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  • [color=powderblue] "What do you think she'll say?" I gave a sharp sigh as my friend continued to question me, my dull hazel gaze falling to the ground. I gave a tiny shrug of my shoulders. "I dunno. She has been talking about the dance every minute of the day and last time I checked she wasn't planning on going with anyone yet..." I trailed, gaze shifting towards the girl that sat half way across the room with a few other girls. They all either wore pink or short shorts, their gossip kept low as they checked their phones every other second. The only girl that stuck out was my best friend. She seemed too sweet for them and trust me, she was. "I'll have to ask her when she's not with everyone else, though.." I pointed out, earning a few mutters and nods from my friends
    Jessica glanced towards [ your character ], her eyebrows furrowing. "I heard that Quinn girl was going to ask you to the dance. Can you believe it?!" She pointed out, snickering as she glanced my way. I glanced away quickly, clearing my throat awkwardly.
    // so basically my character and yours is in high school. Mine is a outcast and yours is rather popular but despite this they have been best friends for as long as they can remember. It is now nearing the school prom/dance and my character plans on asking her, being that they both are crushing on each other. Will your character let her friends choose for her or will she happily accept?
    QUINN W. KNIGHTS: Quinn has like bubble gum pink hair that is buzz cut on the sides and long on the top. She often wears baggy stuff despite being very physical fit and due to her social issues she is often classified as a loser/outcast/emo/etc.
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  • Aria Celeste - Feminine - 16

    She looked up from her phone to glance at Quinn a moment. Then, she looked back at Jessica. "Well," She began semi-awkwardly, "Just because someone asks doesn't mean you have to go," She said quietly, a sign that she didn't really want to. "Besides- why would you care if I did? It's not an actual date- we'd be going as friends," Aria added simply, defense in her voice.

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