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  • [i]"Good morning. You have been in suspension for -nine nine nine nine nine... nine nine- This courtesy call is to inform you that all test subjects should vacate the Enrichment Center immediately. Any test subject not emerging from suspension at this time will be assumed to have exercised his or her right to remain in extended relaxation, for the duration of the destruction of this facility. If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, or if you require a Spanish-language version of this message, feel free to take a complimentary piece of stationary from the desk drawer in front of you, and write us a letter. [b]Good luck[/b]." [/i] Welcome to Aperture! I'm your host, tearable, and today I will be guiding you throughout this wonderful journey of testing tracks and corrupted cores. Huh? What's that? No, we're not paying you for this. Huh? No, no medical bills either. Huh? Okay, can we just get to the testing already? [i]Your role in this assignment will be split into two different parts[/i]: [spoiler= CLOSED FOR NOW] In this part you may play any canon character from Portal 1 and 2. Here is the list of possible characters you may play on this journey. [b]GLaDOS[/b]: The British One [b]Wheatley[/b]: tearabletrash [others possibly coming soon] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [b]Note: For now, human OCs are not allowed, at least not until the current group meets GLaDOS. Thanks for understanding![/b] [b]Update: I'll allow human OCS as long as 1) it's not an excessive amount at that point. like we are not having ten test subjects in one chamber thats a bit much. 2) if you can creatively incorporate them into where we currently are (i can always help with this depending on who they are) For reference, we are currently in the part where Wheatley and the gang begin their 'escape'. Other than that, all the same rules apply. Reason for doin' this is because I feel bad thinking that maybe some people are dissuaded from joing the thread just because you can't make human Ocs anymore. I thought maybe it'd work better if I limited it, but gave it a bit of a leeway sort of thing.[/b] And in this part, you may play any 'original character', or OC, you wish to play. To play an OC, please fill out this form: [b]Name[/b]: [b]Age[/b]: [b]Species[/b]: (human or robot/android/core please. This is Portal we're talking about, not Dungeons and Dragons.) [b]Appearance: [/b](photos and typed descriptions are fine). [b]Purpose[/b]: (robots only- why were you made? example: wheatley was made to dampen the intelligence of gladis.) [b]Personality[/b]: (please no mess of words, and no 'meet them' descriptions. This is semi-advanced and I'd like to keep it that way. If you're having trouble coming up with a description, let me know and I'll help you out. [b]Abilities[/b]: (What can your character do? Strengths, special abilities, skills, etc.) [b]Weaknesses[/b]: (What are your character's biggest downfalls?) [b]History[/b]: (optional) [b]Other[/b]: [/spoiler] [i]Here is the main premise of your initiative:[/i] This is set towards the events of Portal 2, in an alternate universe where Chell dies after the events of Portal 1, and other subjects wake up to see the relaxation centers malfunction. Together, you will solve puzzles, defeat evil AIs, and have fun! Okay, well maybe not that last part. [i]Here are some rules and regulations to follow[/i]: [spoiler] [i]1. [/i]Since this takes place during the events of Portal 2, this will 100% spoil Portal 1 and 2 for anyone who hasn't played it. Please keep this in mind as you play through the game. 2. Swearing is fine but please keep it to a minimum. 3. Do not kill of a character unless you get permission from their owner first. 4. Your character is not all knowing. Just because you might, they won't know the solution to every puzzle, or be all powerful. Not everyone likes your character, okay? Don't be a Mary Sue. [/spoiler] [i]That should be all. I will post my OC for this roleplay shortly. Welcome to Aperture! Please enjoy your stay.[/i]
  • [b]Name[/b]: Tallulah 'Tully' [REDACTED] [b]Age[/b]: 19 years old [b]Species[/b]: Human [b]Appearance[/b]: With a scrawny build and an incredibly short height, Tully does not look like the type to run this particular type of cognitive gauntlet- yet, here she is. Her skin is almost deathly pale, and she has a black beauty mark on her right cheek. Her hair is a deep chestnut brown that falls to her shoulders in the most messy, disheveled strands you'll ever see. Her eyes are a cold gray, framed by black glasses. There are bags under her eyes. She has the look of a deer in headlights. She wears the jumpsuit akin to how Chell wears it in Portal 1. [b]Personality[/b]: Tully is probably the last person you'd ever expect to run around shooting portals. She's quiet, antisocial, anxious as all heck, paranoid of anything that moves, a crybaby, weak-willed- oh and she can't talk either. She's got broca's aphasia due to some nasty effects of testing. As a result, she can barely form words. Usually, she communicates via sign language or drawing in the nifty little notebook she has with her. She can read and understamd speech, but she can't form words and her writing skill is impaired. Despite all this. Tully is actually rather intelligent, even if she doesn't look the type. She's very good at solving puzzles and is stronger than she looks. You'll just...have to get past every other millionth flaw she has. [b]Abilities[/b]: Despite how terribly her mental and physical state appears to be, she's actually really good at solving puzzles. Her communicating on how these puzzles are solved is less than desirable (its a piece of paper and crayons for pete's sake), but at least she has the mental capacity to solve them. She also has skilled survival instinct due to her paranoia keeping her on a primal state of mind at all times. Paired with good hearing, she's good at damage control. [b]Weaknesses[/b]: What she makes up for in intelligence and instict she...pretty much lacks in everything else. She can't talk and can't write for one thing. She's also not very athletic, is paranoid 24/7, always fears the worst, avoids interaction, and acts like a child most of the time. She's difficult to work with. [b]History[/b]: (optional) [b]Other: [/b]
  • [b]Name[/b]: Corbin 'Crush' [REDACTED] [b]Age[/b]: 19, as well. [b]Species[/b]: Human. [b]Appearance: [/b]He wears orange jumpsuit pants, but its made for his size, and a white t-shirt with 'Aperture' on it. He's ripped off the top of it, instead of tying it around his waist like the famous Chell. [b][/b][img][/img] [b]Purpose[/b]: Testing! [b]Personality[/b]: Crush's a bit of an odd job. He may not notice people, nor is he good at communicating, but he's surprisingly helpful, and somewhat knowledgeable. despite this, he cares mostly for himself, and isn't smart enough to really take advantage of others. [b]Abilities[/b]: He's of average intelligence, but his real kicker is that he was a football player in high school, and is quite strong, and fast. He's quite adaptable, and good under pressure. and he's able to take a hit and keep going. [b]Weaknesses[/b]: He's not the smartest, able to solve simple puzzles. He doesn't have very good foresight, and so might accidentally lock himself somewhere by doing something he wasn't supposed to do. Probably the dumbest of all the subjects Aperture has. [b]History[/b]: An old football star in High school, he did everything; Running, Quarterback, he even kicked a couple of times. But, after he failed a College entrance exam, he turned to Aperture to join their Science Development Program for some extra money. Little did he know what he was getting into... [b]Other[/b]: This looks interesting...

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  • Senpai noticed me! I'm flattered~ I've just recently gotten back into Portal, the sequel specifically, so I thought why not make a thread? Oh, and you're accepted.
  • guessed so. got a RP thread, or...? A big dumb guy with a tiny smart, but uncommunicable girl who can only draw in pictures. Hilariously, it's probably the only way he'd understand her thoughts anyway. Oh, and he can speak, but don't expect him to be the greatest speaker ever.

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  • Will be making one in a moment. Would you rather start now or wait for more people? I'll have to improvise some canon characters but I think I can do a pretty good impression
  • yeah, sure. wynaut? whomever said we needed Canon characters? I mean, sure, Glados and Wheatly waking us up, but, other than that scene, they could just leave us alone, really.

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  • Right, haha. Dunno why I put those in. Was just listing off characters in my head, I suppose. I was half-asleep when I made this. Here's the roleplay thread: [url='']*cough*pressthebutton*cough*[/url]
  • you must think you're funny. it's not. (In case you haven't noticed, the thread just goes up three posts above this one.)

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  • [url='']this better be right or so help me god i'll jump onto some repulsion gel[/url]
  • *[url='']Combustible Spud, Combustible Lemons[/url]. Also, Hello again. [b]Name[/b]: Self-Propelled Advanced Autonomous Turret System or Spaats, for short. [b]Age[/b]: 5 years since prototype stage. [b]Species[/b]: Robot/Turret [b]Appearance: [img][/img][/b] [b]Purpose[/b]: A Second level design of Turret, The Spaats Line was built for mobility, allowing the turrets to collapse into a ball and re-position themselves under their own power. [b]Personality[/b]: Spaats Droids are quiet, efficient and incredibly brutal in their methods, eliminating Test subjects who leave courses without any type of remorse. However, once it was discovered they could eventually break their programming and turn Rogue. These rogue droids developed personality traits and morals, with some refusing to kill rogue test subjects. Each droid developed different personality traits, with the first prototype becoming a semi-fledged AI system, making its own decisions based on who was involved. After a memory wipe they revert to the original systems, but this was inefficient and so all but the prototype were destroyed. [b]Abilities[/b]: Roll into a ball for faster movement, Heavy Armament, Gyroscope systems to allow for quick deployment and the ability to recover from Portal relocation expediently. [b]Weaknesses[/b]: A lack of actual Emotion or understanding of Sarcasm and a weakness to explosives. [b]History[/b]: I would, but Memory wipes... [b]Other[/b]: Yes, I know its a Star Wars Destroyer Droid. Shut up.
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  • I do tend to lurk. And thank you.
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  • I really don't know how to join the RP thread... I'm considering making another, Human Character to interact with the other two.
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  • Mmmm... Its mainly just because I can't think of how to bring Spaats into it... Stuff it, New Character! [b]Name[/b]: Illiana "Ana" [Redacted] [b]Age[/b]: 16 [b]Species[/b]: Female Human. [b]Appearance: [img][/img][/b] [b]But she wears the Aperture Orange Jumpsuit.[/b] [b][/b][b]Purpose[/b]: Testing. :P [b]Personality[/b]: Illiana's anti-social appearance is a complete misdirection, giving off the appearance of someone unprepared to work with anyone else or even talk, she is in reality quite chatty, with a seeming obsession to not be left alone in any situation. She's scared of the dark as well as easily spooked and so seeks social interaction to try and give her the Safety in Numbers she craves. [b]Abilities[/b]: Large amounts of confidence in social situations, regardless of outside stimuli. [b]Weaknesses[/b]: The less people she has around her the weaker she feels, with her nightmare situation being left alone in pitch blackness. *Totally not planning to put her alone in a pitch black room with fresh reset Spaats, Honest.* [b]History[/b]: Her history is one of Abandonment and neglect, which gave rise to her obsession with being in a group. At the age of 5 she was orphaned, placed into an orphanage where she had no friends, leaving her craving social interaction for most of her childhood. At the age of 16 she volunteered for the Aperture Science program, in the hope that she would meet people who wouldn't abandon her. [b]Other[/b]: She's going to hate the first few minutes, as she gets left alone in a box with no other person or way out.
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  • Ok, Thanks. I'll edit my Post over there to have Illiana waking up, only to see a Corpse in the other bed. Why do I find such elation in torturing my characters...
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