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    • I'm Not Normal || BxB|| PAFP

      Dylan was laying on the shop floor. He was a neko. He was different. Muse A was a wealthy man and he went to a the shop and he adoped Dylan. Muse A treats him nicely even though Dylan is scared and sometimes hides.

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      D O N T T R U S T T H A T B O Y
    • Name: Tobias Grey
      Age: 25

      The picture is Keita Kawahira from Inukami.


      I sat all alone at home. Yet another in the countless parade of loneliness. I'd heard about the market and the things they sold but I had yet to show interest. Today however I was about ready to head over and see what I could find. A nice pet would do well and I'd heard they had neko. That would be perfect. Human enough to make for a great companion. At once I set out imagining all the options I could choose. A lovely cat girl would be perfect. Of course something felt off about the idea. I'd had those feelings before. Always feeling something wasn't right. Always when thinking about women. When I arrived I headed straight for the shop I had intended to look into. Determined to find a lovely cat girl. Little did I know my choice was going to be as far from what I'd expected to find.

    • Dylan was sitting on the floor and in the corner of his cage. He was a little to big but he could fit. He saw a man with brown hair as he looked at him through the glass. He looked at the male, but only with slight fear and also something else as he looked up at the brown haired male. Would he be adopted? he thought to himself.

      D O N T T R U S T T H A T B O Y
    • I walked in and looked over the selection. So many cat girls but only the one male. I looked at the male with curiosity. "Is there a story for him?" I asked, making sure my wording was treating more like a person than an object. "He looks cute. Might make a good companion."


      I could have done more but I'm not sure what the sales person would have to say so I ended it here instead of pretending to keep going.
    • The male smiled and he moved to were he was sitting on his knees. The square had and opening at the top. He smiled at the male weakly. The store owner asked if the male would like to adopt him. "His name is Dylan." He said softly as he smiled at the male and neko.

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      D O N T T R U S T T H A T B O Y
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      Alright if anything else comes up I'll just go all out.


      "That's a great name." I said and attempted to scratch at Dylan's cat ears. I opened my mouth to say I'd look around me but I stopped. I felt compelled at this point. "Yes. I would love to." I smiled at Dylan. "Do you want to come home with me?" He didn't actually get that choice but it still felt fair to ask. At least if he said no, I could just let him walk away once we got out the door.
    • With that I finished the adoption. I knew he could come with me but would it be wrong to put a collar on him? I decided not to seeing that I considered him human. "I should have thought this through a bit more but it's to late now. "You'll love your new home. What was your old home like? Not that place I got you from."
    • "I lived in s small house with a creul owner." The male answered as he followed his master. He was looking at the ground he was tiny and short. He lookedup at his master.

      D O N T T R U S T T H A T B O Y
    • "Oh. I'm so sorry. Poor thing." I patted his head. "You'll love it at my house. It's smallish but I like it. I live alone. In fact I was feeling extra lonely so I went to get some company. That's why I got you. You can be my friend."
    • The drive home was quiet. We got out. To me it was small. To him I couldn't say. Inside it had 10 rooms. Most completely empty. I had one for my bedroom another for a guest room that never saw use the kitchen and a living room and the remaining rooms were empty. "Make yourself at home. If you need anything we can go get it."
    • "So what do you think? This can be your room." I showed him around the rest of the house. "This is your home now. We will need to go get you some cloths." I stated. That was a definite first. Any thing else could come after that. "Are you hungry?"
    • The meal was ready soon enough and I had the kitchen table set for the two of us. I went and found him. "It's ready. I have the table set up." I informed him. "I wasn't sure what you wanted so I made grilled cheese and soup."