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  • [ plot ] muse a was the kid that grew up on strict discipline, one that was raised to believe only few things were right moral wise. They were rather fine growing up like this despite the strict rules but like most teens they get a urge to rebel. You see, muse a had dreamed about one day getting a tattoo. Their parents, on the other hand, had nightmares about such things. In their mind inking your skin was one of the worst things possible. Now 18, unable to even admit the idea to her parents, muse a continues on with her life until one night she is dragged to a gay club/bar with her friends, one of them somewhat getting them access into the place. Over night the friends somewhat disappear with either hookups or drunken pals, leaving muse a alone at the bar to sulk. This is where muse b comes into play. Muse b is a well known tattoo artist and piercing master and happens to be at the same club, only to spot the sulking muse a. Unaware that the girl is not even 21 or over, muse b offers the girl a drink with her signature flirty smile. What happens when muse b offers to tattoo the younger girl for free, in exchange the girl promising to return if her parents get upset or kick her out? Will muse a take the chance or will she go by her parent's rules?

    - I will be playing muse b.

    [ my character ] name: amber wells

    age: 24

    sexuality: homosexual

    gender: female

    appearance: amber is a tall girl with a slim yet fit frame. she has short black hair that is usually swooped to the right side and also has two sleeves of multiple tattoos.

    [ first post ] I gave a small hum as I made my way through the sweaty and dancing crowd, managing to push through and catch gaze of the bar. Just as I was about to hunt down a open seat I laid gaze on a girl, one that looked a bit young but hey, I wouldn't judge. Walking up to the bar, I easily slipped into the seat by her side and gave her my usual charming grin. "Hey there, beautiful. Would you mind if I bought you a drink or two?" I asked her with a quirky grin, my eyes trailing up and down as I scanned the girl over.

  • nameelise lusk
    age ➞ 18
    sexuality ➞ bisexual

    appearance ➞ a girl of average height, with a petite suited figure. her hair reaches past her shoulders and is of a golden hue matching her cerulean eyes and olive skin.


    It took a pretty short amount of time before my friends abandoned me to my own devices. Even now, I couldn't see them anywhere nearby, suggesting their interest was entirely captured elsewhere. I sat uselessly at the bar, my chin perked on my hand as I scanned the club, looking caught off guard by the girl who approached me. Sure, it was a gay bar, but I didn't expect anyone to show interest in me. I stared at her for a moment before smiling, "Yeah, sure. Thank you. My name's Elise, by the way." I accepted the offer, sitting up a little straighter in the bar's seat, glad for the new company. Plus, my own childish side quickly decided she looked like the opposite of what my parents approved for, heightening my curiosity.

  • "Cute name. Amber Wells is the name, darling." I introduced myself with a soft chuckle, scanning her over one last time before I ordered two more drinks. Within moments the bartender expertly set the drinks in front of us, leaving to tend to someone else. "No offense beautiful but what is someone your age doing here without their groupie?" I asked with a small chuckle, knowing that this girl was no older than 18. I had no problem with buying her drinks, though. At 18 I was drinking more than an average adult plus she looked like the type to handle it, or at least responsibly. "I mean, there's no way you're 21 or older. Don't get me wrong though, I like you. Cute." I added the last part shortly, running my fingers through my hair before I took a sip of my drink.

  • A large smile graced my lips, hinted with ignited interest. I allowed my own eyes to view her another one time before looking away again, so it wouldn't appear I was staring. The last thing I wanted to look like in front of someone else, someone like her, was as some creep who couldn't keep their eyes to themselves. That was on my mind and it slipped away when I looked at the tattoos that covered her arms; they were beautifully woven together and pleasing to study, making tearing my attention away quite a difficult task. Momentarily, my eyes widened at the idea of being caught out, then eased again equally as quickly. "Oh, I came here with a group of friends," I briefly scanned the crowds again, a fruitless search, before shrugging it off. "They disappeared on me not long after we got in."

    I pulled the drink given by the bartender closer to myself, stirring it with curt curiosity before taking a sip. It pleasantly burned past my throat whenever it went past, a chuckle passing my lips, "I'm eighteen." I admitted, grinning slightly. "You've got lovely tattoos," I motioned towards them with my previous wonder and awe. "Um, if you don't mind me asking, who made them for you? I was... considering getting one myself." I explained, looking back down at the tattoos to get another quick look.

  • I gave a small chuckle at her comment, giving a nod of amusement. Of course, seemed like a teenage thing to do. Come in a group, find your hookup, leave and abandon the others. I hated to admit it but I did that plenty of times at her age. Shaking the thoughts from my head, I took another quick gulp of my drink before sitting it back down onto the bar surface. "Eighteen. Alright, I expected that. It makes me feel much better now that I know you're legal." I chuckled sheepishly, hating the thought that I was buying a minor drinks and even hitting on them. Hey, eighteen was an adult. It was her choices and whatever she chose I was chill with.

    "Ah, these old things?" I glanced down at my sleeves of tattoos, grinning sheepishly as I rubbed the back of my neck. "I actually drew and inked most of them, though some of the ones I couldn't reach myself were done by my really close friend." I admitted before glancing towards her once again. "I run a tattoo parlor right down the block. If you want you can stop by some day and get a free tattoo or two." I offered her, giving her a playful wink before I took another sip of my drink.

  • I laughed a little at the relieved comment about my age, supposing it was a fair precaution to make. I liked to imagine I didn't look entirely that young, but many people seemed to prefer to hold that mindset. Especially people around my age - trying to desperately prove how mature they were, while also enjoying the peak of their fleeting youth. It was pretty normal, only I knew that it was also fueled by the treatment undertaken by my own parents when it came to my upbringing. They already treated me like a child, I didn't necessarily want to feel the same way in a place where I guessed I was trying to prove one thing or another to myself and others.

    "They're absolutely gorgeous!" I exclaimed with the same awestruck tone of voice, in disbelief at how offhandedly the comment was made. My parents would have killed me if I ever tried to pull that off. Hell, they'd probably want to kill me for getting the small one I had in mind anyway. Besides, the images were suitable for her, fitted her. I perked up at the offer, beaming, "You could do that? Really? That'd be awesome!" I paused, biting on my lower lip in thought before taking a sip of the drink again, peering at her from the tip of the glass. "And what's the catch?" I quirked a brow questioningly, my lighthearted expression not faltering, despite a silent prayer or two the answer wouldn't be crossing some of the obvious lines.

  • I felt my eyebrow cock slightly at her last question. Catch? I wasn't usually much for catches myself but hey, might as well take advantage of it. "One, promise you will come to me if you get kicked out or anything. By the looks of you I can tell your parents are rather strict so i'd hate to leave you hanging if you were to be kicked out. Two, let me take you out on a date." I paused, sending her a small and playful wink before I gulped down the rest of my drink with ease. "No, I don't expect you to sleep with me or anything of that nature. I just want to take you out. Maybe a dinner and movie, or something else if you're up to out of the ordinary dates." I offered, making sure she understood I didn't expect anything sexual or explicit from her. I was a woman of my word and I simply could do for a date and i'm sure she could probably use one. "Of course, you don't have to. I won't hold it against you and will still give you the tattoo, even if you don't want to go out with me." I added, glancing down sheepishly before I quickly tugged my gaze back to her. I cleared my throat hopefully, ordering another drink as I waited for her response.

  • I squirmed in my seat at the true assumption about my parents. Of course they'd probably kick me out onto the curb if they ever find out, if only. That is the best case scenario, if they didn't kill her first, that it. Equally as possible, to be honest. The offer could prove pretty beneficial in that sense. At the same time, maybe it was worth slowing down a little, not to trust the other girl so fast. I chewed on my bottom lip in thought, considering the offer. Altogether, it didn't actually sound all that bad. It was a kind thing to offer, despite me not trying to get my homes up too much. I beamed up and nodded happily. "Okay, that sounds like a fair deal," I agreed, eyeing her again. "I'd like the date. It'd love to get to know each other somewhere where... well, that isn't here." I gestured to the club with a simple wave of the hand. "A dinner and movie would work perfectly." I nodded and finished off my own drink, not really expecting anything extremely out of line. No point wasting the effort on a first date, when there was still a lot to tell if they would work well together, or far from it. Besides that, I could use a date. Really use one.

    ((sorry for lateness, got caught up in some stuff ;w;))