Rise like the Bloodmoon Sign Up - Apocalyptic Werewolf RP Remake [All Ranks needed]

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  • I may create another character soon actually, but that form may take as long as this one did, so we shall see ^

  • May make more later :3

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  • I was wondering of you still had positions open?

    [url='http://https://feralfront.com/thread/2505751-fairytail-dawn-of-a-new-era/?postID=89361678#post89361678'][img]http://mbmfiles.com/Feb2017/170225-SxG96rz5ZqNO.jpg[/img][/url] [URL=http://mybannermaker.com][IMG]http://mbmfiles.com/Mar2017/170331-SCD8cCVSL7MV.gif[/IMG][/URL]

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  • Alright, so all the new girls are accepted. Although which Sigma rank is Eliza?

    Foxy, I am updating the first post now so that will tell what positions are open.

    Moon, would you mind starting the thread. I am not really sure how to start if off and you've done revamp threads before. We'll just rp here cause I can't handle watching over two threads, sorry if that bothers anyone.

  • Yeah, I can do that give me sometime I'm busy with a few other things.

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  • Insanely late track.. Oops.

    Would it be okay if I just have Lyulf back? I lost all of my interest in Ranger, unfortunately. Sorry for tracking so late. I just noticed this in my messages. Super sorry for that. My bad.

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  • [I forgot I said I was going to start us off, sorry. To set the scene we're going to do a two month jump, it's winter and snowing. Recently prey has been decreasingly greatly, and the City gone on lockdown and has upped it security since the human death rate has increase dramatically. Finding food in the forest is becoming harder, stealing food from humans is risky, but their options are getting limited.

    Lunar you can go ahead and come back with Lyulf, I don't see a problem with it. I doubt Jacky will either. If you guys have humans that were going to be turned, I would suggest just rping them already turned, otherwise you'll have to wait until Sebastian turns you.]


    As the last sunrays of the day kiss the heathland, a blade sang a song of death as it hurtled through the air, a solid thud and the shrill shriek that came and went, confirmed her hit. The snow crushed underneath black boots as ravenette tipped her head backwards to lift her vivid jades upwards as she spotted the handle of one of her larger hunting hang about ten to fifteen feet above her. A frosty gust of ice-cold wind pulled at her abundant, dark hair and slapped her in the face. It would have pulled a shivered or even a soft shake from anyone else, but the cold didn't both her in the slightest. The woman was wearing her usual attire consisting of a black leather jacket, similar matching tank top, worn out blue jeans, and her boots. At her waist sat a belt that holstered her variety of sharp objects.

    The pink lips, now chapped and slightly redden, were pressed into a firm line. It would have been a tad bit hard to read her emotions if she hadn't inhaled and then exhaled loudly and exaggeratedly. Furiosa hated to admit, but this was getting a little tiring. She's been out hunting majority of the day and she had so little to show for it. She wasn't sure where all the prey was going from what she understood it's decreased drastic in the last month. She wished she did know the answer because she doubted she'd have to do this all day. Fury pulled her hands from the pockets of her jacket, lowering her eyes as she examined the slender digits that stuck out of the finger holes in her fingerless gloves. They were filled with dirt and grime, sticky with dry sap from trees, and painted in different shades ranging from a maroon to a purplish blue of a bruise.

    She clenched her hands into a fist, spikes of pain came with action, before relaxing them. She went back to look up at the large tree in front of her, with another long sigh she gathered her wits and jumped from a standstill. She outstretched her arms, as soon as her hands came into contact with the solid limb above her they wrapped around it tightly. Bursts of pain came in small shocks through the nerves in her palms and fingers, however, they were cast aside as Fury became more focused on hauling herself up and swinging both legs over the branch. Once she was seated and balanced, she leaned her weight into the truck and brought both her legs up, rising slowly until she was standing on the limb. From there it was relatively easy to climb the rest of the way, once in a while she'd misstep or slip on an icy branch and her muscles would scream in protest they were jerked painfully.

    By the time she reached her knife, small pants came out of her parted lips and her cheeks had taken on a shiny tomato shade. She elevated a hand and clutched the hilt of her knife, yanking as she felt more discomfort within her palm, slowly the blade unwedged itself from deep inside the bark. She caught the dead squirrel in her hand before it could drop to the ground, holding the dead animal by its tail. Fury found that Wolves weren't keen on hunting above ground, which made sense considering they ran on four legs and took down larger prey to feed huge wolves. But they were running out of deer and whatever else it was Wolfblood ate. She had some speculations on the problem, but as of late has been keeping her thoughts to herself. She's been with the pack for a little under two months, why was she still in a place that she was clearly not liked? She'd explain herself once she figured it out.

    She descended a lot of more gracefully than she had going up. She landed heavily on the ground, bending her knees underneath the impact and nearly losing her balance in the process. She straightened herself and got her legs moving, walking towards her stash of dead prey. She needed a shower and to a long long nap. She should get her hands glanced at, yet has noticed that the redhead Doc didn't like her much, or at least that's the vibe she got from her there was also the fact that the Doc referred to her as "Sebastian's Pet", so Furiosa avoided her as much as possible. As big of a bitch as she could be, Fury had some manners she'd try to avoid brawls while being allowed to stay within their home. The ravenette grabbed the small prey and started the long trek back to the house.

    Scarlett Slayer

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    Lyanna 'Luna' Lupin

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    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

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