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    [color=red]WARNING: this thread contains mentions of abuse, though it won't be strong. no abuse will take place during roleplay, only mentions.

    [color=DodgerBlue]PLOT:[color=PowderBlue] muse a and muse b have been close friends for as long as they can remember. the two were attached by the hips, their parents bickering and the teachers fretting about how they never separated from each other. it all seemed perfect to the two until one day muse a gets into an accident- a fatal accident. muse b is heartbroken when they are informed of the accident, their only true reaction being to push people away. weeks pass any muse b only seems to get worse as time goes, their parents beginning to worry about their daughter and her obvious depression. seeing no other choice, the parents send muse b to a boarding school that is specially designed to heal the emotionally hurt and abused. muse b didn't even argue the choice and willingly traveled to the school where males and females were separated. during the first day of school she happens to bump into a kid (muse c) who has been through past verbal and physical abuse their whole life, this leading to muse b becoming pitiful for the girl despite her own spiking depression. things begin to seem a bit brighter for the girl though she has obvious fears of something happening to her new friend. not long after school has started a program called paws of hope steps into the equation, offering the help of their emotional support dogs to some of the limited children, one of those including muse c. almost instantly the two, despite the dog being muse c's, become attached to their given canine. the two begin to skyrocket in joy and acceptance, just as the program and school planned. the issue? the school releases the students that are 'healed' back to their rightful homes. what happens when muse b seems to reach the finish before muse c, despite their skyrocketing rates of improvement? will muse b be able to find a way to stay or get muse c out, especially when romance starts to bloom between the two students?


    ✒ before you join this thread please make sure that you are at least semi-advanced to advanced.

    ✒ you must be semi active to join this thread, meaning that i'd like for you to post at least once, if not twice a day.

    ✒ i will be playing muse c, the abused character.

    ✒ while this thread obviously has depressing subjects it will become happy not long after.

    ✒ cursing is allowed.

    ✒ post a small form like mine down below and then i'll get a first post started!

    [color=DodgerBlue]MY CHARACTER: [color=powderblue]

    name: ashlynn wilson knights.

    gender: she identifies as female.

    age: 16 & 1/2.

    sexuality: pansexual.

    crush/boyfriend/girlfriend: n/a, though soon to crush on muse b.

    her service dog's name: winston

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