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    • you can't fix | pafp, gxg | what isn't broken


      muse a is a resident of mica city, one of the biggest and richest cities in their state. they are the daughter of the richest resident there and has always had it good, that is until life decides to flip some tables. you see, muse a's family is highly religious and believes that everything must be traditional, this including relationships and marriage. muse a had begin to struggle with their emotional and physical attractions, unable to admit to their family that they were starting to experience attractions to girls. they got away with keeping it a secret for a while until they are unable to hold it back, finally coming out to their family in hopes that they would understand, or at least accept her because of their blood relation. sadly, the family didn't seem as accepting as she wanted. within days the family had arranged a move for the teen and sent her straight on her way to CSFG (Correctional School For Girls). This school was specially created to 'fix' teen girls who experience feelings and attractions for same sex. yes, it was highly wrong when it came to morals but due to the town's money and power they had the right to do so. just when life seemed to be stone dead muse a finds herself mixing up with a bad girl of the school, muse b. this girl is no stranger to same sex feelings and is known for her constant flings, flirting, and relationships. muse b has been in the school for three years and shows little, if not any, change. the teachers warn muse a to keep her distance but what happens when muse a just can't help it? will muse b be able to convince muse a to let her show her the ways of true love or will muse a suck it up and try to get out as soon as possible?


      name: ashlynn wilson knights

      age: 17 yo

      sexuality: homosexual, homoromantic

      boyfriend/girlfriend: n/a.

      crush: soon to be muse a.