You're Not Going to Hurt Me? {PAFP} [Male Vampire Needed!]

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    Little critters scurry in the dark

    IC: Stroking his deft fingers slowly over her check the vampire nodded, giving her a gentle smile. "I'l believe you if you say so, but if you ever want to talk about it, or anything, really, I wouldn't mind lending an ear. Just remember that, okay?" Darien asked while pulling her up on her feet with him, their books in his other hand. Bringing one hand around the girl's shoulders he pulled her closer to him and nudged her head against his shoulder. "If it helps I am sorry for putting you in danger. I won't do it again." The boy promised, resolve in his otherwise calm voice, and kissed the top of her head.

    Better watch your step

    "Revenge, bee it hot or cold, is the best when served at surprise parties."

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  • Luna felt a shiver run through her as she hugged back. He was right on the spot, knowing exactly what had bothered her for that moment. It made her feel safer and better just knowing he cared about her. The idea of him protecting her even in this situation seemed strange but calming. She got onto her toes and kissed his cheek softly, "I know. I trust you." She shouldn't, considering he was the leader in an entire group filled with blood sucking vampires. Putting her forehead aganist his arm she relaxed her shoulders and took his hand.

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