Teach Me Humanity(Pafp)

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    • Teach Me Humanity(Pafp)

      I don't know how I got here, one minute I was thrown into the pathway of a speeding car, then everything was black and yet here I am, sat on top of a lab counter with wires attached to each limb and body part available. I remember everything yet I fail to feel the emotion I should. I fail to feel anything at all...you made me didn't you? Surely you can teach me humanit

      Basically, my character Kendall has recently had her body donated to science and was redesigned into an android who's somehow regained her conscience. This means she has the human mind yet the robotic body. The thread follows your character teaching her how to feel emotions again and trying to keep her from the army taking her away as originally planned, in the process falling in love.

      I'm happy for the thread to be gxg or gxb and do not kind swearing. Please be active and post regularly with at least 3 sentences. Just jump in and carry on.

      Kendall flinched as her eyes snapped open, a large whirring sound emitting from her body as her surroundings flashed with an outline of red and blue. Her body felt heavy and her mind felt blank, instantly the memories rushed back, the smash of the tires and metal and the crack of her bones filled her mind before she began to panic. Where was she?

      The room around her was full of scientific equipment, obviously a lab of some sort. Said room was dark and it appeared she shouldn't have been awake as red lights flashed and an alarm began to blare. Gazing down at herself in anxiety, Kendall couldn't hold back her scream at her now inhuman and metallic body as well as the empty emotionless mind she harboured.

      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • "Dr. Nova, I'll hold them off! Take it away from here as we planned." said a man.
      The doctor quickly got to work,
      "She is awake..." said Dr. Nova,
      "I...almost..." he said and then a hiss was heard as some of the weirs removed themselves from her.
      "Done! Gen, it is done!" the doctor said as he went over to Kendall,
      "Don't you worry, I'll help you. I'm a friend, a friend." the doctor said trying to calm her down.
      "James! Get it out of here, I hear them coming." said Gen as he raised his M16.
      "Right...sorry..." he said as he began to remove some of the wires.
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall gazed down at the doctors, her orbs swirling with data as she attempted to figure out what was going on. Her body would twitch with every wire that was removed and a small shock would course through her body.

      "Where am I? What am I?" She asked, her voice unleveled as her voice box started to click, attempting to find the right tone. "What's happening?"
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • The doctor reassure her with a smile,
      "Don't you worry, I'll make sure your safe...I just need to make sure all your technological systems are in good condition." he said.
      "I'm leaving James, you know what to do." said Gen as he ran out to give them time.
      "Now my dear, see if you can walk, the configuration should be done." he said as final tasks to activate her.
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall frowned, the plates in her face shifting as she did so. Her questions had been unanswered but she carried on, carefully sliding off of the work bench and taking a few steps, her legs locking and whirring with each step. "You didn't answer my question?" Her voice was confused yet robotic.
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • "Hmmm...may time sometime for your voice box to configure...Oh yes, well you are within the one of the most secretive US military bases, not Area 51 surprisingly, but I will explain more once we get out of here safety my dear." said James, trying to stay calm. This wasn't something he did his schooling for, running around and all this, he was expecting his career to be more writing or doing experiments. Instead forced to make a humanoid computer.
      James then went to the corner and grabbed a bag, he quickly fixed his glasses.
      "How are you...uh...do I say functioning? Or how you feel I should say?"
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall blinked slowly and frowned again. "I feel weird, one minute I was with my boyfriend and now I'm here." She muttered, her accent staying to a British one. "Please tell me what happened?" She begged, looking around as outlined and labels littered her view as well as the occasional warning sign.
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • James Nova looked at her,
      The emotion of fear...I thought emotions would be unavailable to her....No, now is not a time to get into experiment mode, I have to get her away from these ruffians.
      "I promise, I will explain everything." he grabbed her hand, he felt the cold metal on his warm skin,
      "Let's get you safe." he said nudging her to run in a direction.
      "AI, active emergency escape system.."
      a computer voice came on,
      "Yes, Dr. James Nova, activating now."
      "I promise," he said again.
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall frowned once more before stepping forward faster, wincing at the loud ringing of the alarm. Her body felt heavy and her mind felt jumbled. As her hand was grabbed she realises she couldn't feel it. In fact she couldn't feel anything around her.

      Taking in a deep breath she carried on walking, the outlines and labels turning from blue to red as her eyes did so.
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • As they began to walk off from the lab, gun shots were heard from distance.
      "We are almost close!" he said at the end of the hallway, two double doors opened,
      "Get in the van!" said the man driving the vehicle, as the sounds of boots began to grow near.
      "They are getting away! Get that robot!"
      James looked back and forward as they finally neared the van,
      "We are home free!" he said smiling.
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall turned at the armed men shouting, her vision turning red as an alert flashed across her vision. Danger Danger. Wincing she relaxed ever so slightly once inside the van, her eyes darting around.

      "Somebody better inform me of what's happening." She ordered coldly, her eyes still taking on a hue of red as they faded back to a bright blue. "I've got so many unaswered questions."
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • "Alright, just be calm...Well uh...how do I say this...When we received you, you were near death, or could be dead recently. Anyhow, I, James Nova of Biotechnology, has created, in a way a scapegoat for you. I was able to get your brain matter and neurons into effect, into the artificial cranium. Sadly, I was unable to give you humantic emotions, in order for you to truly function in society. The government wanted more out of you, forcing me to make you more of a weapon then a tool for helping humanity. So I did what was needed and made a plan with a soldier and the man who is currently driving the van. So in conclusion, we are helping you be kept safe from not just the government's hands but others that wish to use you for inhumane deeds." said the doctor, his British accent coming out.
      "In other words, you died, your a robot now, bad guys want you, we are helping you be safe." said the driver.
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall raised an eyebrow, her fingers twitching and her joints cracking and whirring as she did so. "When I said donate my body to science, this wasn't what I meant." She hissed, her eyes flashing red in annoyance.

      "Does anyone I know, well do they know what you've done? That I'm technically not dead?" Kendall questioned, her mind turning to research more about the man in front of her. Images and text popped up, and quickly Kendall scanned it all.
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • James looked away, biting his lip,
      Anger? Maybe she does some emotion left in her...but I can't be sure...maybe, she can be more... he thought
      "Well...no, we made sure you vanished. You funeral was recently a week ago. So in the world of society, you no longer among the "living". Although you are truly alive...I am sorry..." he said playing with his finger.
      "I too was a victim of this, I was top of my class, at the age of 5, I could answer high level mathematical equation, and even find the answer to quantum fusion. I went to college at the age of 13. Got my doctors degree at 18, and was a renowned man of science...Now, I seem more like a illusion to the world." he said wiping his glasses,
      "We are almost at the hideout." said the driver.
      "I...I'm sorry..." James spoke,
      "I know...this seems...insane..." said the doctor putting on his glasses.
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall's gaze softened and her eyes returned to their bright electric blue. Sorrow overtook her as she glanced away, her thoughts on the scientist before her halting as she had gathered enough information. Taking in a large breath, she shuffled in her seat, winding at the unfamiliar whir and crack of her mechanical joints.
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • "I'm...sorry." he said once more,
      "We are here." said the driver.
      "Doctor, I'll go tell the guys, I unlocked the back door, so you two can get out." he said.
      James nods and opens the door, he looks at his creation, well built from a being in order to create another. He looked down then up, his green eyes filled with sympathy.
      "Come along...unless you have more questions or if something in your system is out of wack...I can fix it my dear..." he said.
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall didn't respond, instead she stared straight ahead, her eyes cast downwards and full of sorrow and anger. Her past life was fuzzy and unclear, but she could still make out what happened before her death. Without another word of action, Kendall slowly rose to her feet and walked forward, not sparing any glances to anyone.
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]
    • James quickly followed, he looked around, unsure what to expect next, his gaze going to Kendall,
      "I think we should be alright...these people are against the government...although I thought they were just crazy conspiracy theorist ..." he said.
      "How are you feeling...I know asked this before but...this time I mean your emotions...the last time I worked on you...I was told to try to remove your emotions..." he mumbled the last part.
      &quot;Life doesn&#039;t get easier, you just get stronger.&quot;
    • Kendall blinked slowly before turning and looking at James. Her eyes were hard and her eyebrows furrowed as she still felt sorrow burrowing inside of her. "I feel confused and...sad?" She stated, testing out the words as their definitions flashed across her view.
      <br />[img width=510 height=265]https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/uploads/c65860124b80de78ecb2a79681d362cfb4488920a4a27536d6577321a2ded5f4_large[/img]