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    This is a thread that contains: Gore, Death, Mutilation, and Corrupted Cults... Contains some sensitive topics that could be triggering and intense cussing. Based off of various Horror Movies and Gore Fests.

    Introduction -
    //Twisted Mahogany//
    Staring down the barrel of a rifle wasn't fun, in fact, it was never fun. Then again, neither was running through a dark forest in the dead of night while it's storming with some creepy, psychopath chasing after you. You could vouch for it. Your feet slid against mud and branches whipped your skin leaving harsh red lines to cross your bare arms and cheeks. The heavy foot steps of the monster chasing you thumped heavily in your ears, fighting against the sound of blood rushing. Your left arm was likely sprained, your arm going numb thirty or so minutes prior.

    The smell of rain, mud, and your own blood hung heavily around you making your head light and vomit attempt to crawl up the back of your throat. You pressed your only uninjured hand to your mouth, smothering the scent and muffling your whimpers of fear and horror. Only a few hours prior, your friends - dumb, teenagers with a thirst for danger - had convinced you to join them in a small... ''camping trip'' in the woods that were famed for paranormal encounters and rabid sociopaths. You were an idiot for agreeing. you were an idiot for allowing your friends to come to this place and now they were dead. They were slaughtered, one after another, in the dead of night while you were sleeping. Their bodies hung from trees with their throats slashed and their faces mangled.

    The man, or what you assumed was a man, had edged towards your tent a hatchet and rifle poised for attack. It didn't take longer than a millisecond for you to bolt straight into the woods, colliding with trees and slipping against loose dirt and mud. Your dark sweater and face smudged with mud, and your skin rubbed raw and chaffing from the wet material rubbing against your skin.

    "(Character Name)..." The man behind you bellowed, his voice so deep and raspy that it sent chills up your spine. You didn't slow down until you heard the male's foot steps fade away behind you. You turned to look around yourself, lungs feeling strained and raw, and took in the sight of near darkness around you. Letting out a quiet chuckle you spun around and started running again. You weaved around trees before taking cover in a conveniently placed cottage that seemed to be hundreds of years old. It wasn't rare for abandoned villages and homes to be seen around the forest but with a murderer on the loose, you figured you should still be careful. Taking a small first step, you peered around the doorway taking in the dark, obscured furnishings of the home. Nothing moved, nothing made a sound. You creeped in, looking towards the door that seemed to have been smashed in at one point. You closed it, barricading it with a chair and leaned back with a slight sigh. You hoped you were safe...