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  • Pyro Amidala Skywalker

    i could go off the deep end, i could kill all my best friends

    Roleplay Information
    -- blurry | on at least once a day | muse depends on other roleplayers, but generally 8/10

    Character Information
    -- Pyro Amidala Skywalker
    -- Male
    -- Three moons | Ages every thirty posts
    -- On the taller side of the size spectrum, this Barbari lion has an almost uncharacteristic lithe body shape. Pyro has large, dark brown eyes set on a narrow, long face. Small sets of scratches adorn his muzzle, mainly from sticking his dark nose in places he shouldn't. His coat is a warm tan color, darker than honey but with the same golden shine. The male has a long tail, which adds a little less than two feet to his body lenth. Though Pyro's mane has not grown in yet, the future fur would be a dark, almost black color. His claws are somewhat shorter than usual, but they're dark and thornlike, unusually sharper.
    -- Pyro is a spitfire in conversation, generally making crude comments or sarcastic remarks. But past his firey exterior, he's a pretty shy and sensitive guy. The lion wears his heart on his sleeve and shamelessly tries to cover up the fact that he can be a big emotional baby (which doesn't really work.) But over time, the burning layer grows stronger and cover his emotional damage. Pyro will learn to shut out the proper things and how to act in front of his friends. He isn't really completely stable and will snap out of frustration, normally just abandoning what he was working on, or who he was working with, and storm off for a few days. One day he will mentally break and either never return to his birth clan or reign massive destruction. Though on the outside it isn't forseeable, Pyro is a highly agressive male with a quick, irregular thought process which leads him to make poor decisions. He mostly takes after his father, his caring traits only coming out for those he loves. Otherwise he's just a sharp tongued jerk with a bone to pick with everyone, who shows all of his emotions and takes things way too seriously. And for him, everyone else's emotions might as well be out in the open, given the fact he can sift through their minds with ease. If someone bugs him, and he doesn't feel the need to storm off, than he will take over their mind and make them do something embarrasing or harmful to themselves.

    -- Demi-Bisexual | Biromantic
    -- Mind Reading | Mind Control + Emotion Manipulation
    -- Likes making birds commit suicide by taking over their minds and flying them into various things
    -- Has strange sleep schedule
    Other Information
    -- Faceclaim is Tyler Joseph | Theme Song is Brave as a Noun by Andrew Jihad Jackson | Possible future plot is maybe one day he could become an arsonist and cause a large damaging fire? | Leo Leo
    -- Wanted to make this character because (Star Wars eyy) I wanted to get back out into the community more, and participate in more things. And the board for this clan seemed pretty active, and the two parwnts seem pretty cool, and I consider myself a decent roleplayer so I figured 'why not?' and decided to make a form. Plus, lions are pretty sick.

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  • yeee finished my form
    i might go back to fix minor details and whatnot but for the most part, it's finished

    you cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!

    discord: Felibri (#1859) | she/her pronouns

    plays deutschland schmidt

  • Almir Amidala-Skywalker

    Character Information
    ➤ Almir Amidala-Skywalker ▻ Kylo Ren
    ➤ Male
    ➤ Demi(homo)romantic Pansexual
    ➤3 Moons
    ➤Ages every 100 posts until 6 moons

    ➤ Darth Vader xx Padme Amidala

    ➤ Lightsaber (he returns to Thunderclan in order to steal it back from Fragilestar once he's ready)
    ➤ An arm brace with TKOR symbol on it (once it's revamped)

    ➤Telekinesis (primary)
    ➤Character Bond (primary)

    ➤Shapeshifting (secondary)
    ➤Memory Manip. (secondary)

    Positive Personality Traits
    ➤Natural born leader


    Negative Personality Traits

    Almir is a long legged, thin, and frail little thing; at first glance. However, if you look closer, you can see the rippling muscles dancing beneath a dark saturated brown fur color. The boy is strong, and so easily so due to his family genetics and the sheer power of the powers he will inherit and gain along the road. His mane is a dark ebony color that travels to his mid-lower stomach, and that is typically longer than what is usual. Not only that, but it almost seems to grow longer the more you cut it. The fur on his tail is also long, and even travels up a bit from the tail tip to a few inches away from said tip. Despite him claiming to hate this, he will take nice care of it, and will keep up a rather "clean" appearance, and the mane will go from wirey and rather scratchy to soft and well kempt. There's also small patches of the dark colored fur on his front legs.
    His fur is a dark matured color, and is very thin thanks to Padme's side. He has slight heterochromia in his eyes, however, one brown with patches of blue and the other a full blue color. His face takes on a more lean look to it, nose sloping down a bit to give him a more unique look to put him apart from his siblings.

    Almir's personality will be rather decent; at first. He'll be like any other cub and demand attention from both parents, and will play along with his siblings, that is, until he starts to figure out who he was again. Once this happens, he'll begin to demand more attention from Vader, and actually begin to bully the other cubs that can't do anything on their own, or if they're weak, if they mess up, etc. Despite his cold exterior, he's always been petrified of what others think of him, and he tries to hold a reputation in order to feel more confident about himself.

    The cub that's born is a stillborn; Kylo's soul escapes from it's cage with Salem and finds the cub, and ends up taking the body over in order to get closer to Vader
    ➤ Kylo regresses back into the mind of a cub; free of worry and free of responsibility, until something happens to where he's able to remember who he was before
    ➤ Possibly hurts another sibling who is weaker than him because he gets jealous that they take up all of Vader's time
    ➤ He ends up getting into a fight and gets his scar across his face
    ➤ Possibly recreates TKOR (the knights of ren)

    Roleplay Sample
    The lion is twisting his paws in his mane, claws tugging delicately at the smooth strands to rid it of any tangles or mistakes. The ebony locks are shining lazily in the sun, warming him from the color drinking up the heat that the solar waves give him. He's almost thankful for it, as the weather had been flip-flopping recently, but the warmth and the gentle heat was very much welcomed upon his fur.
    Finally, he removes his claws from the long strands, and looks up to the blue sky; a rarity these days in the cold weather. Typically, it was dark and grey, pushing the cold winds upon the territory with such ease and fervor that no one could really stop. Or, well, he could if he so pleased, but it was too much of a waste of work and power to do so. Why go against nature when there's so many better things to do, after all? He rumbles a low laugh in his throat at this notion, before he rests his head on his paws and curls his tail gently around his body.

    Why do you want the cub?
    I want the cub because I think it'd be nice to have like an actually nice developed character with a clean slate. Plus, this gives me so many good plot ideas and different development ideas in order to try and form him the best i can.

    Code Word
    ➤ Leo Leo


    — BASICS —

    NAME Alice
    - meaning/origin "noble", German, English
    - pronunciation "ah-lihss"
    Nicknames Alice, Ali
    Surnames Amidala-Skywalker

    SEX female
    - gender identity cisgender female
    - pronouns she/her
    Sexual Orientation demisexual
    Romantic Orientation homoromantic

    AGE three months
    Date of Birth ?
    Ageing Ratio two months for each month until nine months old; then real-time

    RELIGION atheist

    Place of Birth WindClan
    Current Alliances WindClan
    Loyalties WindClan
    Current Ranks child


    Alice is immediately noticeable as the larger of the litter. Chubby, stocky and big-boned, she stands out among her siblings distinctly. With a wide, boyish figure and solid, sturdy build, her gender is often mistaken as there is little considered feminine about her. She has a dense coat of silky cub fur that stays relatively clean despite her lack of care for it. Alice would never obsess over her appearance and loves to get her paws dirty - so it comes as a surprise how clean she stays. Perhaps the pale sandy-blonde colour of it disguises the dust, as she is the colour of dry earth in the sunlight. She is spotted almost all over; on top of her head, along her tail, and down her legs from her shoulders/hips to her heels. Slightly disproportionate as a cub, her legs are short and paws flat and wide, making for clumsy movement. Boasting round, curious and innocent brown eyes, it is difficult to see the girl ever growing into a mature body.
    Yet by the time she would reach six months of age, her growth would have been so gradual, most of her siblings would have caught up to her. She settles back into an average height and length as her fur loses its length and silkiness, and with that, its childish appeal. It remains thick like her father's, and the same sandy colour, though her markings begin to fade and patches of white beneath her chin and heels start growing. Her limbs begin to lengthen, her legs catching up with her paws and body, a longer tail aiding her balance, and a more distinct head shape as she loses her fluff. Her eye colour begins to fade and her eyes themselves appear more slanted and casual.
    At thirteen months, Alice would stop growing in height. Ironically, the biggest of the bunch as a cub would become the short one of the group as she is left behind size-wise. Standing at a grand height of two-and-a-bit feet and a length of seven feet, including the tail, she receives the small aspects of both lion species, though enjoys her unique size. Her coat remains thick, adding slightly to her size, and a smooth, pale sandy colour, clear of all spots and stripes. Her chest, chin, partially neck and legs stand out as white. A darker streak marks the ridge of her back, and a tuft of the same dark fur marks the end of her tail. Her eyes lighten up since childhood, becoming a dull yellow. She has long, powerful legs, flexible tail and flat, wide paws. Her head shape is distinctive and round, her ears small and snout short. Alice appears as relatively muscular and powerful, yet much more lean and slender compared to her childhood. With a light frame and flexible yet sturdy build, it's been a big change for Alice since birth. Various scars would be inevitably gained throughout her lifetime, though she was proud of each one, considering them signs of strength. Overall, the lioness is happy with a natural appearance and proud of her looks.

    Species Barbary/Masai mixed lioness
    Fur Colour light sandy
    Eye Colour pale yellow
    Build small, long-limbed, sturdy, lean, slender

    Accessories various scarves, alters each day
    Deformities/Disabilities n/a

    Physical Strengths
    - agile
    - quick
    - acrobatic
    - flexible
    - balanced
    Physical Weaknesses
    - stamina
    - strength
    - swimming
    - pain tolerance
    Physical Health 100%

    Images x | x


    Alice, without a doubt, is a complicated young lady. With traits that often contradict each other, it can be difficult to get a grasp of her personality, but it's really quite simple to understand her once you get to know her.
    As a child, Alice is known widely as the little bookworm. She is obsessed with reading, which is a contributing factor to her high intelligence. She is very proud of her broad body of knowledge, and eager to share it. This earns her the additional titles of know-it-all and show-off, but she is quite happy to prove her cleverness to others. She has a thirst for knowledge, always yearning to learn something new, and an insatiable curiosity as a result. She isn't as socially capable as the majority of her clanmates, and constantly feels the need to justify herself in other areas because of that.
    Alice is certainly, painfully socially awkward. Simply holding a conversation is a challenge. She gets along with people just fine, but her tendency to over-analyse every situation triggers a mild social anxiety that prevents her from relaxing into a crowd. Though confident in herself, speaking out, especially in public, is particularly stressful for the girl. She is surprisingly comfortable with family and friends, most adults she was happy to prove her intellect to, but it is her peers she takes time opening up to, believing she is unwanted and almost superior to them. She is introverted and generally reserved and quiet, not one for gossip. In fact, she views most casual conversations as downright stupid - and anyone who disagrees, she loses a lot of respect for. On a team, she tends to take charge, though gets very easily frustrated when things don't go her way. She comes across as stubborn and uncooperative - often, it is her way or the highway. She trusts so much in her abilities, that every other way must be wrong, and is seen as arrogant by some. In arguments, she has to get the last word in, and should it come to a stand-off, she can take grudges to the grave. Generally, she avoids socialising to keep a decent reputation.
    Despite her troubles making friends, once she fully trusts their friendship, she is loyal to them for life. She may not be courageous or heroic, but Alice would risk her life for her true friends without a moment's hesitance. As a result, betrayal hurts like a bullet, and there is a constant doubt in the back of her mind. She continues to latch onto the friends she can make, and though clingy and irritating at first, once she relaxes into the relationship she is funny, casual and beaming from inside out. After all, everyone loves a bit of fun every now and again, and Alice would be especially playful as a child among family and friends. Once her confidence grows, she would even become witty and sharp-tongued openly among her peers.
    Alice would be a realist - somehow both an idealist and a cynic, she comes across as conflicting, but in her mind everything makes sense. She strives for a better world and believes with dedication and time, anything is possible - yet knows that so many others won't even try. She plans ahead, and is a determined girl, and a perfectionist - she often won't stop her work until finished - but can mistakenly come across as lazy. If something isn't worth doing, it won't be done - not by Alice, at least. Though imaginative, her ruthless filter of 'will this work?' limits her will to put her ideas into action. Chores with no greater purpose seem pointless; so while she is the hardest worker, she is simultaneously the biggest procrastinator.
    Emotions are the girl's biggest problem. Viewing many expressions of emotion as weak, she bottles up her own problems so much so that she eventually explodes in an unsightly mess of tears and screaming. She is capable of controlling them most of the time, but occasionally the weight grows too heavy and she feels innerly depressed. As she rarely expresses herself, she's clueless as to how she should, and as a result affects how she socialises.
    Overall, Alice is independent and intuitive. Stubborn yet open-minded, imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, she's truly a strange yet unique character. Though she can appear as conflicted, she knows she has life under control for the time being. Really, all her traits do link up somewhere, creating a complex and colourful young lady waiting to be discovered.

    Personality Type intj "the architect"
    Traits quiet, introverted, intelligent, confident, independent, imaginative, stubborn, reserved, realistic, ambitious

    Likes puns, food, sleep, winning/being right, showing off, art, family, friends, books, travel
    Dislikes being proven wrong, public speaking, gossip, romance, being cold, being hungry, losing arguments, chores, bugs

    Fears/Phobias bugs, being alone in the dark, bad storms, getting sick; arachnophobia specifically
    Habits chew nails/tail when nervous, freezes up when scared, chews her lip when in thought
    Quirks enjoys learning various languages to use in conversations (specifically French, Japanese and German), enjoys wearing scarves, really, really likes tea
    Mental Disorders mild social anxiety

    Mental Strength 85%
    Mental Health 100%

    Notes Under Vader's influence, will likely develop into a much more blunt and sarcastic character upon leaving childhood. Personality will definitely go through major changes, though gradually. Will retain her defining traits though lose all childishness. More details on this when it happens. c:

    — OTHER —

    Major Plots Lifetime: Alice will be faintly force-sensitive from birth. Obviously, she won't have much control over her unique abilities as a cub, but will accidentally cause objects to fall without touching them, shake individually or hop on the spot. By the age of six months, she will be able to manipulate others to a short extent, and not much later will develop electric elemental powers. At this point she will realise she is sensitive to the force, and jump at the opportunity to become a Jedi. Through intense training as a Padawan she will eventually master her powers completely, and become more reliant on them than her own strength. She will become more battle-confident as a result, and will possibly help train younger children with similar potential. With personality development, she won't be as dedicated to keeping peace and other Jedi duties, though she'll try.
    Approx. 10 months: Alice will befriend someone in an enemy clan unknowingly, and become quite attached to them. This causes some problems when she discovers where her friend is from, though is determined to stick with them. When she realises that her so-called friend was simply using her to get information, she feels foolish and betrayed, and at first becomes slightly depressed over it. Once she is over it, in retaliation she offers herself to join said clan as a spy in a new body and identity. May lead to a capture plot.
    Approx. 13 months: At this point in life, the maturing child will develop a serious illness and fear of being sick. The illness (not completely sure as to what it will be) will possibly threaten her life and render her very weak for a period of time. She will recover relatively quickly considering the illness, though will remain mentally scarred and terrified of disease and sickness as a result.
    Adulthood: Of course, Alice will always have a desire to travel and see the world from many perspectives. As an independent adult, this desire would become stronger and the lioness will feel compelled to leave WindClan and explore for a while. She will remain loyal to her birth clan, though will spend time discovering new lands and cultures before coming home. She may be interested in a dual alliance.
    Once back in WindClan and sure of where she calls home, Alice will strive for high positions in the clan with growing confidence in crowds. With ideas to spare and knowledge to share, the young adult will be happy to help out officially within the clan - her first action, appealing for a bigger and better public library.
    Powers telekinesis - since birth - 50% mastered; mind manipultion - six months - 0% mastered; electric elementals - eight months - 0% mastered; more to be added as she develops them (likely molecule/emotion manipulation, possibly teleportation and telepathy)

    Username alohaluna-
    Activity I'm on at least once a day, but less active on weekdays, probably 6 or 7/10
    Muse 7/10 most of the time
    Why I'm Applying I am a huge Star Wars fan and I think the opportunities with this litter are amazing. Alice is a character I've wanted to introduce for a long while now, and I think she will fit in perfectly here, especially with such a variety of different ways to develop her and endless plot possibilities. I used to roleplay on WindClan years ago - it was the first main clan I joined and I've wanted to return for a while. Love litters are always a pleasure to roleplay, with a caring family for the characters to develop in, and I plan to keep Alice around for a long time.

    RP Samples

    Code leo leo

    That's about it! c: Thanks for considering-


    fangs °

  • tryna' play prince charming

    birth name Alexei Skywalker
    pronunciation al-eks-ai
    origin Russian
    inspiration I really love the Russian culture, and I normally choose Russian names for my characters (:
    previous name(s) N/A
    future name(s) N/A

    age Unborn
    mental He will likely age mentally quicker than he ages physically, maybe two moons each one moon physically.
    physical Unborn
    perceived He will be perceived to be a bit smarter than he actually is - others will believe he has the highest IQ one can have, when actually he will have just slightly above average IQ.
    dob TBD
    time of birth TBD
    zodiac TBD

    place of birth WindClan
    current residence His mothers womb.
    previous residence(s) Nowhere
    future residence(s) Nowhere
    loyalties To his Clan, but most of all to his family.
    current rank Cub
    previous rank(s) N/A
    future rank(s) Will be shooting for a deputy position. Likely won't want to be leader, just something where he can put his intelligence to good use and help the Clan with his ideas. He won't be good at being a leader.
    current title N/A
    previous title(s) N/A
    unofficial titles N/A
    religion Agnostic

    sex Male
    preferred pronouns he, him
    sexual orientation Asexual
    romantic orientation Aromantic

    while he's dying within

    Ah, Alexei. He is quite the large lion, with broad shoulders, muscular, long legs, and overall just a very large build. The male takes more of a Barbary lion, with a long torso, body structure, and fur/mane. But, his legs and tail are more Masai lion-like. The male's legs are long, and his tail is about the average length of a Masai lion. Now, on to his fur. His fur is a sandy, light brown color with slightly darker overtones. The overtones are not too noticeable, however. The fur is thick, and very course to the touch. His mane, that reaches down towards the middle of his stomach, is a dark, almost black, brown. Around the edges of his face, however, it is fairly lighter than the rest, as it fades to being lighter around the edges to be about the same color as the main body fur that it slowly dissolves into.

    Alexei's posture is slightly slouched, as if he is constantly wearing a heavy weight on his shoulders. As he gets older, this will cause him to have back problems. Along with his posture, he normally wears what others would call a "resting bitch face," which repels others like a magnet repels a magnet like itself. His eyes, though large, normally look as if they are smaller. This is because his eyelids always droop, giving him a dopey or annoyed look (depending on how one would read others). His eyes are a bright yellow color, quite nice to look at as they fade from a dark yellow from the pupils to a lighter yellow in the middle of the iris, and then darker again on the outside of the iris.
    health 10/10
    strength 7/10 as an adolescent, will slowly progress to 10/10 as he gets older.
    pelt sandy brown, with a dark brown mane.
    eye color yellow
    defining features the male has a large build, but is very tall. as well, his ears are slightly pointed, much like a domestic feline's ears would be. His eyes are also heavily lidded.
    body modifications When he turns 12 moons, he will likely get two black hoops earrings on his right ear with a black skull studd under those.
    human faceclaim(s) Mason Levi from the band A Summer High.

    mbti personality type ENTP "The Debater"
    written persona This male is certainly something special. He constantly finds ways to argue his points, just because it's fun. He doesn't care if anybody cares; he does it simply because he enjoys it. Alexei also enjoys ripping another person's beliefs and opinions to shreds, showing the person that they are wrong. His motto to live by is "Everybody is allowed to have opinions, but their opinions are usually wrong." He loves proving others wrong, and is always honest, whether it helps or hurts someone else. As well as this, if he doesn't agree with something, he will always question it. Like, if the leader told him to fight someone - if there is no good reason (or good enough reason for himself), he will argue his point and question the leader. This is because he believes in the right, not the wrong. He will not do something unless there is good reason.
    hogwarts house Ravenclaw

    mental disorders He will develop OCD, slight anger issues, and will develop slight schizophrenia - he will hear voices around him sometimes when he is all alone, and will also see shadows out of the corners of his eyes
    fears agoraphobia - the fear of large, open spaces (not the best for him living in WindClan)
    mental health It will be very good, for a very long time, until he starts developing schizophrenia, around 5 years old.
    emotional health Until he gets older, it will be normally stable - sometimes higher stress levels.

    plots as he gets older, he will become a better physical fighter, and due to his lack of the force, or really any powers, he will rely more on brute strength and maybe some daggers he will acquire.

    Alexei will also become a bounty hunter, who will live permanently in WindClan but will travel around during the day to find criminals, or to capture enemies of WindClan or his father or mother.

    rper elumi; activity is: i am on every day normally, unless I don't have internet, which isn't often. So maybe 9/10. My muse level is normally 8/10 on a good day, or after i finish a cup of coffee (which I drink often).

    why i want this cub I enjoy playing blank-slate characters, and Star Wars is one of my favorite series in the world. I saw this adoption, and I thought "hey, I've seen Darth around and he's really cool!" Plus, I used to play in BlizzardClan when Padme was there (my character was Bulletproof Biersack. He was a Paladin for a little while)

    code word leo leo

    rp sample The large lion made his way through the moor grass, his slightly drooped yellow eyes scanning the landscape before him. The male's tail tip flicked as the scent of an intruder made its way to his scent glands, his nostrils flaring ever so slightly. Narrowing his eyes more than they already were, Alexei crouched down and moved slowly towards the scent, following it to almost the edge of WindClan territory, where he spotted a large black stag, much larger than he was, with shadows swarming around it. The scent was distinctly ShadowClan - a Clan that had dropped WindClan to enemy status not too long ago.

    A low growl erupted from his throat, and the stag looked up from where it was grazing, its magnificent 36-pointed antlers scraping the air. Pausing and flicking its tail, the stag looked around. Alexei felt the urge to just rush forward and slam his paw onto the others back, to crack its spine and render it helpless. But he suppressed the urge, and slowly creeped forward, keeping his body downwind of the stag. The stag turned and looked straight at Alexei, narrowing its blindingly silver eyes. The stag pawed at the ground and lowered its head, pointing its large horns at Alexei. Alexei stopped, before rushing straight at the stag. The stag hooked his body in its horns, using his momentum to toss him over its body.

    The lion landed heavily on his side, grunting and scrambling up quickly. Letting out a huff, he rushed towards the stag again. Stopping right at the horns so the same thing didn't happen again, he brought a heavy paw down on its lowered neck, causing the stag to crumple to the ground. The stag swept its horns under Alexei's feet and the sandy brute fell, as the stag rose to its feet. Somehow, a cloud of shadows surrounded them both, and when they finally cleared, Alexei was alone.

    He wasn't sure whether he had won, but he knew he would track down that stag and kill it.

    /the stag was another character of mine - Aleksander Morozova, a member of ShadowClan <3

    fangs °

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    [center][fancypost=bgcolor=; border:0; width:450px; text-align:justify; font-size:10.5px; line-height:1.5;]half sister track c:

    ( honestly she wish she could disappear )

  • sorry, i have the flu so i havent be able to work on my app.

    i miss everyone that i used to know from ff, if you know me, i don't rlly use this site anymore but i return occasionally for nostalgia. (rip feralfront 2006-2017)

    im here now

    i played ephemeralaurora xerses muzikant-sixx, she was in colouredclan from 2015-2017. she was every rank besides leader and welcomed most of the previous leaders of colouredclan on their first joining thread. im sorry but i wanted this noted in case anyone remembers her. she’s presumed dead at this point, if you need a random npc for any cc threads, you can mention her. she’s a tiny gray-and-white long-haired tabby with heterochromatic eyes and demon wings. related to just about everyone through the xerses, muzikant, and sixx families.

  • helpful bump (:

    [align=center][size=12][font='Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, sans-serif'][color=#EE82EE]Behind Every Pair Of Eyes,[/color][/font][/size] [font='Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, sans-serif'][size=12][color=#EE82EE]Is A Life Full Of Stories.[size=10][/size][/color][/size][/font] [color=#EE82EE][font='Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, sans-serif']Elumi - 17 years old - Female[/font][/color][/align]
  • Me and Frosty have done some discussing, and made our decision, and have picked four. The Fifth will be stillborn. This was a agreed-upon decision, as the other applications were unfinished or had qualities we did not want in this Litter.

    We have decided:

    Frost will be posting the birthing thread before Tuesday.

  • Thank you so much! I'll start trying to get his subaccount up any running as soon as I can!

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