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  • Kalem raised a brow, slowly making his way over to the angel to give the pup in her slender arms a pet. Now he doesn't hate dogs, no he likes them, but the human male honestly has a preference to felines. Maybe it was because the one he owns is an assh*le, or it could be because cats don't get overly excited in the same way a dog would. "The fur is soft..." he agreed softly.

  • Neveah mentally pats herself on the back for being able to Kalem to play along with her. It was a small accomplishment, but she was going to treasure whatever she could get. Small steps, but at least they were leading somewhere. " Isn't! This puppy is just too cute" The angel cooed as it wagged it's tail and nuzzled his face in her arms. The angel turned to look over at Cross and smiled at him.

  • Neveah excused herself from the pup and Kalem and launched herself at Cross. "Thank you for coming with me" She whispered into his ear when she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I know things are now tense between our two sides, but I am really grateful to have you here with me." The angel spoke softly as to not alert her human, but loud enough for him to hear her.


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