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    Your entire body shakes and sways; you barely have the strength to stand. Your fur whips around you as you stare over the edge of the precipice, the wind cruelly taunting you. Everything below you is so small that it seems unreal. No matter how many times you follow this path, your mind can't escape the screaming and howling of the chasm below you. But you reluctantly pull your attention away from the chasm, looking to the small path that leads down the side of an otherwise flat cliff. You allow your paws to carry you down that path, walking in a single-file line, leading the terrified cats behind you.

    The walk down this rocky path seemed to take an eternity. When you finally reached your destination - a small cave opening in the side of the cliff wall - you lead the rest of your patrol inside. The cave is freezing, but a reluctant safe haven from the howling wind outside. You head deeper into the cave; although it is pitch-black, the path you follow has been etched into your heart just as powerfully as it has been etched into the stone around you.

    Finally, as the path starts to feel less dry, spattered with stagnant puddles of water, your path opens up into a cavern. This is your favorite part of the journey; the cavern is filled with soft blue lights, which scare away the darkness of the lonely path you followed before. But this is not the end of your journey. On the other side of the cavern is a small tunnel filled with water. You take a calm breath, slowly step into the water, and dive. This is the last challenge of your journey; at the end of the tunnel, you are home.
    Welcome to The Chasm!

    The cats in this roleplay live in a cave that has two entrances: near the top of the chasm (as described in the story) and at the bottom of the chasm.

    The bottom entrance is safer than the top entrance, and it starts at the very bottom of the chasm. The bottom entrance simply follows a lazy river that has carved its way through the cliff. The lazy river leads directly to the clan's base.

    The clan's base is a large cavern, filled with harmless, bio-luminescent bacteria as well as small ponds of water. Dens are made of materials which have been dragged into the cavern from the outside.

    The Chasm has the same basic hierarchy as warrior clans (leader, deputy, etc.) except that they also have a seer and seer's apprentice, which will be explained later. The Chasm also has slightly different traditions and rules from clan cats.
    The Chasm's Hierarchy

    These are all of the positions in The Chasm, listed from highest ranking to lowest ranking.

    • Leader: Leads The Chasm. Creates rules, declares war on other groups of cats, etc. Will be replaced by the deputy upon his/her death. Appoints the deputy.
    • Deputy: Second-in-command. Takes over whenever the leader is unavailable, and becomes the leader when the current leader dies. Carries out the leader's will.
    • Seer: This cat stares into The Chasm at all times, foreseeing prophecies. He/she only stops for his/her basic needs. Must be absolutely committed to seeing.
    • Seer Apprentice: The Seer's apprentice; this cat is being trained to see and must be fully committed. The Seer apprentice is chosen by the Seer.
    • Medic: Trained in medicine. Always takes care of kittens and queens before anyone else.
    • Medic Apprentice: The medic's apprentice; takes position of medic once the current medic dies. The medic apprentice is chosen by the medic.
    • Warriors: Normal cats; these cats fight, hunt, and defend.
    • Apprentices: Kittens in training to become warriors. Each apprentice has a warrior who is their mentor. A kitten becomes an apprentice at 6 months old and becomes a warrior at a year old if they pass their trial.
    • Queens: Female cats who have stopped being warriors in favor of taking care of kittens.
    • Kittens: Kittens who are too young to become apprentices.
    The Trial

    When apprentices reach a year of age, they have one last trial to face before they become a warrior: finding their way to the top of the cliff face. This is not the same path that a single patrol goes through every day; this is a path so dangerous that it is always blocked by a rock to keep curious kittens out. With the passing of every year, it becomes exceedingly more dangerous. Filled with slippery, slimy puddles of water; pitch-black half of the way through it; liable to collapse at the slightest sound or a wrong step; absolutely devoid of life. The journey takes two days: a day to travel through the cave and reach the outside... and a day to travel back through it and return home. Many apprentices don't even make it to the end of the first day.
    The Chasm's Laws


    • Kittens may not be warriors until they are 6 months old.
    • Apprentices may not become warriors until they are at least a year old and pass their trial.
    • Unless a cat is at least a warrior, they are not allowed to travel through the upper entrance.
    • A single patrol of warriors (3-5 cats) must travel through the upper entrance once a day to make sure it is safe.
    • Three patrols a day must be sent through the lower entrance to mark borders.
    • If any cat intentionally hurts/kills a kitten, that cat will be killed.
    • If you betray The Chasm, you will be killed.
    • Any cat older than 10 years must leave The Chasm.
    • Enemy cats will not receive mercy if they are undeserving.
    • Kittens must never leave base.
    • Apprentices are only allowed to travel through the bottom entrance if they are accompanied by a warrior.
    • Always obey the leader.
    • Do not disturb the Seer.
    The Chasm's Laws


    • The site rules.
    • Please use normal language; don't use words like "kittypet," "twoleg," "moons," "foxdung," etc.
    • Cats in this group have single-word names.
    • Swearing allowed.
    • No god-modding or mini-modding.
    • Do not try to constantly make your character the center of attention.
    • Realistic cats, please. Don't make your cat purple or something.
    • The only cats with any special abilities are the Seer and the Seer's apprentice. Their only special abilities are to see prophecies.
    • If you have a (major) plot idea, please speak to me and get my permission first! Don't start a war or something without my permission.
    • If you have a fan clan and want your group to interact with mine, just post a message on my wall and we can talk about it!
    • The rules are subject to change.
    • What I say goes, no matter what.
    • To sign up, use the form I have made available in the post below this one. (Unless your form is more advanced)


    Sign-up Form

    Here is the sign up form; please delete anything in parenthesis before submitting it!
    Please make your bio semi-advanced or else you will not be accepted.


    Accepted Members

    You and your cat will be added here once you are accepted!


    Example Form

    Here is the leader's form, which I have slightly edited to better include an image.

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