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  • [spoiler=cassiopeia ] [img='',left,166][/img][size=10] [/size][size=10][/size] [color=#FFFFFF][b]name:[/b] cassiopeia (cass or cassie) [b]gender:[/b] femme [b]age:[/b] 1 year 6 months [b]position:[/b] warrior[/color] [color=#FFFFFF] [b]appearance:[/b] cass is a mottled she cat with a white base coat. the rest of her coat is marbled with three main colors: mahogony, birch, and tan. over one eye, she has a black patch which contrasts her saphire eyes. cass's coloring reaches over her back and her tail, but her underbelly, the lower half of her face, and most of her legs are all off-white fur. cassie has a large pink scar on the joint behind her front right leg, which stretche about 8 inches. it is long and kinny, but still prominent. she tore it in her trial and almost bled to death, but made it back just in time. [/color] [b][color=#FFFFFF]personality: [/color][/b][size=10][color=#FFFFFF]cass is a laid back, happy-go-lucky she-cat. she seems to always be purring at something, and never has a frown on her face. though she may seem weak, she is in fact very tough. she has a witty tounge and a hard core. cases loves kits, and wants a family of her own some day. she feels that she would be a good mother, and she wants a chance to raise her kits the way she would want to be raised- with a kind and loving support base. [/color][/size] [color=#FFFFFF] [b]history: [/b]cass's life started as a kitty pet about 1 year and 6 months ago, however since then she has been on one heck of a ride. cass was only a kitty pet for a brief millisecond of her time on earth. her mother was impregnated by a street cat and her owner did not want to keep the kittens- so she but them in a box and scrawled the letters 'free to good home' in thick black sharpie. the kittens watched from their box as people passed by, but only a few people stopped to take a look at the kittens. after about a week, all of cass's siblings had been taken by some stranger and hopefully had made it to a good home. finally, someone came for her; however it was not a twoleg who picked her up. it was her father. his name was platinum and he was a skinny street cat living in a dumpster off of scraps. but he cared for her, and they made it through the hardest part. when cass was old enough to speak and run, and had gained some street smarts from her father, the duo set off in search of a new place to live. platinum was adventurous, and naturally so was cass. at the time, they lived in a small island town where fishing was big. platinum had become friendly with the people who worked at the fishing pier, and they often gave the pair scraps. platinum decided they would stow away on a fishing boat and let the waves take them wherever it wished. he watched the boat patterns every day, so his knowledge of their routes was fairly good. the tom knew which boats were gone longer than others, and he knew that those boats who left their docks for more than a few days must have been visiting some other land. so the two took a boat, blind to where they would end up. but the vessel soon reached the mainland and the father-daughter couple said their last goodbyes to any notion of the island they had once called home. platinum told his daughter that he knew a place they could go. a place that his mother had spoken of before platinum traveled to the island they had just left as a very young kitten. platinum never knew his father, but his mother claimed that he was from this place she so oftem spoke of. with the help of other cats, cassiopea and platinum found their way to a clan called cliffclan that lived on top of a mountain. cass was about 5 months then, and she hardly remembers her time in cliffclan, as it was also very short lived. one fateful day, when cassie turned 6 months old, cliffclan suffered a terrible avalanche. cases only remembers the terrible rumbling of snow before she was knocked out by the masses of snow. when the she-cat woke up, she was no longer in cliffclan. she found herself in the medic den of the chasm, and has been a warrior for them ever since. [/color][color=#FFFFFF] [b]other: [/b]her father is open!!! It would be awesome if maybe he came back or something.[/spoiler][/color] [spoiler=elkie ] [img='',left,126][/img][b][color=#FFFFFF][/color][/b] [color=#FFFFFF] [/color][color=#FFFFFF][b][color=#FFFFFF]name: [/color][size=10][/size][/b] elkie [b][color=#FFFFFF] gender:[/color][/b] femme [b] age:[/b] 5 months [b][color=#FFFFFF] position:[/color][/b] apprentice [b]appearance:[/b] (description AND image) [/color] [b][color=#FFFFFF]personality:[/color][/b] [color=#FFFFFF] [/color] [b][color=#FFFFFF]history:[/color][/b] [color=#FFFFFF] [/color] [b][color=#FFFFFF]other:[/color][/b][/spoiler]

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  • [img='',none,517][/img] [b]Name:[/b] Rune [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 3 Years old [b]Position:[/b] Warrior [b]Appearance:[/b] Rune is a tall handsome tom with thick black and white fur and sharp yellow eyes. He is quite small though well built and stocky otherwise. He has a scar crossing from his shoulder to the back of his right hind leg and has a pointed long muzzle. He has a wide somewhat large head and tall pointed ears, a nick in the right one. [b]Personality:[/b] Rune is known to be a calm and patient cat with a very passive and relaxed attitude. He's somewhat careless and laid back about most anything. It's very difficult to get Rune mad given his calm demeanor and he's a strong believer of peace if possible. He doesn't enjoy needless bloodshed but will participate if necessary. Rune, if angered though has a very violent attitude. He can get cold and strict and the relaxed careless attitude immediately leaves him. When angered his temper can get out of control and rumor has it he has murdered a cat when his anger got far too out of hand. Whether or not that rumor is true or not is unknown. Otherwise Rune is very calm and quite friendly. He can be brutally honest, especially on his beliefs but he doesn't give out his opinion unless asked. He is the type to be rather closed about things going on but if someone asks how he feels about something he will not lie about it. [b]History:[/b] Born by a she-cat named Moss and a tom named Flame, Rune was born and raised in the Chasm. He lived a peaceful life being taught values from his mother and fighting from his father. He ultimately became an apprentice and trained hard to be the best warrior he could. He spent a time as an apprentice longing to become a Medic apprentice after engaging in fighting though was overwhelmed by the knowledge it'd take to know the things a medic knows. Happy with being a warrior Rune completed his training and went through the final apprentice trial. It took him three days to get home and when he did he was originally presumed dead because of how long it took him. Ultimately though he made it back safely and primarily unscathed and proceeded to continue through his life as a relaxed and peaceful warrior. [b]Other:[/b] N/A
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  • In love with this group. I do have a question, though: are there any consequences to disturbing the Seer? [align=center][img][/img] [b]COSIMIA. FEMALE. WARRIOR.[/b][/align][b]AGE[/b] 25 months [b]APPEARANCE[/b] Cosimia is a truly winsome feline. She has long legs, a sturdy body, and a triangular face -- all traits of a Norwegian Forest Cat, which she is mixed with. Her fur is long, with two coats and a beautifully plumed tail. Cosi, as she is commonly called, has two layers of fur: one downy coat, which is underneath the top coat for insulation. The second is water-repelling, which simply implies that snow doesn't stick to her as easily it would to a normal kitty. Her eyes are wide, possessing a beautiful, clear, ocean blue with dark pupils that let you read her soul. Cosi definitely isn't the fussy type of kitty, but she does like to keep a shining coat, clear of major tangles and any debris. She has truly gorgeous fur, splattered with nature's mountainous camouflage and a sharp, pristine ivory. Underneath her luscious fur, though, she has a muscled physique and vicious claws. [b]PERSONALITY[/b] Cosimia is a proud bisexual. She is also sensitive, brilliant, spontaneous, dependable. Slightly manipulative at times, even. Any overly harsh insult could send her over the edge, and by over the edge, I mean intense anger. She'll most likely spit back some insults herself but with... More colorful vocabulary. Ideas, for Cosi, are a way of life. Every waking moment, somewhere in her vast conscience, an idea is forming, like a better way to access base or a initiation ceremony for the kits. Of course, some of those ideas are simply to morbid to be put into use, but she analyzes them anyway. Those close to her could say that spontaneity is her best trait, but she could argue against that. It's annoying to simply blurt out any thought you have at any given moment, be it safe for work or not. [b]HISTORY [/b]Cosimia has lived a very bland life ever since she was born to Weeba and Josephine. All she's done is simply live and have a crushing passion for a certain she-cat by the name of Aino. [b]OTHER[/b] Waddup, dog.
  • [align=center][img][/img] [b][color=#AFEEEE]AINO[/align][/color][/b] [align=center][color=#AFEEEE][b][size=8][i][color=#FFF0F5]"it must hurt so bad with a knife in your back"[/color][/i][/size][/b][/color] [b][color=#FFFF00]★ ★ ★[/color][/b][/align] [b]CURRENT NAME[/b] aino [i]past name(s)[/i] x [i]future name(s)[/i] x [b]NAME ORGIN & MEANING[/b] [i]the name 'aino' originates from finnish mythology. aino means 'the only one'.[/i] [b]NICKNAME(S)[/b] [b]GENDER[/b] goddess [i]gender identity:[/i] cis female [i]preferred pronouns:[/i] she/her [b]AGE[/b] 32 months [i]birth date:[/i] august 24 [b]ALLIANCE[/b] the chasm [b]RANK[/b] warrior [b]BRIEF WRITTEN DESCRIPTION[/b] aino is a common calico, her light markings mixing with her darker markings. the goddess is accompanied with a fair amount of pure white on her, like her chest and paws. white can also be seen slipping through the cracks between the brilliant orange and calm black. her eyes are an excellent sea-green with a wistful look stuck in them. the goddess is barely average sized with a lithe but strong build. [url='']1[/url] . [url='']2[/url] [b]HAIR TYPE[/b] soft and naturally straight [i]fur length:[/i] short [i]fur color:[/i] calico markings - orange + white + black [b]EYE COLOR[/b] a beautiful shade of green [b]PERSONAL ITEMS[/b] x [b]SCARS[/b] x [b]POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS[/b] confident + daring + allocentric + gallant + loyal + workhorse [b]NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS[/b] challenging - argumentative - callous - difficult - venomous - deceitful [b]BRIEF PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION[/b] aino is a complex character. sure, she's confident and loves to focus on her clan mates but she's difficult and challenging. the goddess spits venomous words and is influenced by her mind. aino can be known for her fearless attitude, often confronting others with it. she isn't a pushover, far from it. in fact, she can be demanding-but it's mainly of herself. maybe she isn't the ideal she-cat, the innocent cliche one, but she gets the job done. aino works hard for her clan, often seeking their approval. it makes her feel accomplished and joyful when others seem to be proud of her. she knows it's wrong to worry about what others think of her-but she can't help it. while the goddess has mastered the art of lying and deceit, she mainly uses to protect herself from others invading questions. [b]HISTORY[/b] aino was born to her mother, daisy. she hadn't known much of her father, he had disappeared fairly quickly. but that hadn't bothered aino in the slightest. if anything, it made her want to keep her mother's mind off the absence of her mate. everyday was a new chance to keep her mother's attention on what had surrounded her. she spent all her kithood trying to make her mother smile, wanting to see the familiar gleam of happiness. when she had been made an apprentice, her focus turned to making her mentor proud of her. she didn't sleep much during those times, always practicing and thinking over her plans during the night. most of her life has been her trying to please others. as her apprenticeship ended and the over-looming thought of the trial had taken a toll on her. but she had managed to complete it. aino can clearly recall the pain in her paws and the wet puddles. it wasn't fun. she didn't return the same cat, no, she had clearly changed. she blames it on the leech in her mind, or that's what she calls it. the added thoughts she had during the trial stuck with the goddess, letting them multiply into a self-destructing mind. [i]birthplace:[/i] a chasm nursery [i]parents:[/i] smoke x daisy [i]siblings:[/i] x [i]other kin:[/i] x [b]SEXUALITY[/b] bisexual [b]RELATIONSHIP STATUS[/b] unaccompanied [b]LOVE INTEREST(S)[/b] open - to develop [b]MATE[/b] x [b]TURN ONS[/b] larger than her, bdark pelt colors, family-oriented, romantic [b]TURN OFFS[/b] aggressive, constantly berating her, disrespectful, unfaithful [b]THEME SONG(S)[/b] [url='']the spider and the lamps - razia's shadow[/url] [url='']holding onto you - twenty one pilots[/url] [url='']small hands - keaton henson[/url] [url='']kitchen sink - twenty one pilots[/url] [b]PLOT IDEAS[/b][s] the child needs love [/s] [b]OTHER[/b] yo if you ever need me to make a guy i will!!



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    rus ★ razia's shadow