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    • Name: Eldria
      Gender: Female
      Age: 68 moons
      Position: Seer?
      Appearance: Wip
      Personality: Wip
      History: Wip
      Other: N/A

      This is a WIP. Reserve Seer, please?
      Count to a million

      First comes the day
      Then comes the night.
      After the darkness
      Shines through the light.
      The difference, they say,
      Is only made right
      By the resolving of gray
      Through refined Jedi sight.
    • Name: Storm
      Gender: Female
      Age: 36 months
      Position: Warrior
      A large stocky gray she cat. She has a long blue gray ticked tabby pelt with a silver underbelly. Storm has a long yet elegant feathery tail. Her ears have silver tufts on the top, she also has fur between her toes. She has rather large paws for a she cat, this is mainly due to her large build. Her eyes are a very pale yellow green.
      Personality: Despite her large size Storm is a very gentle she cat who is extremely family oriented. Storm enjoys hanging out with the kits of the group and one day hopes to be a mentor, and if she's lucky maybe even a mother. Storm is also a very loyal she cat and will always fight for her the cats she considers her allies. The bad part of her personality is she can be a bit over protective of those close to her. She can also worry herself to the point of sickness.
      History: Storm and her brother where birthed to the she cat Hail and the tom cat Crow. The littermates were born in a harsh winter and have always known a rougher type of lifestyle than most in the chasm. Once the two siblings became apprentices a group of troublesome rogues were spotted in their territory. A patrol was sent out to chase off the hostile invaders. While the chasm succeeded in chasing the rogues away it costed the lives of Storm and Dusk's parents. This is probably why Storm constantly worries for her brother's well being.
      Other: n/a

      Name: Dusk
      Gender: Male
      Age: 36 months
      Position: Warrior
      He has the same large build as his sister, Storm. The only difference being his muzzle is more squished than his sister and he has larger paws. His pelt is pure black, long, and rather fluffy. Another characteristic he shares with his sister is their long feathery tail as well as their eartufts. Lastly he has pale green eyes that are known to take on a frosty look when he is angered.
      Personality: Unlike his sister who is almost always worrying Dusk is rather adventurous and loud mouthed. Dusk can't seem to know when to shut up and has been known to pick fights. That doesn't mean he hasn't won his fair share of fights as well as lost some. Dusk is also a bit vain and can almost always be found washing his pelt in the morning, after battles or hunting patrols. Lastly Dusk is a very thick headed tom cat who takes awhile to understand more complicated ideas.
      History: Same as Storm's.
      Other: n/a
      Heya! I'm a huge fandom nerd and I'm always willing to start up a friendly chat!

      My fandoms include:
      Warrior Cats
      Doctor Who
      Hunter X Hunter
      Blue Exorcist
      Boku no hero academia
      Mystic Messenger


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      1. Name:Winter
      2. Gender:Female
      3. Age:4years
      4. Position:Warrior
      5. Appearance: Winter is a white cat with blue eyes and has gray stripes all over her body.
      6. Personality:Winter is a very sweet and fun cat. She does take her duties very seriously but when she can she will play with the kits and apprentices because one day she hopes to be a mom.
      7. History:when she was born it was spring time and all was well in the clan. But then Winter and her siblings started getting sick and soon her siblings died leaving only winter and her mother because her dad had left since he was over 10 years old. Before she became a apprentice her mom ended up leaving as well happy because she tried to teach Winter to be a strong and smart cat wanting her to be a really good cat to the clan. To this day Winter will still try to follow what her mom had told her but she also wants to live her own life as well.
      8. Other: if it is ok if she might have a slight crush on Onyx.
      In school from 7:30am-2:00pm may not be on a lot sorry. If you have a clan or a thread you would like me to join, pm me so we can talk about it.
    • Will be making my forms VERY soon! But first(Cuz stuffs takes times) May I reserve seers apprentice?
      (also Im making an apprentice, but I kinda wanna make an extra just to have them die in the trial.. Is that ok?)

      Age: Eight months
      Position: Seer's apprentice?
      Appearance: Camial is a small ginger tom, with a lighter pelt, and darker streaks.
      Personality:Through the brief span of training hes already had, hes become a more serious cat, and tries to avoid others. He often dazes off but tries to focus.. When he notices. He constantly gets snapped at, and doesnt have alot of self confidence.
      History: Camial doesnt know much of his parents other than the fact that they abandoned him and his sister. He knew two things about his mother, Her name: Kella, And her ginger pelt that he took after. While he only knew one thing about his father.. He was an outsider. Nobody had outright told him, but from elder stories he had heard of how the outsider had strayed into camp and mesmerized his mother, they had kits before she upped and left leaving the kits to the clan. He grew up in the arms of the clan, and hoped to become a seer so he could look to the chasm for answers to their parents. He spent the rest of his kithood watching his runt sister, and making sure she grew up to be strong.


      Display Spoiler

      1. Name: Fleur
      2. Gender: Female
      3. Age: Eight months
      4. Position: Apprentice
      5. Appearance: Fleur is a ginger-grey she cat with a semi-fluffy pelt. [spoiler][/spoiler]
      6. Personality: Bright playful bundle of fur, everyone hates her, is completely oblivious to the fact everyone hates her, annoys her brother Camial alot. Is also extremely determined. Horrid combination
      7. History: See camial for parentage. She was the runt of the litter and the one who showed any hint as to their fathers appearance. Her ginger-grey pelt stood out from Camial's which he seemed to take an interest in. Her brother watched after her till he became a seer's apprenticed, though feeling slightly abandoned she reasoned that she needed to toughen up, she was a real apprentice now!
      8. Other: Camials sibling

      Tiny Feather
      Married to Pyre~
      I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me.
      He's just a poor boy from a poor family,
      Spare him his life from this monstrosity.
      ~Smol to Venture~

      Tiny's Family tree

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    • Anemone
      1 | 2 | 3
      Name: Anemone
      Gender: Female
      Age: 11 Months
      Position: Medic Apprentice
      Appearance: Anemone is a pretty cat overall. She has a short tortoiseshell pelt with a sleek, slim frame. Her pelt is smooth and soft despite it being short. Her tail is fluffier than the rest of her body, and her paws are smaller than average. She is often seen wearing a band of flowers either as a crown, necklace or a bracelet in the seasons such as leaf-bare. She has light green eyes rimmed with a darker green, flecked with a silver.
      Personality: Anemone is a mix of really good and pretty bad things. She think she very positively, seeing the best of every situation. Also, like her father, Lupine, she is extremely playful, especially with the kits and young cats. However, she does tend to get distracted pretty easily and also tends to forget things easily. Despite this, she has a brilliant memory for herbs and flowers in particular. She loves to explore and adventure, and spends her spare time wandering through the territory. Even though she is very kind, she does have a tendency give more than she gets. Though this may seem good, this often leaves her and those depending on her in a slight bit of trouble in the end. Even with this, she only wants the best for every cat and has a brilliant knack for finding and using herbs and flowers.
      History: Anemone was born to Lupine and Violet as Anemonekit, alongside her siblings Thyme and Wisteria. She had the most unique name by far, however her siblings never judged or disregarded her for it. Her mother died giving birth to the three of them, though Lupine--Crow at the time--had told them of her and always spoke fondly of her. Everything was going well until sickness hit the clan. Thyme and Anemone had both gotten it, and though Thyme didn't make it, Anemone did. It was at about this time she began to take an interest in herbs and flowers. That left Anemone, Wisteria and Crow. The day she and Wisteria became apprentices, Anemone was apprenticed to the medics. The same day, Crow requested his name be changed to Lupine, which he stated had been Violet's favorite flower. The half moon she went to become an official medic apprentice about a week later she met her grandmother, Blue, in StarClan, who told her to tell Lupine that she hadn't gone to live with Cloud but instead to died of hypothermia, alone in the snow outside of the territory due to a cold night in leaf-bare. She shared this information with him the following morning despite being told not to. That leads up to where she is now.
      Other: N/A


      Name: Lupine
      Gender: Male
      Age: 49 Moons
      Position: Elder; Retired early due to hearing loss in his left ear and sense of smell
      Appearance: Lupine is a short-furred black tom. He has a distinctive white patch on his chest leading to his chin. He also has a singular white forepaw and light amber eyes, flecked with black, silver and a darker amber rim. He has a stocky build and short face.
      Personality: Lupine is a rough yet generous cat. He tends to take playfights a little out of paw, but not to the point of more than a bruise. He does give a lot to the cats of his clan though, even though he is an elder. Though playful, especially with the younger kits, he does have a temper about him. If anything messes with him or his daughter, they're going to get more than an earful. On that note, Lupine is a bit too over-protective, wanting to do anything and everything for his remaining daughter so when doesn't get hurt or have to experience the worst in life. He is also supportive in this way, pushing her to go further as a medicine cat so she doesn't become tempted to become a warrior where she may be hurt. He does tend to teach her basic fighting moves so she can defend herself. To end it off, he is a curious cat who just wants to know more about life, even with his disabilities and rank.
      History: Lupine was born to Blue and Night, not as Lupine, but Crow. He one sister, a she-kit named Cloud. However, she left early on wanting to become a kittypet, and Night died a few days after their birth from illness, leaving him with just Blue. They was the thing that kept Blue going until he was in the midst of their apprentice years. As Crow, apprentices to a cat named Mouse, his mother disappeared a few days after giving birth to another kit named Soot to a rouge father. He convinced himself she went to go live with Cloud, though this would be later debunked by his very own daughter. But that is a later tale. When he became a warrior, a queen gave birth to a tortoiseshell she-kit named Violet. Little did he know she would become the love of his life. He was about 22 months when she became an apprentice. Violet was apprentices to Crow, and this was how they bonded. The 6 months she was training, they grew very close in not just a mentor-apprentice way. Violet was 12 months when she became warrior name and he was 28. They only grew closer. One day, Violet announced she was pregnant. When she gave birth, Crow was 37 months old and she was 21 months. However, this would be where Violet's story ended, as she died giving birth to three beautiful kits, Thyme, Wisteria and Anemone. Thyme died over the next 6 months, from illness. That left him with Wisteria and Anemone, who decided to become a medic apprentice. The same day when they became apprentices, he changed his name to Lupine after his late mate's favorite flower. The night Anemone came back from becoming a full medicine cat apprentice, she told him Blue died from hypothermia outside the territory. He took it a little rough at first, but easily let it go due to it being so long ago. About midway through his daughter's training, he began to loose hearing in his left ear and his sense of smell for unknown reasons and was force to retire early.
      Other: N/A


      Name: Wisteria
      Gender: Female
      Age: 11 months
      Position: Apprentice
      Appearance: Wisteria is a graceful cat with a graceful look. She is a small semi-long-furred silver tabby with a slightly flat face. She has feathery fur and light, lithe frame. She has dark yellow-green eyes. She has a single lighter-colored forepaw and her tailtip is darker. She has white tufts on the inside of her ears.
      Personality: Wisteria is a bit of a flirt. She tends to flatter toms her age that she finds cute, but she's the kind of cat to let you know when you've caught her attention. However, she is an excellent under who is very competitive. She'll tend to try and outcompete you, especially if she likes you. She is he kind to try and find that perfect cat, and focuses on not much else. She does, however, want to be a great warrior and assist her clan.
      History: See Anemone's for the basics.
      Other: N/A


      Name: Soot
      Gender: Male
      Age: 39 months
      Position: Warrior
      Appearance: Soot has an average built and an average pelt for a long-furred cat. He has bluish-grey long fur and a long, feathery tail. He has a white stripe running from his muzzle to the end of his underbelly. He has bright amber-brown eyes and his fur is puffier around his cheeks.
      Personality: Soot is a calm and understanding cat. He tends to be the voice of reason in terribly situations. However, he does spend a lot of time on his own in his own little world. He isn't close with many cats, even his brother and nieces. He is a little more of a follower than a leader, and is a cat who tends to sleep in.
      History: Lupine's history contains the needed information.
      Other: N/A
      c l o u d c l a n [signups] | Minecraft/Alicia Online: AvianWingz

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    • @Circuitskid accepted! i'll add winter to the list of cats now!

      @lyn. all accepted! anemone is so pretty, she looks like my cat <3 adding them to the list of cats!

      @Tiny Feather would you mind if i asked you to add more to his history section? i'll reserve the position for you until it's edited! (sorry i didn't answer sooner)
      & camial actually sounds really cute - he reminds me of one of my own characters! <:
    • basil

      Name: basil
      Gender: tom
      Age: six and a half months
      Position: apprentice
      basil is a small white and black dappled tom with b airy visible brown patches, he has a black and pink speckled nose with small paws. he has pale mint green eyes and large pointed ears.
      Personality: basil is a rather scrupulous, but kind and good-intentioned youth. docile, polite and disciplined, he willingly adheres to the laws and regulations of his community. with his love and desire for order, he occasionally undertakes the role of a peacemaker. he is incredibly gentle and accepting, albeit sometimes awkward and timid in his interactions, particularly with those of the opposite sex. although considered an outcast, he is a generally well-respected, if not appreciated, member of his peer group, whom he gladly counsels and assists if need be. even so, perfectionist basil is something of a "goody-two-shoes," wishing to please and accommodate to the needs of others.
      History: basil was born as the only kit to greyling and althea, who died while giving birth, fortunately basil was taken in by another queen, who, with the help of greyling raised basil into what he is now.
      Other: n/a

      AMAZING art of thrushnose by --Secret Sin
    • Ok I just wanted to make sure and I'm ok if they don't become mates because I figured that would happen with him being leader and with her past as well. But i agree it does sound like a cute mini plot.
      In school from 7:30am-2:00pm may not be on a lot sorry. If you have a clan or a thread you would like me to join, pm me so we can talk about it.

    • Name:
      His name is Killian, a name that comes from Irish origin. It means "strife, battle" or "small, fierce."


      Three years, eight months


      Killian is an intriguing tom by looks. He is quite massive in stature, with broad shoulders, a long tail, and a wide, muscular frame to match. His pelt is tabby striped, and is relatively short, but it is also thick and possesses some length to it, that can be seen with little to no effort; it is made up of various shades of brown, but of those, dark is the most prominent. Killian's paws are large and soft, and are generally harmless, but can put just about any cat in quite the daze if he chooses to use them in defense. His claws, however, are anything but cuddly. Long and thorn-sharp, they can leave a stinging mark that one wouldn't soon forget. The hulking warrior could be described as somewhat handsome, or decent-looking, but he is best known for his somewhat scary facial features, that would suggest otherwise. Unusually tall ears rest upon his large head, and a pair of striking light green eyes, framed by a natural grumpy expression seem to make him quite the startling sight, especially to kits. However, what gives younger members a scare, and often even his older Clanmates, is the strange 'growth' of his muzzle. It is wide, and can even appear swollen, but there is, in fact, nothing wrong with him to cause this. It is simply a defect bestowed upon him at birth.

      Killian is, despite what his grumpy features would suggest, truly quite the sweetheart. He is very kind, and is always ready to assist his Clanmates in any way he can. Enjoying the smell of herbs, he tends to visit the medic's den often, both to check in on how things are going, and to revel in the scents of the medicines. He can be very strict at the best of times, and even a little hard-headed and stubborn, but the brutish tom wouldn't hurt a fly unless absolutely necessary. Killian prides himself in his duties, and is extremely loyal to The Chasm, and thus expects a lot of the cat who happens to be his apprentice. He can be a little outspoken, but doesn't always speak what's on his mind. This can be both a blessing and a curse, but he simply isn't the type to blurt out every thought he has about a situation, regardless if it's bad or good. If asked for his opinion, however, he will gladly tell you how he feels. Killian isn't much of a goofball, but does enjoy a bit of rough play every now and then. He has a good sense of humor, and will, on occasion, crack a joke, which may or may not be incredibly terrible. He wears a mature head on his shoulders, and can be quick to tell you to straighten up. It isn't often that you'll see him acting less like a full-grown warrior, and more like a childish kit, so don't expect much of him on that regard. He considers his Clan his family, and can be very protective of them, so much so that their lives mean more to him than his own. While he isn't the grumpy cat one would suspect, he does have his off moments, especially around nighttime. He practically lives off sleep; if he doesn't get enough, or when night rolls around, he becomes sluggish and intolerably cranky. It's best to avoid him, or be as nice as you possibly can to him when this happens.

      Killian wasn't born in The Chasm like most cats were. Rather, he was an outsider, and a very aggressive one, at that. No one knew where he had come from; he simply wandered into the territory one evening, during a patrol. Starving and exhausted, he lashed out when the patrol confronted him, attacking a few members. Surprised by his strength, one of the cats in the patrol managed to calm him down, and brought him back to the Clan's camp, where he would later join and spend his life surrounded by those who had taken him in. What his life was like before he joined, remains unknown. Killian seems to have left it behind, but may tell if prompted about it.

      He is open for relationship.

      (c) advo


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