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  • Sneakers squeaked upon the glossy floor of a gym, balls thumped upon the ground. It was morning, fall air flowed through the open double door. It was early, early enough to where the sun was peaking over the horizon casting shadows upon the ground. It was a new school year, kids were coming back from their summer vacation. They few kids that stayed for their vacation were asleep, but then there were these two. Two girls were in the gym, one sat peacefully upon the bleachers, while the other practiced dribbling.

    A wide smile seemed to be spread upon the female's face that sat upon the bleachers. This was Aimi Sato, the hardcore Gamer. Well at least that's what she called herself, unlike her friend she was basically invisible to the whole school other than a few nerds that crushed on her. It was probably because she was one of the smart girls that actually liked Video Games. Well that they knew of, most of the girls at the Private school were snobs. They weren't the nicest. Well, other than her friend, Kokoro Miyagi. Yeah she was younger but she was one of the most competitive people in the school. Koko joined a bunch of sports while Aimi refused to even touch a basketball. Actually she was fine with helping to clean up but otherwise, she didn't want to do any sport activities.

    Small fingers gingerly slipped into her jacket pocket, that of course was issued by the school. Pulling out a phone she looked down, examining the time before sliding her finger over the touch screen and browsing the internet.

    Much like most private schools, there were uniforms. In this school they were quite loosely put, having multiple versions for different social status and allowing one to mix and match. Currently Aimi was wearing the fall style, much like expected since it was fall. This outfit consisted of a heavy jacket, with the addition of a few added buttons, a miniskirt, turtle neck, and some thin boots. Her hair was pulled into two ponytails that were long enough to brush the seat she sat upon. Of course this was only one of the many options they had, she preferred the casual style over the more formal style.

    At the moment Koko wasn't in her uniform, horse brown eyes rose from the phone and scanned her friend. Kokoro was actually in the gym outfit that was issued, or one of them. Tight black shorts were worn under a skirt while a white shirt hung loosely. Her hair was also pulled up, but it was higher and her hair was much shorter.

    The orange basketball rolled around the red rim of the hoop, falling through to easily be caught in too small hands. Aimi's gaze was caught by Kokoro's as she turned. The other girl beamed at Aimi before turning and getting back to her training. Releasing one of her hands from the phone she pressed two fingers over her soft lips as she held back a laugh.

    Just need you to stay around 2 paragraphs at the least! Get creative! I'm fine with swearing just remember this is T+ and we are roleplaying characters from age 14 to 18. I'll probably be switching between the two viewpoints, the color of each's title is the color they speak in though.

  • The Headmaster was behind the two boys, watching one specially closely. This boy shoots a glared glanced at the Headmaster, he mumbles under his breath.
    "You better watch your mouth you little brat..." said the Headmaster. The other boy sighed,
    "Mr. Luci, please watch your so called...friend. Make sure I don't hear him again about pranking the teachers in this facility. I will report this to your father, Mr. Gin, when your father was here, he wouldn't dare do such pranks."
    "Ooo! My father eh?, its always my father with you..." said Jeff grumbling after.
    "I will see to it Sir." said Sargon with a calming voice.
    "Thank you Mr. Luci, see Mr. Gin. Follow his example, be respectful and focus on your studies. This is a new year, I expect no problems from last year. Now I will be in my office." said the headmaster,
    "Now, ...and Mr. Gin...No...Pranks." he said.

    Once he was gone, the two boys walked together, Jeff mumbling and Sargon taking out his notepad taking notes of what the headmaster said,
    "Jeff...if you keep at this, you are bound to get suspended."
    Jeff spits his tongue at him, looking up to him. Although Jeff being older, Sargon was a lot taller then him,
    "It was a simple prank..."

    "Simple?...You covered the English teacher in honey." said Sargon with a scorn.

    They reach the locker rooms, after sometime changing they step out onto the gym floor. Jeff smiled,
    "Now this is my world!"
    "A world of cheater and lairs?"
    Jeff made a face,
    "...All you do is sit at the bleachers and do homework you bookworm."
    "Well no, I find sports boring, it doesn't mean I can't be good at them. After all I did help our basketball team reach state..."
    "Show-off...Oh look! Mister Perfect."
    "Perfection doesn't exist, I believe in improvement in one's self. This is a philosophy I hold true to myself, my dear friend."

    Jeff scratched his head,
    "Uh...right. I'll be doing some dribbling."

    Sargon went to the bleachers with his bag on his shoulder, he then began to take out books and paper to do his assignments. Jeff went to grab a ball when he noticed the girl who was practicing,
    Wow...she is cute...Time to bust out the charm, he thought. He begins to practice free throws, to show off his "skill".
    Sargon was eximing him, he could already tell his intentions,
    "Good grief..." said Sargon.

    [Jeff Gin]

    The Rebel

    Nickname(s) - None
    Age - 17

    [Sargon Luci]

    The Academic  

    Nickname(s) - Sar
    Age - 15 1/2

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  • Kokoro's eyes kept focused on the ball in her hands before tossing it, casually. This time it was a lazier throw, but still was able to roll on the rim and slip down through the path given. A simple sigh escaped her pink lips as her gaze shifted, to look at the two people that had entered. There goes her silence, of course she didn't mind, she just preferred silence. It helped her concentration. Other than the fact she enjoyed the squeaking of shoes on the glossy floor. Her brown eyes looked over at her friend, which was returned with a simple shrug.

    Moving her gaze back she propped her hands on her hips as she strolled over to where the ball had rolled off to. It wasn't too far, but she had to step a few paces. While she was over there she took no restrictions on her gaze, as she watched Jeff free throw. Pursing her lips she examined him, he was off. Kokoro was one to be a perfectionist, except it only kicked in for sports. She had taken to joining a bunch of sports, and still was able to keep up with them all.

    "Your form is off." The female stated blandly before strolling over to the same hoop and dribbled. She wasn't going to go any further with correcting him, they weren't professionals to be factual, but yet mistakes were made to be fixed.

    A sudden burst of laughter could be heard from the bleachers, it was cheerful laughter, clearly amused by what her own comrade had said. Kokoro's trailing to look behind her a smile seeming to sneak up on her face. Squeezing the ball in her hands she looked curiously at her friend

    "Oh come now, Koko! You're not supervising him, lay off." Aimi's voice was sweet as Kokoro beamed up at her. "Fine." Was Kokoro's response to this, before she turned to look at Jeff. "You're doing fine." Another unnecessary burst of laughter could be heard from Aimi as Kokoro raised her arm and flicked her wrist, landing another shot. A small smile could be found on Kokoro's face as she went to get the ball once more.

    While this was happening Aimi's horse brown gaze focused upon the male. Giving a curt wave at him she slipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out her phone. The girl totally was not going to play video games right now. This was partially true as she had decided not to play games but rather check something. When she had finished this her gaze raised back to the glossy floor. Getting more comfortable she rested her chin in between her hands, framing her face with her fingers.

  • Jeff smiled as the cute girl looked at him, but it quickly faded once she spoke, he made a annoyed face, and then a blush when he heard laughing. He waved slightly back at Aimi, and then regained his composer,
    "I think I'm doing alright." he said puffing up his chest.
    Sargon looked up from his books,

    "She is correct, your form is of a grasshopper with frog legs." he said as he looks back at his book.
    Jeff glared at him,
    "Your not helping Sargon!" Jeff said throwing the basketball as hard as he could at him,
    "You asshole!"
    Sargon quickly catches the ball, and he stood then shoots the ball and it goes into the basket,
    "Hmmm...For not playing for awhile...I still got it, but could use more power."
    "You show off!" Jeff said, his temper getting the better of him.
    "Come now Jeff, not so loud, we don't want to cause these nice young ladies trouble..." he said calmly and then with a sigh.
    Jeff humphed,

    "Whatever..." he said as he walked over to get the ball, he looked at Aimi, then at Kokoro, and finally at Sargon,
    Sar...your always perfect...good grades, good at sports, ladies love don't get how lucky you are...Me..I'm just always under my dad's shadow... he thought.
    Sargon stood up as he closed his book, he walked over to Kokoro, then faced her. He fixed his glasses,
    "I am Sargon Luci and that is Jeff Gin...Nice to meet you." he said.
    Jeff rolled his eyes and laid the ball down, he sat not too close and not too far from Aimi, he sighs.
    " two friends?" he said looking at Aimi.

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  • Aimi giggled slightly as Saigon chimed in, her long hair bouncing slightly as she did. Though the female couldn't help but feeling bad for Jeff. She sat there peacefully watching the whole event go down, staying silent. Honestly she didn't know if she should say anything, at that point she preferred to stay out of fights between friends. A nervous emotion seemed to spread over her face as Jeff yelled once more. Horse brown eyes followed the male as he approached the bleachers only to sit some what off.

    "My name is Aimi, that's Kokoro." The female responded to his introduction. When Kokoro heard her own name being said she waved at the two, and smiled up at Sargon. "Yeah! We're friends. I'm assumuming two are too? Or at least know each other." Aimi's slowly stood up, and proceeded to walk down to Jeff and sit beside him. This was just so she didn't have to talk so loudly, and reassure him. Though Aimi was the shy one, she often was one to comfort others, even if she didn't know them. Her horse brown eyes scanned over Jeff carefully then offered a wide smile.

    "Hey, don't worry about Koko. When it comes to sports she's a perfectionist. You did way better than I ever could!" Aimi's gaze flicked over to look at the other two before returning it back to its original position. Her current hope was that she wasn't bothering the male, if it seemed she was she would just move away. Turning her body to face away from the male she slipped her hand into her jacket pocket once more and took out a gaming console she kept in there. It was hard to find Aimi walking around without at least one electronic, even Kokoro had never seen this. Well, of course if they were going swimming she didn't keep them on her but often she just put it into her bag.

    Kokoro looked at Sargon, oblivious to what Aimi was saying, she wouldn't mind though as she knew it was true. "Nice throw. Are you planning on joining the boy's team?" Her brown eyes sparkled with curiosity as she looked at the male. Moving the ball under her arm she positioned herself so her other hand was on her hip. Last year Kokoro had joined the basketball team, along with many other sports team, and was the best on most of them. Though she wasn't always the best with sports and sometimes had to settle for second or even third best on a team. She understood this, she was in most of the sports so she didn't always have time for practice, usually she just stuck to her natural talent.

  • Jeff puffed up,
    "Yeah, we know each other...Childhood friends, all that jazz..." he said sighing, he leaned back into the bleachers.
    Jeff stood up slowly,
    "Better then you?" he said, and smiled,
    "Yeah maybe ha ha ha. Thanks for trying to cheer me up. I'll be fine...I just...yeah." he looked at her curiously, as she reached in to grab a gaming device,
    "Cool! You have one too? What games do you play?" he said examining her device. Jeff loved video games, the one thing that he could beat Sargon at, but mostly he grew up on them. When he got time, he would play all night to finish a game he recently got.

    Sargon nods,
    "Nice to meet you." he said calmly. He chuckled at her question,
    "No, I want to focus more on my studies, although the coach tries to convince me to join the team." he said touching his chin,
    "I prefer to play sports just to enjoy myself, the whole competitive nature isn't my thing."
    "I must say you do have the natural talent for it, I think I heard of you a couple times in the local paper."
    he said fixing his glasses. He took the glasses off, and in his pocket he grabbed a cloth and wiped his glasses, he puts them back on.
    "Are you still planning on being on the team this year?" he said smiling. He stood as if he was always composed, like a high class gentleman. Although in reality, he isn't as wealthy as he looks or speaks. Respected and liked by the instructors and students. Honor classes, rumors say even he is already taking college classes, but only Jeff and the school staff knows for sure.

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  • Aimi tilted her head slightly, it was interesting that they were childhood friends. Kokoro and Aimi were kind of like that except, their relationship started out quite rocky. It got better over time, clearly, but it wasn't the greatest in the beginning. Watching him carefully she glanced down at the device in her hands, as she navigated the menus. "Yeah. You're definitely better than me, I - Never have played any sports before. Except in gym of course." The truth was, that she actually was out of shape and didn't exercise. What she did at her dorm? Art, Video Games, took care of herself and Kokoro. She mostly played Video Games though. Shifting she knelt on the chair, though she wasn't sitting on a ground. Letting her gaze rise she looked at the male, as he took interest.

    "Oh, That's cool! I have a lot of games," She paused for a moment thinking, "Well I guess what ever you could name. I have a lot of single player games 'cause Koko doesn't like playing with me much, but I have some for when she does. Maybe we could play some? I mean I have more stuff at my dorm room." Aimi's eyes sparkled with interest, it was hard to find people who liked video games, other than online. She often kept to making friends on the internet, other than Kokoro, and when she made friends off of the computer they never hung out. "Do you play a lot of video games?" Maybe she was going a little to fast, she didn't know if he played a lot or not, in fact she barely knew him to be inviting him over to play video games. Though this was just what she was did, and once you sparked her interest she was one to be a chatterbox.

    The short female tilted her head slightly, she didn't know that she was that famous. Maybe she was getting her name spread, she wouldn't know though as she never read the paper. "Thank you," The female replied simply, "I probably will, I have a habit of joining a lot of sports. It's mostly what I'm good at, I do some other things to keep on my toes but I have to be able to regulate them. I don't even know how I keep up with school sometimes." Letting out a heavy sigh she dribbled the ball to switch hands and stretched. "At least i have someone to take care of me when I get back." Kokoro let out a soft laugh, Aimi used a lot of her free time either taking care of her or just playing video games. Of course Kokoro was thankful that Aimi took time out of her day to good for the two of them.

    "Did you two stay over the summer? Or did you return home." The female held herself like a respectful, calm rich person, which perfectly fit with her background. She stood tall, though she was small, and barely moved her eyes away from the person she was talking to. She was also able to multitask, but it seemed that she had the need of perfection much like a higher class. Kokoro was born in a higher class and raised in it, the only reason she stayed over the summer was to act as company for Aimi and to give her something else to do other than sit around. Aimi was poor, one reason why she stayed home. She worked a job to keep up money for the two during the summer and knew if she returned home she would just be another mouth to feed. So, she stayed in the some-what free 'apartment.'

  • Jeff's eyes gleamed from excitement,
    "Heck yeah! You wouldn't believe my collection," he stood proud,
    "You could say, I'm an expert ha ha ha! I know what you mean on your friend not playing video games much...All Sargon does is blab on how I got to focus on my studies..." he said looking at Sargon.
    "I'm glad I met ya, now I can finally have a buddy that isn't online and far away ha ha ha."
    It was refreshing to know someone like something he liked, most of the kids at the school were uptight and focused on sports, academics, or just blabbing about how they will inherent the money of their parents. Sure, Jeff's father was very wealthy, but Jeff didn't like it. In a way, he was jealous of those who worked for things, who wasn't fed by the silver spoon.
    Jeff went to his bag, and took out his own game device,
    "But I got to warn ya, I'm pretty good when it comes to competitive games." he smiles.

    Sargon chuckles,
    "Yes that is a benefit." he said admiring her looks,
    His eyebrows raised up, he pinched his chin
    "Oh? Well we both went home during the summer, well technically I lived with Jeff. His family are quiet wealthy, that is how I am able to live in the dorms." he laughs softly,
    "My family doesn't have much money, but I guess its what made me strive to give myself a better life, by education." he chuckles,
    "I know it must be strange, how a boy like Jeff can be of high class wealth, but during his youth, he was all gentleman. but I guess he grew tired of his father's shadow..." he looked at Kokoro,
    "Anyhow, I am there to look after him, despite him being older, he tends to be...a bit of a troublemaker. Have you heard of the incident with the instructor who was covered in honey?" he asked, chuckling nervously.
    Sargon knew of Jeff's troubles, but he knew he had a good heart, Sargon's memories of when he was picked on, and Jeff would step in, although he would have the lights beaten out of his head, Jeff would smile through it, as if saying to Sargon it will be okay. Although to others, the two were so different in personality, but the bond they have, is strong.

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  • Sorry I'm having internet problems uwu

    "Is that so?" Aimi inquired, a smile wide upon her face. A soft giggle escaped her lips as she shifted herself. Since she was raised in a poorer family she wasn't introduced to video games until she began to go to school. When she was, she was hooked. Whenever she found a gaming device she would try to get on it and play. Eventually her parents had bought her a cheap one for Christmas, it was her only present, yet she used it more than everything else. "I've been able to juggled everything. It can become stressful, but it works! It's nice to see people in real life though, you have a face to put them to instead of a voice."

    Eyeing the device in her hand she pursed her lips as she opened up a game. Setting up a multiplayer she opened up so he could join. "We'll see about that~" The female laughed, "Here you can join, I assume you have this game? It's pretty fun and popular." Tilting her device she aimed it so he could see the screen. When he looked at it she tilted it back and began to wait for him to join.

    Kokoro listened carefully, "Sounds like you two have a good relationship if you stay with him. I understand though, my parents aren't the greatest either for... that. It's hard growing up under wealthy parents." A sigh escaped her pink lips as she began to pull on her red hair absentmindedly. The question caught her attention, brown eyes raising to look at him. A well pampered eyebrow raised out of curiosity. "No? What is this about. Aimi probably heard about it, she is good at keeping up with stuff." On her face was a light smile of amusement. Her gaze was steady on the taller man as she stood there, clearly listening to what he was saying.

  • "Really? Ha ha ha, I agree, seeing a the actual person makes winning more enjoyable." he joked.
    He turned on the game system, the once hot headed boy, was now filled with excitement,
    "Of course, after all, I have almost every game is history." he gloated puffing his chest, he waited as the game did the whole introduction of the game and game developer logo. He pressed start and went into online multiplayer,
    "Ah, there you are." he said as he laid the game system on his lap, and popped his knuckles,
    "Let's do this." he said with a slightly playful serious tone.
    Already plans went through his head, as if he was a general in charge of armed forces, getting ready for the fight of his life. He hadn't been this excited since he first beat Sargon at a game.

    He raised an eyebrow as she sighed,
    "Yes...well It is good for you not to know...about that incident...but I must say everyone was laughing when the honey fell on that poor instructor." he said as he walked close to her, he pushed softly some hair from his face,
    "I don't mean to be rude, but I can see sadness when you spoke of your family..."
    "I won't dig into it, but it is not good for a beautiful woman to be sad."
    he spoke calmly, then with a smile.
    "Perhaps a simple game of basketball can give you a smile, but I must say, I may be rusty." he said looking into her eyes.
    Sargon knew never dig into scars, but he was interested on her situation, but that is for another time. He wanted her to smile, that was his goal. Wither it be with this game, or simply a gesture of empathy. After all, he was starting to like her, which it even surprised himself. Many girls proposed their love to him, but declined them kindly, wanting only to stick to studies. With her, this was different, he wanted to see that smile so bad, it seems like it would be rude not to try.

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  • A soft giggle escaped the female's lips as he bragged to her. It was interesting, she felt as if he was trying to impress her. Her horse brown raised to look over at him for a brief moment before returning to the device in her hands. All the emotion seemed to drain from her face as she started, all that was left was pure concentration. She had seemed to turn serious about the ordeal, her eyes were able to quickly look at all of commotion that was on her screen. The female's fingers moved quickly, but then a smile seemed to slip upon her face.

    The male was a worthy challenger, and in fact was beating her at the moment, but she had her ways. A quick scan off how he played, and she knew how to counter him. Not enough was it? That didn't worry her any. Standing up from where she 'attacked'. Quickly she moved to him and laid over his lap, belly down, device gripped tightly in her hands as she kept trying to play. At the moment she was trying to block his vision from his own device, she couldn't tell if it was working because she was focused on her own device. Though, she was laughing like a maniac.

    Kokoro watched him, a small laugh emitting from her. "Yeah, probably wasn't the smartest or safest prank was it?" Though her eyes widen when he stepped closer, she bit her lip, even though the small smile was still on her face. Averting her eyes she listened. She wasn't that pretty was she? No one really had called her anything like that so she didn't know how to react. "Rusty? That was anot almost perfect throw." A half-hearted laugh escaped her lips as she still didn't look at him. "Yeah I'm up for that though." Moving her gaze back she met his eyes and smiled wide. "Which ball shall we use?"

    The female's gaze moved down to look at the ball tucked under her arm. Honestly she never really go close to others either unless they were in the middle of playing sports or if Aimi and her were sitting together on their couch. She had also grown up in a house were they didn't care to call her pretty or compliment her, instead she had grown up 'ugly' or not useful. Kokoro had never acted lady-like enough for her parents or had the right skills. One of the many reasons they sent her here, yet it just gave her more freedom. Otherwise she was just put away on another shelf so her parents could act like they only had one child. Her sister was much more fitting for them

  • Jeff looked at her from the corner of his eyes, he could see the sudden change on her face, the face of facing a challenge head on, he smiled. He pulled out all the guns, using sheer power and multiply attacks, he could see he was wining, his smile growing larger.
    Then, it happened, one that he didn't expect from an opponent, his cheeks blushing red, he was so shocked he lost focus on the game. He didn't know what to do,! he thought,
    "Hhh-ey! that's unfair." he said trying to get the words out,
    He snapped back to attention, he tried to look at his game, to hurry and recover from the past time he was distracted, although it was difficult, seeing that Aimi was on him, his blush never vanishing. He could tell she was enjoying it, guessing from her crazed laughter.

    "Perfect? I don't think perfect is a good word, but improvement." he said as he shoots the ball to make another basket, he nodded once she responded to his challenge of a game.
    "We will use the one your holding, but I must say even though you are beautiful young lady, I won't hold back." he said with a slight smile, he didn't mean any seriousness behind it, but to merely bring some fun factor. He walked closer, he held her hand and pulling it away, with his other hand to grab the ball.
    "I must warn you, I earned a name in the sporting world, one you will understand quickly as to why." he said, chuckling,
    "Or...I might be unable to live up to my name, who knows, we will see." he smiles.
    "But right now, my goal in this game is to make you smile. As I said look cute with one."
    he laughed softly.

    That gaze, that gaze she did was not something that Sargon seen before. It pinned his heart to see such a thing...Jeff too made that gaze, now his was more determined then ever. Sargon put some distance between them,
    "First one to 10, wins." he said ready to bounce pass the ball to her. He calmed his breathing, and focused on her, watching her, at ready. The memories of past games flowing into his mind, trying to remember how to play, after all it was awhile for him, he knew it took more then good ball shooting to play, especially against Kokoro who had been in it longer then him probably.

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  • "Not in my book! Another positive thing knowing the person in real life~" Aimi said happily as she turned over onto her back. The game's win screen popped up on her screen as she smiled up at the male. Concern filled her face as her obliviousness shadowed over her. Snapping the cover of her device closed she reached up to touch his forehead carefully. Removing her hand she moved it to his cheek, "You okay?" The female inquired worriedly. Of course the heat she felt was from blush, not sickness, but her obliviousness kept that thought away from her. Pressing her hand to his knee she pushed herself up from his lap, long ponytails shifting as she moved.

    Shoving her gaming device in her pocket, as it was now on sleep mode, she stared at him. Aimi was hoping that he wasn't sick or anything, school was just starting. Looking at him with her horse brown eyes she bent her knees slightly and placed her hands on her knees. "You're cheeks are so red." The female stated, worry still filling her words. Hopefully she didn't do anything.

    Kokoro rolled her shoulders in a shrug, "I guess you're right, there is always room for improvement." The female watched him carefully, he was such a gentleman and she didn't know what to do about it. A light pink color rose to her cheeks as he grabbed her hand. She knew he was just taking the ball, but it made her nervous. Feeling the ball slip away from her hands and his hand she shifted back slightly, watching him still. "Yeah," Was all she said. It was clear there was a reason why she had gotten so far, but she didn't say anything. Plus she had been beaten before, it could happen again.

    The female looked some-what out of it, though part of her allowed her purse her lips in thought. He was flirting with her wasn't he? She wasn't experienced in that - kind of stuff. Shoving those thoughts away from the front of her mind she focused on the game. Her facial expression changed to a determined look. All she had to do is get into the game and enjoy herself. Turning her brown gaze she looked at the hoop then at the male again. "Got it." Adjusting her stance she received the ball, then bouncing it back, the start of the game.

    Shifting she let her sneakers squeak on the glossy floor, eyes determined. With grace she slipped towards the male, slipping the ball out of his dribble into her own dribbling beat. Dashing to the side, dribbling the ball she tossed it to the hoop. Instead of perfectly falling in it rolled around the rim and slipped out, falling on the floor. It bounced, but her screw up faltered her flow.

  • Jeff stared baffled at the screen,
    "I lost..." he mumbled. He looked at her as she touched his forehead, then froze as she touched his cheek,
    "Y..Yeah..." he mumbled to answer when she asked if he was okay. thought again.
    He watched her put her game away, and then looked at his, then looked up, to see her looking at him,
    "Uh..." he managed to say, never noticed it...but why am I the hell am I blushing! I am a man dang it! he thought.
    His man pride clouding his true feelings, he tries to recover, but when she stated about his cheeks, he turned even redder.
    "Its...normal, I'm...I'm not sick, I'm just, uh..." he couldn't get the words to explain his condition,
    " just got lucky is all!" he manged to say, he laughed nervously after,
    "I'll beat you next time, I swear it." he said slowly his redness fading. He puts his game away.

    Sargon watched her carefully, looking for any openings but was surprised at her speed and grace, looking down to see the ball was gone.
    It was as if she was gliding through me, she is pretty good, I guess I have some work to be done if I want to keep up with her. he thought
    He looked behind himself only to witness her failure,
    Strange, she had a huge chance, is something bothering her? he thought as he examined her.
    Sargon runs swiftly, his speed was of the calm wind, he grabs the ball, and lands softly, he looks at her with a smile.
    "I guess we both need some improvement." he chuckled, then his face return to his calm composer, suddenly he mimicked, as if copying Kokoro's play style exactly as he begins to go towards his own basketball hoop, he shoots but it bounces from the backboard.
    "I missed..." he said, as if holding back a curse.

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  • Aimi propped her fists on her hips as she stared at him, her light colored hair bobbed up and down. He didn't look alright but she shoved that thought away as he reassured her that he was fine. A small smile creeped up on her lips as he stated she got lucky. "Silly Jeff! Brute force never works, you got to use tactics." Removing her hands from her hips she gave him two thumbs up. Stretching out she turned her gaze to look over at the other two, who seemed to be playing baseball. Her curious gaze stayed on them for a moment before moving back.

    "Maybe we should leave them to do their thing. I want to see what games you have at your dorm." Reaching out she grabbed his wrist and began to try to pull him up. She wasn't the strongest, so he probably barely moved, but it was working slowly. "Come now lead the way!" Aimi said happily as she kept trying to push and pull the male carefully, determination sparkled in her eyes. Clearly she was a big enthusiast for video games and wanted to see if he really was too. She believed him, kind of, already, but she wanted real proof.

    Kokoro looked over at Sargon, a heavy sigh escaping her lips. Messing up was one thing she hated doing. she couldn't let things get to her, but she was. Pitiful, if she was to impress her parents she shouldn't let this happen. Biting her lip she rubbed her arm and continued to watch him, "I guess." The female murmured, walking over to the male she watched him take the shot. "It's okay, you can always try again." Really she should have been telling that to herself, but she really didn't, it was hard to go by your own rules.

    Walking over to the ball she picked it up and dribbled it for a moment, scanning the hoop and around her. Her brain began to calculate where she could shoot from. Breath She whispered to herself before jolting to the side and shooting. Bounced off of the backboard and went into the hoop. "There we go." Grabbing it before it landed she tossed it at Sargon. "Your turn." Kokoro said walking closer to the male, and standing next to him again. Scanning him over she watched him carefully, curiosity in her eyes, wondering if her would miss again, it just took practice, and she said that he was good. So she expected that he wouldn't miss.

  • Jeff sighed,
    Good I got her off my back. he thought.
    Jeff made a face at her comment,
    "It was a tactic, multiple attacks could overwhelm the enemy then boom! The final blow!" he said. Jeff looked over to where Aimi was looking,
    There he goes again, showing off. He always copied the other opponents play style, that dumb photographic memory of his, heck he could mimic the pros if he wanted. he thought rolling his eyes.
    He looked at Aimi as she made a suggestion to go on their own. He blushed again,
    " in my dorm." he said, and felt her touch his wrist. he chuckled as she tries to lift him, but he helps her out by lifting himself up, he looked into her eyes, those eyes interest him, he smiled as the red once more went away from his face,
    "Alright, alright." he said.
    "I tried my best to bring all of my collection to my dorm, if we ever get a chance, I can show all my collection at my mans- I mean home." he said, laughing slightly.

    Sargon nodded, as she encourage him to try again, he watched her carefully, not to gain a advantage on her on this game of theirs but to understand her.Find the characteristics that showed how she felt, her face, the way she walks. If one can really looks, they can tell if one is sad, frustrated, happy, and even...some feelings that one shouldn't ever think about.
    Well that shot was not good, she must be feeling bad about that but...I feel like there is something more to it then just a simple game of basketball jitters. thought the blond man.
    Sargon's eyes followed her as she went to get the ball, he thought he hear her say something before she made the shot, he golf clapped.
    "Good job, I'm proud of you." he smiled,
    "Let's see if I can pick up my slack." he said, after she give him the ball.
    "Got it..." he mumbled, and replayed on how Kokoro made the shot, he mimic her, and made the shot,
    "There we go." he said smiling,
    "Tell me..." he said as he went over to grab the ball, he walked over to her,
    "Are you feeling alright? I don't mean to dig, but...your form something on your mind?" he asked with a concern look.

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  • Aimi carefully watched the male carefully as his expression changed. "Yeah but if you don't change up your tactic sometimes you'll get tripped." She laughed. Tilting her head slightly she looked at him, with confusion in her eyes. It wasn't that weird for her to come and look at his games. Feeling the weight shift towards her as he got up she stumbled slightly. Letting out a small meep she let go and shifted out of the way. A smile curled upon her lips as he began to speak about him bringing most of his collection.

    "Cool! I have all of mine, because I had, like, one at my house." Ushering him carefully she lightly placed her hand on his back and influenced him towards the door. "Let's go! You lead, I don't know where your dorm is located." She laughed lightly, glancing towards the other two once more, taking her hand off of his back to wave quickly. Impatience bubbled inside her as she moved away from him and began to walk ahead, towards the door. She of course stopped at the door, but politely held it open for him. Often she could be found holding doors open for crowds of people, not many helped her out by holding it instead. Kokoro usually waited in the side lines until she was done holding open the door for others.

    Kokoro crossed her arms out of patience and to show her observation. The male was great at mimicking play styles, which led her to assume he was also quite a fast learner. Releasing a breath she steadily watched him approach her. "Well done." She said with a slight smile creeping upon her face. Shifting awkwardly she unwrapped her arms and reached up to her hair. The two high ponytails that sat on her head she adjusted them.

    "Yes, it's fine, though, just family things." Wrapping her arms together she moved her gaze away to spot Aimi waving. Raising a brow she looked curiously at her, but quickly moved her gaze back to the blonde "Uhm." The female thought for a moment, "I don't think you really need to worry about it, it's not a big deal." Smiling weakly at him she rubbed her arm, "Anyways, Uh, do you enjoy any other sports?" She inquired curiously, trying to change the subject slightly.

  • "Cool! I have all of mine, because I had, like, one at my house." Ushering him carefully she lightly placed her hand on his back and influenced him towards the door. "Let's go! You lead, I don't know where your dorm is located." She laughed lightly, glancing towards the other two once more, taking her hand off of his back to wave quickly. Impatience bubbled inside her as she moved away from him and began to walk ahead, towards the door. She of course stopped at the door, but politely held it open for him. Often she could be found holding doors open for crowds of people, not many helped her out by holding it instead. Kokoro usually waited in the side lines until she was done holding open the door for others.
    That sound she was so cute he thought.
    "Alright, alright I'm moving." he chuckled, he watched her go ahead, smiling at her excitement, and then raised an eyebrow,
    "Normally the guy holds the door for the girl." he said with a snicker,
    "But I guess beast before beauty, eh?" he laughed, and walked through,
    "Well come on!" he said as he picked up the pace.

    The dorms of both females and males were in two separate buildings, the males on the right and the females on the left, although females can enter the boys dorm by signing in at the desk in the building, it isn't greatly encouraged, after all the school didn't want unnecessary...inappropriate conduct on their school grounds. Jeff looked at the male dorms as they neared it, he kinda like the dorms, its just to Jeff they were too cramped. He luckily shared with Sargon.
    "Here we are, the man caves." he said, laughing at his joke.
    "We just need to sign ya in, and we can play some good old fashion vid games." he said.

    Sargon stared for a moment, listen to the tone of her voice, the way she acted,
    Something is going about...changing the subject at that perhaps... he thought.
    Sargon then walked over to grab his stuff where Jeff's use to be, and got his coat. He then walked back over,
    "I like to play soccer, and good old cross country, but one I truly like is ruby. Not cause of the aggression but the tactical side of it." he said as he wrapped his coat around her.
    "It's gotten chilly in this room, so i thought you might need to be warm, after all shorts aren't considered good clothes to stay warm." he spoke softly.
    "As I said, I like to have fun with the sports, then to compete in them..." he said looking into her eyes.
    "...Besides that...if you ever need a ear, I will gladly listen to whatever is bothering you." he said this with serenity. He didn't like to see others in such dismay, his heart couldn't allow it, although his gestures seem like acts of flirting, it was more of caring then to sweep someone off their feet. Some may say flirting be unnoticed by Sargon, for he doesn't see it as flirting, but as showing that he really does care about the person's well being.
    Sargon then examined her again, waiting for her response,
    Maybe I was too forward...but I think it may be needed...I need her to trust me. he thought.

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