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  • Plot:

    Did you think this was a poly thread? Well...It kinda is. And, in a strange way, a serious version of that "Nightman" song from IASIP.

    I've got a few rules. One being that my word is law.
    I also ask that you be able to write three detailed sentences to a paragraph. Good grammar is a MUST.

    PLEASE be active; Do NOT kiss-and-diss.

    I am VERY picky with who roleplays with me. I'll ask you to link me threads you did. Though I cannot bring myself to refuse anyone.

    Despite the...Methods of feeding...This thread is PG-13.

    A little info on Succubi from an old thread I did:

    Muse C is that creature. They try to seduce mainly Muse A for either just feeding or even going so far as to wanting to produce a cambion. With your motives...Go nuts!

    I will be playing Muse A. Muse B is her boyfriend. WHERE they vacation can be up to you.


    If I spam a post, it's because my Wi-Fi decided on being a jerk.

  • Hawt. So is there a third person that will be playing one of the muses? I'm fine with being the succubus or the boyfriend, so I'll get onto making my character after that's settled.

  • I gotchyu fam! I will try to throw together a character soon.


    Age (Actual and Perceived):




    Skills (proficiencies, powers, etc.):


  • Name: Kyle

    Age (Actual and Perceived): 20
    Species/Race: Human
    Gender: Male




    Skills (proficiencies, powers, etc.):


  • Name: Kanta, Kallikrates, Masami, Chastity, Nefertari, Calypso, and many other names. For now she goes by Lola Brinkle.
    Nicknames/Titles: "Deceiver", "Mistress", "Creature of the Night", "THAT DAMN WHORE", etc.
    Meanings: "Desired, beautiful" Sanskrit, "Beautiful power" Greek, "Becomes beautiful" Japanese, (I can't resist irony), "The most beautiful" Egyptian, "she who conceals" Greek
    Current name meaning: Short form of Dolores which means "sorrows" in Spanish (ironically taken from one of The Virgin Mary's titles). According to Urban dictionary Brinkles are "The wrinkles that appear between woman's breasts when she wears a tight shirt." and Brinkley is "a very intelligent woman. who may have a bitchy mood swing from time to time. who is also good at pleasuring her men,and is a sex junkie. but brinkley is one hot keep your boyfriends away from her." Both of these are oddly fitting.

    Age (Actual and Perceived): Around 6,969 years old, appears to be in her early to mid twenties
    Species/Race: Succubus, appears to be of Indian descent when in human form
    Gender: Anything you want
    Gender Identity: Mostly feminine
    Sexuality: Anything that moves, anyone that she finds entertaining

    Skin tone/texture: a warm cinnammon color, smooth and radiant
    Facial features: horns (usually hidden), appears to be of Indian descent, plump lips (often wears a rich plum shade of lipstick)
    Hair (color, texture, length, etc.): oil slick black (dark black, but once light hits it there are various strands of rainbow colors), just touches her hips when put down, rather thick, very silky and smooth
    Typical outfits (formal, casual, fancy, work, etc.): A VERY risque dress of dark purple with bright crimson highlights, thigh-high leather high-heeled boots
    Body Build (Height, weight, fitness): Sleek, muscular, about 6 feet and 2 inches tall (though this can change), curvy

    Personal goals: Power, entertainment, fulfillment
    General attitude: If you want to do something, do it. Does whatever she wishes until someone more powerful comes along.
    Positive traits: Playful, entertaining, fun, cunning
    Negative traits: Destructive, not overly concerned with what happens, manipulative
    Alignment (Good-Evil/Lawful-Chaotic): Chaotic Neutral
    Hogwarts house: Slytherin
    MBTI type: ESFP (Entertainer)

    Skills (proficiencies, powers, etc.): Seduction, enhanced persuasion against weak-willed, flight (when she doesn't have to hide her wings), shapeshifting, can make people horny
    Strengths: Deception, capturing attention and holding it, gains power when she gains a soul (the person must pledge themselves to her, but doesn't necessarily have to die), flexible, attractive, bold
    Weaknesses: Strong wills, overly curious, overly indulgent, overconfident, doesn't plan things very well, sensitive wings

  • Oh! Defintiley accepted!

    Of course, our opening scene will be arrival in their hotel room before a day of exploration:

    Where should they be vacationing at? Gatlinburg, Orlando, or whatever?

    If I spam a post, it's because my Wi-Fi decided on being a jerk.

  • ((Somewhere warm... or at least temperate.))

  • (Maybe somewhere with a hotspring?…_Consequences,_New_Mexico
    And does Paige have a similar history to Fae's Child thread? Just curious.)

    Lola smirked at their antics, striding in after them and setting her purse aside onto a table. A bellboy followed shortly after with a cart loaded with luggage. "As for my defense, I didn't want to leave poor..." she glanced at the boy's nametag "Jeffrey behind with my bags." Lola said, smirking and settling down in a chair and crossing her legs. "You can go now, Jeffrey." she told him. Her voice was deep and cool, with a slight Indian-British accent.
    "Thanks, ma'am." the bellboy said, tipping his hat and leaving.
    Lola turned waved after him, then turned back to the couple. "What's the hurry, anyway? You can't rush fun. And we've got plenty of time."