Good Morning Aperture Laboratories! ~Semi Advanced Portal 2 Roleplay~

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    • Name: Companion Cube Artificial Intelligence Apparatus (CCAIA, or 'Caia')

      Age: 3 Months

      Species: I guess Even though it's just a companion cube with AI, it can be considered a 'Robot' due to some 'things' the scientists added to make the companion cube a better companion...

      The same as a regular Companion Cube, but the corners are a hot pink color.

      Purpose: LOVE AND COMPANIONSHIP IS ALL HE KNOWS! (Aka, he is meant to give comfort and companionship to test subjects.)

      Personality: CCAIA, or Caia, just like it's programming makes her, she is a lovable companion for most anybody, doing her best to give love and comfort to the test subject she is with. Although, Caia was never fully complete, so there is a bit of a glitch in her systems. Due to this glitch, alongside being an AI capable of other emotions, there is a limit to the Companion Cube's kindness, causing Caia being capable of being angry. And if Caia gets angry... May God help your soul.

      - Obviously, is an AI, and capable of a large range of human emotions.
      - Caia's corners are capable of detaching from the body to make legs, giving Caia mobility
      - Hidden in a secret compartment is a small SMG, for helping his companions when they need it most.

      Weaknesses: Like stated before, Caia is slightly defective in the fact that she can get angry with enough pushing on someone else's part, despite how hard she tries to be nice. This causes her to go into a rage mode, which is especially dangerous due to her having possession of a gun.

      History: (optional)

      Other: So, what do you guys think?
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    • Ooh, me likey! You are accepted.
      I can imagine Caia showing up in one of the tests, one of the subjects (maybe Conan or Crush, because everyone else kinda has their hands full) could probably pick her up and take her with them.
      i can see Tully and Ana getting attached to the cube, given their past and all.

      We are in the middle of one test right now. I'm planning on doing one more before we start The Escape chapter so she can show up then. Alternatively, she could also be the cube they are using in testing right now, but that might be a bit complicated since they already began the puzzle.
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    • Plus its the Lazer cube, so... Also, if we go ahead with the Ana in a Box thing, she'd probably hate CCIA, seeing as she was trapped inside a different cube. Actually, thinking about it, How would they get Ana out of the cube... Hmm. Need to think on that a little more... Still, At least CCIA is going to be there for Tully to project her deranged loneliness onto...
    • 'Deranged loneliness'...*writes down* That's a good one.
      Tully would probably get very attached, it might finally cease her obsession over the Portal Gun....and immediatly project her obsession onto something else. Whoops.
      I'm a trashy Dangan Ronpa fangirl.
      Do you like Portal?
      I also like Persona 4, so: Here.

      i like anime, dangan ronpa and desk fans. dont ask about that last one.
    • GLaDOS has like ten thousand voice lines, it's not too surprising you can't find one.

      Did the thread stop again? I should probably give it a reply or two. Would like to keep it going.
      I'm a trashy Dangan Ronpa fangirl.
      Do you like Portal?
      I also like Persona 4, so: Here.

      i like anime, dangan ronpa and desk fans. dont ask about that last one.
    • Oh, Derp. I've been so busy plotting things I've forgotten to RP... Trying to remember how many chambers there are before the Companion cube one... Hmm, Pretty sure we've hit chamber 2... so 5 more chambers before Ana vanishes and 2 Companion Cubes appear, one Talking, the other crying... Ok, Lets get a suitably GlaDos post up, shall we?
    • Should I go ahead and start posting, like having Caia being inside of one of the tubes that lets out cubes to use for testing? I'd like to get the introduction post out of the way, at least.
      [img width=510 height=378][/img]
    • Since everyone else made files for their characters i thought i could kill some time and add a little story to conan and peewee
      As well as a few entries of a scientist before glados killed them all.

      Conan's file and the diary of a scientist
      Test subject #5725
      First name: Conan
      last name: [redacted]
      Age: 19

      Entry 1:
      #5725 is exceptionally bright he seems to enjoy puzzles and mysteries. He keeps trying until the tests are solved.

      Entry 2:
      One of the prototype robots has gone missing and yet the other scientists claim to see it from time to time with test subject #5725

      Entry 3: we are developing a serum called APTX-4869. We are testing the serum on crows in hopes of extending the lives of human test subjects. It seems to revert them to newly hatched chicks, the stress is too much for their hearts. all crows who receive the serum die as soon as they become chicks. We are instructed to store the serum in the chem lab for next week's tests.

      Entry 4:
      We have located the robot, it addresses itself as "peewee"
      We plan to dismantle it tomorrow as it has been offering drugged food to unsuspecting scientists and test subjects. I will write more tomorrow, i ordered a blueberry bagel for breakfast.

      bottom of the last entry's page:
      (Nothing but illegible scribbles and drawings)

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