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  • OOC: So, in my history class, I've been learning about The Great Depression, and I've found it really interesting! Please know a little bit of history if you choose to join this thread; mainly just basic knowledge of The Great Depression. I need a lot of characters in this, such as my character's husband, my character's children, and my character's children's friends. I'll start the thread when my character's husband joins, but don't be afraid to jump in with a form if you'd like to participate. This thread takes place in specifically 1931, two years after The Great Depression started. Please make sure to make your character have similar fashion to the 1930's and remember to use 1930's slang, if you want to make it sound more realistic. For example, instead of calling alcohol by its name, your character should refer to it as "speakeasy", and "good looking" should be "spiffy." If you don't feel like you know anything, a brief explanation is that America's stock markets crashed and the poor were becoming more poor, and the rich were getting richer. Many people were required to start welfare and take labor jobs, and even sell their children (farm their children) so they could get back on their feet. If you've ever watched the movie "Cinderella Man", this will make a lot more sense.

    Marilyn smiled as the bell rang; finally, class was over. Now, she could finally go home back to her husband...she could only hope that he wasn't drinking again. It was quite common for him to start drinking due to the stress of their income. He didn't even feel like a man anymore. Her husband wanted Marilyn to quit her job because he felt like she was just doing all the work for him. It was always the man who brought home the dough, not the woman. If you were a man and didn't work, you were seen as a disgrace. A weakling. When people asked, he always lied and told them, "oh, I work at the docks." He didn't, obviously, but he didn't want anyone to criticize him for sitting on his lazy rump at home while his wife taught children at a school.

    Marilyn exited the school house and looked around. Many people were sitting on the streets; they had already lost their homes. People came up to her and asked her for money, but she declined, knowing she was low on money as well. The snow crunched under her heels as she headed back home. Home...the place where she could usually stay warm and cozy. However, that wasn't possible anymore. They couldn't afford to pay for the heat. Now, when she returned home, she would have to wear many layers of blankets just to stay warm. Her walk slowed. She was no longer that excited to go home anymore. At least at the school they actually had heat...

    Once the woman made it to her house, she unlocked the door and arrived to see her husband standing inside. She greeted him with a warm smile. "Work was good today...except for a couple things," she murmured. She sat down on a wooden chair quietly.

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    He had lost track of what time it was. Anymore he sat here day in and day out with radio static filling up the background. He could be doing something with himself. Nick's life was a spiral out of control. He didn't ask to lose his job. It actually went the opposite way. The market crashed because they thought that they could get greedy. Well, welcome to America. As soon as those doors shut in the morning, he should be out there trying to do something with his life instead of threatening the law by pulling out that bottle. It's not like he could do much else.

    How many months has he been selling the same old story about the docks? Any other ideas would not only ruin his names, but it would Marilyn's as well. Don't let that be taken the wrong way either. Nick loves the woman to death. It's just not her job to have a job. By now she should have a couple of kids to take care of. All she's doing is earning money to make rent or for him to blow with the bootleggers or at a speakeasy.

    Jazz music filled the background and his head wrapped each lyric like a divine message could make it's way through at any minute. Lost in thought he had moved over to the small locked cabinet. Amber colored liquid hit the scratched surface just as the new voice broke his ears. It didn't belong to an angel, but sure was it close enough. He didn't even ask the same question because it was part of the same old routine. Internally, Nick was dreading the day that she came home saying she was out of a job. "Really now."

  • Nodding in response, Marilyn continued. Her face went pale. "...A...a coworker of mine killed herself. She used to be a close friend...but money was tough, so she just decided to end it."

    Sighing, the woman sat down on her wooden chair and covered her eyes with her hands. "Nick...I'm so glad you've been through all of this with me...I know you don't like that I work instead of you, but I'm doing it for the both of us, okay?" Her chocolate brown eyes looked up at him, glazed over with tears.