• The Pack of BriarRidge

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    Ennxy13 and I's private roleplay thread about our werewolf characters and their random eventful lives. This is the first generation of our BriarRidge pack, new threads will be created for the new generations.


    Welcome to BriarRidge, a small town located in Seattle, Washington DC. This town is surrounded by large trees and overgrown bushes, right in the center of a vast forest, there isn't much in town but residents have opened their own shops and markets and have found ways to make a living, though most of the young teenagers move away to start life somewhere else. The town only has one shopping mall right in the center, the police department and other government facilities not too far. The high school and primary school are located next to each other on the edge of town, there is no university so most of the graduated students move away from home to continue their studying. There's small markets and shops all around town and the housing are in units around the edge. Few houses are far into the woods, except one well known property belonging to a newly formed pack of werewolves. The members of the pack have long since moved on from the small, sheltered town, except four teenagers hoping to keep the pack's lineage going. When in human form, they do go to school and live everyday lives, they normally shift on the full moon but some who have learned control can shift whenever they want to, they normally learn how to do this first. The pack is known for having fiery members, they're unpredictable and feisty, better watch what you say! Most of the time though they're welcoming and don't mind meeting strangers, some of them actually love meeting new wolves.


    The pack of BriarRidge resides in the surrounding woods of the small town, the woods are filled with trees and bushes and very few paths remain. Other notable parts of the territory include:

    -The Shimmering Lake; located right in the center of their territory

    -The Great Tree; one of the largest known trees in the territory, the pack members mainly go their to seek guidance or just to get away

    -The School; the school in town, all the pack teenagers go to school

    -The Pack House; located deep in the forest surrounding BiarRidge.


    The original pack members of the BriarRidge Pack. The members who kept the legacy alive and continued the pack line, they never abandoned the pack and stayed together, they grew close and became a family again. They fought each other's wars side by side and, though they went through a lot of drama and some moments of anger or hate, they loved each other through everything. May they live on in our hearts.

    Dante McCloud; He was the man that got lucky; he had a beautiful family, he was always surrounded by the people he loved, he turned his life around to be a better person and he could say that he had a happy life.

    Jason McCall; He turned his life around for the better and maned up so that he could raise a beautiful family, he was very protective over the people he loved and protected them until the end.

    Sara Hillington; She raised a beautiful family, she made sure to live life to the fullest and to enjoy the good times, she made it her job to care for the pack and to make sure that they were okay and her love for Jason was unquestionable.

    Lorelei Danvers; She might've been the smallest but she was the fiercest when it came to her pack's safety, she was the kind of person to give up everything to help out her friends and family; she went through hell but still managed to live with a bright smile and never changed her outlook on life.


    The four teenagers kept their pack's traditions alive and still to this day follow the traditions closely. BriarRidge Pack is a very family orientated pack and so all their traditions are based around each other and family time.


    Sara- Beautiful, tall and slender brunette girl with chocolate brown eyes and long, slightly curly hair. Fairly hot headed, at times controllable, quite serious but sometimes able to 'let loose', especially when it comes to family. Adopted, recently found out her brother has cancer [will possibly die], got into abusive relationship with Sam, a werewolf.

    Dante- Handsome with a muscular body and a chiseled face, scruffy goatee and shiny silver eyes with slightly spiky dirty blonde hair. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, easily distracted, protective when it comes to family, trying to change old habits [old habits die hard]. Repeating two years of senior year, brother murdered entire family, technically going to be a father to Lorelei's kids, started dating Lorelei.

    Lorelei- Adorable, quite short and healthy girl with medium length blonde hair that's naturally curly and sparkling ocean blue eyes. Very goofy and calm, amazing friend, unable to hold grudges and tries to be as independent as she can. Went through a traumatic experience which left her pregnant, lost her father, found out she was having twins, shared the news with the pack, started dating Dante.

    Jason- Hot, toned and athletic with amazing body [V line included] and greatly sculptured face, messy brown hair with deep brown eyes. Secretive, cheeky, sometimes unreliable but trying his best around his pack mates, starting to change his behaviour around girls he would've thought of as 'hot'. Had a poor family, little sister died of cancer, mother was addict and left, found Lorelei and protected her until they joined the pack, fell in love with Sara, met and started dating Jasmine.

    Jasmine- Very pretty girl with a petite frame, not too tall, tanned skin with long light brown hair and big blue eyes. Mysterious, careful, kind at times, can be humorous, secretly protective, possessive, intelligent and sneaky. Met Jason, started dating Jason, moved into the pack house.

    Dante's brother [Aiden]- Unknown. Cruel, murderous, asshole, evil, rapist, unkind to everyone, extremely selfish. Got Lorelei pregnant, killed Lorelei's father, dating Jasmine.


    - = dating

    ; = related

    # = secretly in love with …

    * = hiding big secret from …

    Jason - Jasmine

    Dante - Lorelei

    Dante ; Aiden [brothers]

    Sara # Jason

    Jason # Sara

    Jasmine # Aiden

    Jasmine * Jason [dating Aiden]

    Sara * Lorelei and Dante [brother has cancer]

    Lorelei * Dante and Sara [got raped]

    Dante * Everyone [has a brother]


    Jason and Sara getting together

    Jason will be devastated after losing Jasmine and will turn back into the old him [drinking, continuously drunk, sleeping around] but this time Sara stays by his side and helps him get back to being the good him again, they end up finally getting together.

    Travis living or dyeing

    The 'special hat' will decide his fate, will the cancer kill him or will he survive?

    Lorelei and the twins

    Will Lorelei be able to give birth safely to the twins, one of them dies or both survive and all three very weak.

    Jasmine plots

    1) Gets pregnant but baby is not Jason's, makes him believe it's his but Sara finds out when they are in Uni together then Jasmine breaks up with Jason.

    2) Dating Dante's brother and in love with him, started dating Jason to spy on the pack for Dante's brother

    !Dante's brother [Aiden]!

    He is the father to Lorelei's twins, he shows up out of nowhere one day and walks into the pack house, Lorelei is frightened by him and hides, Jason and Sara get super protective and Dante beats the crap out of him.

    Sara + Jason #2

    Eventually end up dating, at first Sara continuously thinks of Jason-Jason and gets upset because new Jason isn't like Jason-Jason. Sara's family keeps bringing up how new Jason isn't like 'their Jason', Travis doesn't like new Jason.

    !Lorelei and Dante's rocky relationship!

    1st breakup- Dante says his back is itchy, Lorelei being herself goes to scratch it for him but then feels the lumps on his back, she then pulls up his shirt and sees all the scars on his back which then results in him staring at her in shock as he jumps off the bed, she asks him how he'd gotten the scars and he says that it doesn't matter and that he doesn't want to talk about it so she retaliates by calling him a hypocrite (since Dante had pulled her shirt up when she just found out she was pregnant) whilst storming up to him. He'll start crying and Lorelei turns away from him, starting to feel bad about it, but she ignores her feelings and slams the door behind her.

    Getting back together- Dante goes to work at the library and Lorelei shows up, she sits down next to him and stares down at the floor before saying that she's sorry.

    2nd breakup- Lorelei had a bad day at school so when she got home, everything Dante did annoyed her which results in them starting to yell at each other: D- "What did I do" L- "nothing" D- "i obviously did something" L- "you did everything!" D- "oh, everything really!?' L- "leave me alone" D- "okay, I know this isn’t you talking it’s your hormones so I’d like to just let them know. FUCK YOU HORMONES, YOU ARE A CRAZY BITCH HORMONES”. Then Lorelei turns, she grabs a suitcase and packs all her clothes then stomps down the stairs, making sure that Dante was watching before she stormed out of the house and towards her car but Dante exclaims that it isn't fair and becomes cheeky, resulting in her punching him in the face.

    Getting back together again- Dante is nursing his sore cheek in his room when Lorelei comes out of her room and enters his with the first aid kit, she sits next to him and cleans up his bruised cheek but doesn't say anything. They then cuddle.

    3rd breakup- Lorelei's doing homework in Dante's room when he comes out of the shower, with a shirt on already so when he goes down to do homework with her, she's still mad about their first fight so she starts to use her homework as a way to find out what's happening [for example: MATHS- x= scars and y= the reason for x, because we don’t know why / SCIENCE- well look at this! did you know that acid can cause severe scarring / HISTORY- oh World War One / ENGLISH- we’re studying this new book. its to do with someone keeping a very big secret that soon the world finds out about and its all goes to shit / ART- well i chose to do sculpturing this semester, can u be my muse / CHILD STUDIES- oh look, how to nurse wounds / MUSIC- well, have i told you that my favourite song is the one we are studying? its ‘scars to your beautiful’] and each time she does a sassy head tilt. When she says the last one, Dante jumps up and slams her music book then throws it at her, Lorelei then growls loudly at him whilst her eyes change which makes Dante growl back at her before grabbing her by the wrists and slamming her against the wall, holding her there. Her face morphs into complete fear as she's taken back to the night everything bad happened to her - she's in absolute terror and slides down the wall in sobs as she tries to curl away from Dante, the fear still evident on her face. He steps back in shock and stares at his hands before he bumps into the edge of his bed and sits down. Jason storms in and sees the state of Lorelei - he instantly jumps at Dante and starts to fight with him, Sara breaks up the fight between the two boys then takes Lorelei away.

    Getting back together again- Dante has resulted back to his old self and has slept with a few girls again, Lorelei had been terrified of him for a long while now but when she hears him sniffling in the bathroom she works up the courage to go to his room. She silently enters the bathroom and thats when she sees the blood around Dante's wrists, she returns to her bathroom quickly and grabs the first aid kit before going back to Dante's side. Her hands are shaking as she cleans his bloodied wrists, she then leans forward and starts to kiss every scar on his body - wanting to show him that she loved him still. They sit on Dante's bed and he tells her the story of how he got the scars, he holds onto her wrist for a moment and she flinches, at first he thinks its because she's still scared of him but then he feels the dampness and rolls up her sleeves. He sees that her whole arm is covered in scars and he covers all of it with his own arm and his head as he leans it against her and starts to cry. Meanwhile Lorelei is sitting quite emotionless - showing that she's been dealing with it for quite some time so it hasn't actually affected her anymore. They start to do small things for each other to show that they loved one another.

    !Death plots!

    Aiden dies - beaten by Dante and Jason then killed

    Jason dies - after Evin and Oliver are born and Joy is on the way. He will kickstart the biggest plot

    !New Pack Invades!

    A new pack comes to BriarRidge, wanting to take over the territory; they were told by Jasmine where the pack lived. Jason was found by the invading pack and started to fight with them, they take him and end up killing him; Jasmine escapes after this, not knowing that they would kill him. The pack then finds the pack house and attacks.


    Songs that we think are relatable with characters or songs that remind us of our characters.

    Jason and Jasmine - Please Don't Say You Love Me [Jasmine], Say You Won't Let Go [Jason], HOME [break-up]

    Jason and Sara - I Hate You I Love You [Sara], My Way [Jason], Closer [both], Issues [Jason], I Think I'm In Love [Sara]

    Dante and Lorelei - Perfect Two [both], Heart Like Yours [Dante], Love Love Love [both], Don't Let Me Down [Lorelei], Perfect Two Breakup [break-up], My Life Would Suck Without You [both], Little Do You Know [last break-up]

    Lorelei and Aiden - Animals [Aiden]


    Old Thread (x), 2nd Generation thread (x), 3rd Generation thread (x), Character forms thread (x)

    Jasmine's forms

    1. [center][fancypost='background-color:#A143B7; border: white solid 3px; width: 80%;'][fancypost='background:url(http://www.hdwallpapers.in/walls/actress_nina_dobrev-wide.jpg); background-size: cover; border: 0px; width: 100%; height: 250px;'][/fancypost][fancypost='background-color:#A143B7; border: 0px; border-radius: 2em 2em 0em 0em; width: 100px; margin-left: 230px; margin-top: -20px; text-align: center; font-size: 20px; font-family: georgia; color: black;']Sara [/fancypost][fancypost='width:90%; height: 250px; padding: 10px; text-align:justify; font-size: 12.5px; font-family: georgia; color:black;overflow:auto;']TEXT HERE[/fancypost][/fancypost]#princessofhearts((c))[/center]
    2. [center][fancypost='background-color:#65D26D; border: white solid 3px; width: 80%;'][fancypost='background:url(https://static.cinemagia.ro/img/resize/db/actor/35/01/06/dean-geyer-574333l-poza.png); background-size: cover; border: 0px; width: 100%; height: 250px;'][/fancypost][fancypost='background-color:#65D26D; border: 0px; border-radius: 2em 2em 0em 0em; width: 100px; margin-left: 230px; margin-top: -20px; text-align: center; font-size: 20px; font-family: georgia; color: black;']Dante [/fancypost][fancypost='width:90%; height: 250px; padding: 10px; text-align:justify; font-size: 12.5px; font-family: georgia; color:black;overflow:auto;']TEXT HERE[/fancypost][/fancypost]#princessofhearts((c))[/center]
    3. [center][fancypost='background-color:#333448; border: white solid 3px; width: 80%;'][fancypost='background:url(http://cdn.newsapi.com.au/image/v1/96691fa6556450da4a5a5236f7b205b4); background-size: cover; border: 0px; width: 100%; height: 250px;'][/fancypost][fancypost='background-color:#333448; border: 0px; border-radius: 2em 2em 0em 0em; width: 100px; margin-left: 230px; margin-top: -20px; text-align: center; font-size: 20px; font-family: georgia; color: white;']Aiden [/fancypost][fancypost='width:90%; height: 250px; padding: 10px; text-align:justify; font-size: 12.5px; font-family: georgia; color:white;overflow:auto;']TEXT HERE[/fancypost][/fancypost]#princessofhearts((c))[/center]

    Lelani's forms

    1. [center][fancypost='background-color:#FCB0C6; border: white solid 3px; width: 80%;'][fancypost='background:url(https://img06.deviantart.net/2c56/i/2017/179/f/a/lorelei_by_teenwolfie243-dbef99v.jpg); background-size: cover; border: 0px; width: 100%; height: 250px;'][/fancypost][fancypost='background-color:#FCB0C6; border: 0px; border-radius: 2em 2em 0em 0em; width: 100px; margin-left: 230px; margin-top: -20px; text-align: center; font-size: 20px; font-family: georgia; color: black;']Lorelei [/fancypost][fancypost='width:90%; height: 250px; padding: 10px; text-align:justify; font-size: 12.5px; font-family: georgia; color:black;overflow:auto;']TEXT HERE[/fancypost][/fancypost]#princessofhearts((c))[/center]
    2. [center][fancypost='background-color:#BBF0FF; border: white solid 3px; width: 80%;'][fancypost='background:url(https://cdn1.thehunt.com/app/public/system/zine_images/2698764/original/4d0c410e8dc5d2457676f2407e08f0c6.jpg); background-size: cover; border: 0px; width: 100%; height: 250px;'][/fancypost][fancypost='background-color:#BBF0FF; border: 0px; border-radius: 2em 2em 0em 0em; width: 100px; margin-left: 230px; margin-top: -20px; text-align: center; font-size: 20px; font-family: georgia; color: black;']Jason [/fancypost][fancypost='width:90%; height: 250px; padding: 10px; text-align:justify; font-size: 12.5px; font-family: georgia; color:black;overflow:auto;']TEXT HERE[/fancypost][/fancypost]#princessofhearts((c))[/center]
    3. [center][fancypost='background-color:#581845; border: white solid 3px; width: 80%;'][fancypost='background:url(https://img04.deviantart.net/e8fd/i/2017/179/4/6/jasmine_by_teenwolfie243-dbef9bw.jpg); background-size: cover; border: 0px; width: 100%; height: 250px;'][/fancypost][fancypost='background-color:#581845; border: 0px; border-radius: 2em 2em 0em 0em; width: 100px; margin-left: 230px; margin-top: -20px; text-align: center; font-size: 20px; font-family: georgia; color: white;']Jasmine [/fancypost][fancypost='width:90%; height: 250px; padding: 10px; text-align:justify; font-size: 12.5px; font-family: georgia; color:white;overflow:auto;']TEXT HERE[/fancypost][/fancypost]#princessofhearts((c))[/center]


  • Lelani's 1st generation characters

    Jasmine's 1st generation characters

  • rp

  • Moonclan

    Number of Cats: 7

    Moonclan has started settling down in a large mountainous area, their territory is mostly covered in trees and rarely do they see the sky through the tree tops. They’re planning to make their camp in a large cave they found, a waterfall shields the cave but there’s a rocky passage leading behind the waterfall. The cave is one of the only spots in their territory where they can see the sky clearly, the centre of the cave has no roof but the little tunnels within the cave, which will be made into dens, have high roofs and gives the cats plenty of space. The cats who have started building Moonclan named it so because of the roofless cave, every night the moon shines bright right above the openings and lights up the centre of the cave. There’s also a cave much further away where there’s also openings for the moon to shine through, inside this cave are small crystals and when the moon shines through the holes in the cave roof, they light up.

    Moonclan is a very laid back clan, they’re easy going and normally deals with things as they come. Moonclan treats all its members as family, everyone is respected and cared for, they love to spend time with each other and are rarely off by themselves, the Queens are never alone whilst raising their kits, the whole clan tends to the kits and their needs. Though they’re quite a relaxed clan, Moonclan is fierce in battle and rarely do they back down. Their eyes are used to the dark and they are exceptional night time hunters, they move easily through the rough terrain and rarely get cracked paw pads. They’re quite long-legged cats, exceptional hunters, but they also have large and muscular bodies suited to the prey they hunt, their most common prey is eagles, most prey in their territory are quite large but some of the smaller prey that can be found include: mice, squirrels and frogs. The clan’s prey pile would usually consist of multiple bird species, snakes and small mammals. A large hunting group should be able to bring down a Capybara, they give a lot of nutrients to the cats and would normally last them a long time.

    The clan has already earned themselves a reputation so early in the makings, most cats who have heard of them know them as dark pelted cats who are barely seen during the day, you would only spot shadows on the outskirts of their borders but other than that they’re not seem until the sun sets. Some cats believe Moonclan to be a clan of nocturnal cats, saying that they wake early only to patrol and hunt but then retreat back to their dens and only come out when the moon shines in the night sky, some cats believe that the moon is what gives the clan their energy. Most of Moonclan’s rumours aren’t true, but there’s one that is; the cats of Moonclan are, sort of, nocturnal, they wake early to patrol and hunt but then they retreat to their cave and spend most of the day asleep but when the sun sets, they are full of energy and spend most of the night either bonding in the cave or playing about in the territory.

    Moonclan only consists of seven cats as of now, the two most noticeable cats are a pair of mates. The female is a quiet feline and normally speaks with a soft, gentle tone, she’s very motherly and extremely selfless, she’s overly patient and is actually very intelligent. The male is a tom who, at first glance, seems terrifying and battle hungry but he’s quite the opposite, he is very kind and cares deeply for each individual, he’s very thoughtful and tries his hardest to keep others out of harms way, he’s a natural leader but rarely thinks of himself so highly. The male becomes leader and appoints his highly intelligent mate as medicine cat.

    The clan leader then appointed a deputy, a kind she-cat who knew right from wrong. She is a great listener and problem solver, she spends much of her time talking with other cats, she can come off as somewhat confident and usually walks around with an air of dominance, though she would never use it to her advantage.

    Then came the two warriors, a male and a female, both fairly young but exceptional warriors. The female is a little hot-headed and it can take a while to warm up to her but she always means good and tries her best, she’s an exceptional hunter and takes her role more seriously than most cats her age. The tom is more laid back and is usually quite relaxed, he doesn’t worry about much but he works hard to keep his friends safe and fed, he sees everyone in the clan as family and rarely refers to them as his clan-mates.

    Moonclan also has two younger cats, who take up the rank of apprentices. They both still have a lot to learn but try their hardest to listen to their mentors. They’re bother and sister and are rarely separated, they love their clan-mates and would do anything for the clan but no matter what, they would put each other above all else. The female is a lot more outgoing than her brother, she’s very energetic and spends most of her time making up new games to play, though she seems to be quite silly her whole personality can switch the second her brother is messed with, she will protect him with her life and would do everything in her power to keep him safe. The tom is a lot quieter than his rambunctious sister and, if he decides to not join his sister in play, he’ll most likely be seated amongst the adults, learning as much as he can, he tries his best at everything he does and normally fares quite well, but he is prone to being clumsy.

  • Tribe of the Misted Waters

    history ✦ territory ✦ beliefs ✦ traditions ✦ prey, predators & herbs ✦ tribe cats & rank description ✦ relationships ✦ neighbours ✦ threads ✦ rules ✦ sign-up form

    Brief introduction to the tribe.


    About a few paragraphs of the tribe's history. Don't spend too long on small details.


    About a paragraph or so explaining the entirety of the territory. Due do this being a 'brief' description, extreme detail is not required.


    About a prargraph or so explaining the important parts of the group's religion.


    tradition name


    tradition name



















    name — what it does


    name — what it does


    name — what it does



    parents first then siblings


    cat > cat


    Current Mates:

    cat x cat

    Former Mates:

    cat * cat

    Current Mentors & Apprentices:

    mentor | apprentice

    Former Mentors & Apprentices:

    mentor | apprentice

    Future Mentors & Apprentices:

    mentor | apprentice


    number of males | number of females

    rank (#/#)


    rank (#/#)


    The Deceased (Tribe of Endless Hunting, Place of no Stars)


    Adoptables (click on names)



    To the North

    name of tribe/clan [ally/nuetral/enemy]

    To the East

    name of tribe/clan [ally/nuetral/enemy]

    To the South

    name of tribe/clan [ally/nuetral/enemy]

    To the West

    name of tribe/clan [ally/nuetral/enemy]


    Sing-ups [you're here!]

    RP: X

    Chat & Plot: X


    Tribe Rules


    OOC Rules



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