as if to give the illusion the trophy room is a museum.<br>The first item from the initiation missions was given to Vader by his first apprentice, Kylo Ren. Kylo killed one of Blizzardclan's own, and gifted Vader with bright yellow <strong>shutter shades,</strong> stained with blood. They are labeled and displayed in a case.</p>
    <p>Following this, Vader's General, F.B. Hux, killed a member in the Tribe of Burning Eclipse, Starjelly. Her star-patterned and beautiful pelt sparkled in the light, and her tail now hangs on the wall. Vader considers this item important- Hux proved to be vital in the growth of the First Order, and pleased Vader greatly, until his disappearance.</p>
    <p><strong>Menhit</strong>, one of Vader's favorite Captains, rose to leadership in the Kingdom of the White Sands, where he used the clan to gain more power, adding them to his numbers. She gave him two children, one of them being her own daughter, and a stuffed rabbit, belonging to Hushedcries's missing daughter.</p>
    <p>From Satsuriku, a Double-Bladed Knife, displayed next to the gifts given by <strong>Venta</strong>, a satchel of throwing knives, and a bookbag.</p>
    <p>From Dhiren, a prosthetic metal wing, which is stretched out and displayed on the wall. Coincidentally, the wing belonged to one of Ivan's former clanmates.</p>
    <p>There are several necklaces kept in one case, labeled individually.<br>From <strong>Magmaflow</strong>, hanging on the wall with other jewelry, is a <strong>gold necklace,</strong> belonging to Moonfang.</p>
    <p>From Vader's most trusted Colonel, <strong>Derrick</strong>, grew to be one of his favorites, presented him with a <strong>Zircon necklace. </strong>If Vader expected something to be done, he gave it to Derrick, as the tiger rarely let him down.</p>
    <p>Vader's longest-reigning General, <strong>Selfdestruction</strong>, proved her worth by donating more than one of her own litters to their cause. She had a possible romantic interest for the Supreme Leader, but never made any attempts. She gave him a <strong>locket</strong>, belonging to a member named <strong>Miri.</strong></p>
    <p>One of the early members, Crookedpaw, gave him a pendant with a glowing, red Ruby. This also came with a cat's pelt, which is stretched and displayed on the wall.</p>
    <p>During Negan's takeover of Windclan, Darth Vader killed at least 11 of Negan's bodyguards in <a href="">this post,</a> from them, he acquired a set of broken ribs, two skulls, three bandanas, bloody fur, three sets of legs, and a knife.</p>

  • Extra:

  • Words that go with Darth Vader:

    n. weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had.

    Nodus Tollens
    n. the realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore.

    n. the desire to care less about things.

    Rigor Samsa
    n. a kind of psychological exoskeleton that can protect you from pain and contain your anxieties, but always ends up cracking under pressure or hollowed out by time—and will keep growing back again and again.