Oh how we regret those things we do // (gxg, pafp)

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      "Well, I'm glad you decided to join me." She said with a happy smile on her face. "Well, what do you like to do for fun?" Jennet asked, crossing her legs under the table, as she pondered a moment about the girl. She noticed that Genny was a quiet type. She seemed nervous, but then again, maybe it was around just her? No. That couldn't be it. They barely knew each other, so why would Genny be nervous? Was Jennet intimidating? Was she scwry? Oh gosh. Jennet felt the anxiety build up at the pit of her stomach, which didn't feel very good.
      //sorry for the late response. I have been really busy lately.
      I am a lot more gay than I put off.
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      // That's fine! Understandable, I've been bust as well with school and such ^^

      "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
      Oh... what do I do for fun? Genny thought hard about this question. She mostly found herself hold up in her room with her computer and her guitar. She didn't really like mentioning the guitar, as it always led to conversations about hearing her play. She'd never played in front of anyone but her parents. "I...I mostly just like to watch YouTube videos..." She paused for a second. "And play the guitar..." She said in a quiet voice.

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