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  • Neveah sat on the swing and placed the book that Cross had given to her, on her lap. Her bare feet helped her push back and swing a bit and motioned fro Cross to take the swing next to her. "Come join me" Although she had intended for it to come out as a request, she was eager to have him next to her and have a conversation with 

  • Cross hums, watching her move the swing into motion while waiting for him. "I'm coming." That's all he had to say as the demon take claim to the empty swing beside the angel. It was then he finally realized that Neveah is barefooted. That is a strange thing to notice. "Sorry if this is rude but why are you walking around without shoes?"

  • Neveah paused her swinging and looked down at her feet. To emphasize that she was barefooted, she wiggled her toes and hummed in thought. " I didn't realize that I didn't have any shoes on. I find it more comfortable to walk around without shoes... Is that too weird?" Neveah blushed a bit, realizing her mistake and used her hair to cover her face as she looked down in embarrassment.

  • "Admittedly, it is a little odd to someone walk around without shoes. But... somehow it seems to work for you." Cross replied, letting the swing sway with his body. Glancing in her direction, Cross found her quite adorable, especially at her attempt to hide her blush due to his comment.

  • "Umm, thanks for that" Her cheeks darken "But next time, I'll make sure to wear shoes" With a nervous, blurted laugh, Neveah tucked her hair behind her ear and pushed off the swing getting a bit higher than last time. he movement was letting her let go of her nervous

  • The thought came to a realization to her. She hummed and remained quiet as she swung each time getting a bit higher, but held onto the book that was on her lap. Not wanting to waste an opportunity she asked," Tell me something about yourself. What type of person do you think you are?"

  • "A disappointment." Welp, barely any hesitation there to say that. Why is that? It may have to do with why he is here without family. "At least that's all I am to my family, particularly my father. It's why I'm here on my own in the first place. Not because I chose to but because I got kicked out."

  • Neveah frowned at his words, and her swinging began to slow down. Craning her neck to look at him she said," A disappointment? You? I'm sorry, but I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea of an amazing guy like you to be even considered a disappointment" SHe tried thinking up of a couple sceniors in her head, that might explain for the turn of events, but she couldn't come up with any logical reasoning.

  • He closed his eyes, sighing. "Most people don't. I come from a family that cares more about reputation than their own kids. And because I didn't do anything to keep the rep good, they kicked me out with virtually nothing to support myself. If it weren't for a kind soul taking me in until I got onto my feet, god knows what would've happen to me then."

  • Neveah looked a head at the gate of the park and thought for a second. She took in everything that he had told her and allowed for it to register in her mind before speaking. "If you don't mind me asking, how do you feel now? Now that you are on your own and being independent" Neveah tried to word it the best she could since she didn't know of this was a sensitive topic for him.

  • Cross held out a hand and did the gesture associated with so-so. "It's very different to what I was used to but... it's fine. I got to make myself known as an author and do what I enjoy. I just wish that I could've shared my success with my family. But I can't."

  • She listened to what he said and hummed. "It's sad knowing that you couldn't share your experience with you father. In a way he did you something good, but your father could of done things differently" Neveah softly spoke as she looked down at the book cover and ran her fingers done the spine of the book.

  • "Mm, perhaps." He hums, crossing his legs. "But very unlikely. Father has very little love for my mother and my siblings. The only one he seemed to really favor was my older brother, the rest of us are nothing more than parasites with me being the most hateful to him. There's no point in still trying to get tha man's love and attention so I stopped when I came here."

  • Neaveah watched him as he spoke. She gouged any emotions that she could see in him, but his eyes still looked the same as the first time that she had seen them. Hollow and alone. If there is one thing that Neveah is good at, or has learned to detect, is reading peoples emotions. Whether they showed it with their body, or represented it in their eyes. Hearing him speak at made her want to wrap her arms around him, and just shield him from the world, but she knew that she couldn't do that

  • Listening to him speak, she faces forward and swings a bit. "I know life isn't sunshine and rainbows. I'm well aware of that. Reality as some call it is rather two faced, depending who you are is the outcome you'll get. Some get 'the short end of the stick' like you said and others have the positive side." A small smile formed it's way up to her lips,"It is true about what you said, not many would be able to handle your sort of reality, to which I find rathe admirable. You've over come an obstacle that many would of fallen victim too. Many would of already drowned"

  • "Heh... sometimes I still feel like I'm suffocating in this world." He murmured, momentarily losing control over his glamor that hid the horns in the first place due to his emotions going wild because of mentioning his life story. The visibility didn't last long but it might've lasted long enough for the visiting angel to get a glimpse of it. Whether or not she knows what he is really is up to her at this moment in time.

  • Neveah has sensed a falter and didn't miss the glimpse. Her eyes zeroed in on the image in front of her, and to say the least, she was shocked. She knew that what she was sensing or feeling was abnormal wad out of the ordinary, but just seeing the horns for a split second was a game changer. Her friends and the warriors have always told her of the ruthlessness and demented, character that are demons. Neveah's first reaction was to high tail out of the park, but couldn't find it within herself to do so. Instead she said," So you were a demon all along..."