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  • "Yeah... And Ashka might have his work cut out for him while the pups grow, especially once they start to eat real meat." Neralki said, knowing he might have to pitch in just so they don't starve.

    (BTW, you want to do a different RP as well? Its a Little Red Riding Hood-based one)

  • (YESA!!)

    She twitched around and chewed on her hind leg free from something, weather it be flea, tick, or mosquito. Turning her green like eyes to the male wolf, she rose again, letting the pups on-call off of her once more. "Watch them. I need something to drink." As she said this she scratched her ear with her hind paw.

  • Here you go!

    Neralki gave a quick nod before Sin had departed from the den, slowly lying down with his eyes on the four pups. It was a shame that they couldn't have their fifth pup; she looked like a splitting image of her mother, with her white fur and everything... But these four, they all shared something from their parents. The two black pups in particular...

    The first one had dark fur that shone a gentle hue of marine in the faint light of the den. A male, this one; a strong pup who resembled his uncle: Ashka. The pup rested peacefully despite the lack of a mother, and was calm even though just recently born.

    The second was a beautiful, slender pup. Tufts of white decorated certain parts of the chest and elsewhere; this one was a girl. She held a strong resemblance to her mother, and Neralki had no doubts she would grow to be graceful and serene like the wolf he fell in love with.

  • Third was a silver and white pup. A male, closest to looking like the Dam that dropped them an hour prior. He squeaked in the air. He could smell something, faintly, and it wasn't the smell of one he remembers. He squeaked at this new scent and feebly crawled towards it. While he did this, the last pup, smaller in size, was brown with a black muzzle. It too was a male. He was quiet like his blue brother, but whimpered in a hiccup like way every now and then. Sin trotted through the woods to the nearby stream to drink.

  • The genuine happiness that filled the albino was enough to make him swell with pride at what his offspring was. They held so much promise, and with the near-perfect environment to grow up, he held no worry about tragedy since the only threat was gone...

    Finally, another wolf had come back, but Ashka was empty-handed as exhaustion was written across his muzzle. There wasn't too much worry, having caught an elk far earlier was still fine since it was still there with plenty to eat.

  • Neralki looked down at the two pups, slowly getting up and taking his proper place as parent to watch over the four. He was still slightly disoriented from the speed of things, how quickly he had become a father, and how quickly Ashka had become an uncle. The older wolf had taken his place nearby the den's entrance, a silent guardian to keep an eye out for both threats, and the pups' mother. "To think we would become a small pack..."

  • (Miniskip to when Sin comes back)

    Neralki was thankful that Sin was quick to return, not only was he worried for her, but the pups currently in his care looked to already miss their mother. "Looks like they missed you dearly." He remarked, noting how the two black pups were calm in the whole fiasco.