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    Name: Minnowripple
    Former Names: Minnowkit, Minnowpaw
    Nicknames: Min, Minnie, Mini-Paws (Robinthroat), Kitten (Spiderfoot)
    Age: 20 moons
    Gender: Female
    Gender Identity: Feminine
    Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    meaning? sexually attracted to males

    Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
    meaning? romantically attracted to males and females

    Crush(es): Bramblestorm [x]
    Dating: n/a
    Mates With: n/a
    Children: n/a

    Current Group: Traditional RiverClan
    Previous Groups: Loner
    Current Rank: Warrior
    Previous Ranks: Kit, Apprentice, Loner

    Mother: Troutpool (deceased npc); Frigidstep (adopted mother)
    Father: Unknown; Silentstorm (adopted dad)
    Siblings: Stormpaw (inactive brother); Badgerpaw (step-sister, BloodClan, aka Guts); Cloudpaw (step-sister, ShadowClan); Flamepaw (adopted sister through Frigidstep); Alice (adopted sister through Frigidstep)

    Mentor: Eaglesoar
    Apprentice: n/a

    Physical Traits:
    • Long-furred gray tabby
    • Somewhat on the smaller side
    • Yellow eyes that can quickly shift from piercing, to soft, to cloudy
    • Tall, tufted ears
    • Somewhat short, furry tail
    • Slightly smaller paws
    • Lean in some places
    • Deep, graying scars on her flanks that stand out clearly
    • Some scars on her face
    • Walks with a faint limp in her front right leg

    long-furred, gray marbled tabby; somewhat short; yellow eyes; tufted, angular ears; short furry tail; smaller paws; lost her chubbiness and is building her lean form again; soft and youthful features; scars cover her upper body including her face and flanks; whenever she walks her front right leg hitches

    Short Description: Minnowripple is somewhat shorter than average, with tufted ears and a body covered in long, marbled gray tabby fur. Her eyes are yellow, oftentimes portraying her emotions, and her face is rounded and youthful, despite being dressed in scars, old and new alike.

    Long Description: *audible work-in-progress shrug*

    Mental Age: Varies.
    Mental Traits: Tends to be lazy when she can get away with it, pelt groomed every day or two, teasing, has social anxiety and a slight stutter sometimes, hides some emotions well, awkward.
    Personality (somewhat?): Minnowripple is a very kind female, unless provoked. She often does her best to please others all while following the code of StarClan, though she's not against breaking a few in order to be happy in the long run. That being said, she fights for what she believes is the right thing to do. A friend of hers once told her to let go of all hatred, and so even if she holds a grudge against someone, she will no longer hate them for whatever they have done; she will not seek out revenge. One will also find that Minnow will get very cuddly sometimes, and is always somewhat awkward in large groups.

    • heartchart coming soon •


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