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  • "Hm... so I take it that you live on your own?" He asked, studying the barefoot woman. He kept from showing that he was suspicious that she's not necessarily human appearing on his face as he waited for her answer. Even if she is an angel, it's not like he has to abide by his family's rules anymore so no blood would not have to be shed.

  • Neveah made sure to pick her words carefully not wanting to tip his off, of who she truly was, even if she didn't realize that he had already figured her out. "I live on my own, but I have friends who take care of me, so thats a plus." A soft smile graced her lips at the thought of her friends who were waiting for her to return, and tell them of her 'adventures'. She looked over at Cross and found herself almost hypnotised by his violet eyes. "What are you?" She vocalized her thought, as she found it difficult to look away from him, something about him was off, but because it was Neveahs' first time on earth, she didn't know anything.

  • "Whatever could you mean?" He asked, acting as innocent as he could. Whether or not she intended, she did ask what he is and it's not like Cross could outright say he is a demon. Banished or not, he is still an enemy of the angels. Admittedly, Nev does seem like a relatively new angel for she's not sniffing out his demonic energy. Maybe she did but she has never met another of his kind. No matter, might as well and enjoy the time he has with her now.

  • She tilts her head to the side in confusion and tried to figure him out. "Sorry if I'm being weird here, but... There is just something about you that I can't quiet put my figure on it." Neveah innocently commented and took note of his features. " But another thing that I did notice is that you have a charm that others don't have"

  • "Oh? I have been told that I'm quite charming." He joked. Even if she meant his earring, it doesn't matter now. "What about me that you can't quite connect to hm?" Honestly, it would be nice to reveal his true self to someone but it's too risky. If Nev happens to figure it out on her own, Cross will have to tread carefully. Never know what will happen.

  • Neveah shrugged her shoulders. All this thinking and figuring out was starting to give her a head ache, a pain that she is not used to feeling since heaven had prevented anyone from feeling any sort of pain. She massaged her temples and sighed," Mind giving me a tour of this small town?" The hidden angel suggested, wanting to get out of the cafe, and just be in the open air. " Maybe be you could show this tourist some sights that you recommend me to see. Oh! But if you have something already planned than it's fine. I don't want to bother you, I can look for someone else to show me around" Neveah rambled a bit as she quickly stood up, coming up with her own conclusion, she didn't want to burden him, but was also trying to avoid any confrontations.

  • "Hold it there lovely. The only thing I've been doing today is write. I'll be happy to show you around, just let me finish my coffee and we can go." Cross huffs, stopping her by grabbing the wrist. Downing the last off the coffee, he stood up, tossing the cup into the trash before turning to the angel. "Now shall we?"

  • Her wrist had tingled from it had been held by him. Her heart speed up and felt something that she's never felt before, she'd would of believe that it was a form of attraction, since Cross was in deed good looking, but she couldn't help but wonder what it meant. She keeps her lips sealed and just nods her head. She waits for him to finish and makes her way out the door, with her feet padding against the floor. "I tend to ramble sometimes" Neveah sheepishly admits as she rubs her arm

  • "It's fine." He chuckles, walking out of the cafe with Nev. "Is there anything you want to see nearby? There's a lot of places I could start with but I figured your opinion would be nice." Cross quickly pulled his long hair into a ponytail so it's not going to be trouble for him.

  • Neveah watched with interest when he pulled his silver hair into a ponytail. She's seen plenty of men with long hair before, but with Cross having his hair like that, it just made him better. At his question, Neveah shrugged her shoulders," I don't know where anything is, and if I was on my own, I would of just wondered around until I get lost. But since you know this town better than I do, why not surprise me?" The young angel grinned at the hidden demon, Cross, with purity. She still hadn't been able to tell what he was, or what caught her attention about him, but made a mental note to ask the oracle later.

  • "Hm... why don't we start at the town park? It's a favorite spot of mine, especially when I need to write. So calm and peaceful." Cross suggested to the lovely woman, offering his arm to her so they won't get separated during the tour. Sometimes the sidewalks to get busy so it's very easy to lose one another.

  • At the mention of a park, her eyes brightened to a light blue hue as she grew excited. She glanced down at his offered arm and back towards his face. 'Maybe he doesn't want me to get lost' Neveah reasoned as she looped her arm around his and could easily feel his warmth seep through his clothes. Not minding that it brought them a bit closer, Neveah decided to start a conversation,"Write? Does this mean you are an author? Have you published anything, or do you prefer to keep it to yourself?"

  • "I have published a book but that's all I have brought to the outside world." He hums. "A lot of what I write is here on my laptop. Sometimes I freewrite to get the creative juices flowing and sometimes I would focus on my next project. It's taking a while but I am about halfway through this one." Cross focusing his stormy blues ahead of him while leading the secret angel to the same park she entered in earlier.

  • Neveah nods her head as she listened to his words. Hearing his voice relaxed her and had a certain tone to it. Once again she felt a shiver down her neck in warning, but just ended up confusing her. "What is it that you write about? Or do you just write about anything?" She asked and noticed as they continued on walking, that they were walking their way towards the park that she had come out from. Her arm was still looped with his and her feet padded gently against the concrete.

  • "I write a lot of fantasy type of stories." Not exactly a lie but the truth is, it's really about his life from before and after being banished. In a sense, it is his autobiography but because humanity tends to not believe in the "impossible," it's hard to call it that in public. "If you're interested, I can provide you a copy to read."

  • Neveah tilts her head to the side as she thought about what he said. The book indeed peaked her interest, and found it no harm to take him up on his offer. "That would be great~" She cheered and soon noticed that there weren't that many people around them, so she dropped her arm from his and laid it next to her side. Neveah felt it was a bit childish of her, to hold onto a man when she knew she couldn't get lost, but couldn't help but remain close to him, for her own satisfaction.

  • Bemused, Cross opened up his messenger bag and pulled out a copy of his first book. "Why don't you take this one? I have access to others so it's not a problem." He said, holding the book out for the female to take. Admittedly, he felt disappointed when she released her hold on his arm. It felt rather nice to feel her soft, warm hands holding onto his bicep.

  • She gingerly took the book in her hands and looked at the cover. She smiled when she noticed his bottom initials. What made it even more special was that it was her first gift, from descending to earth. Wanting to repay him some way, she thought of her friends, and of the thing they would do to thank one another. She pulled down on his hand a bit wanting him to stop walking and got on her toes to press her lips against his cheek. "Thank you for the book"

  • His blue eyes widen in surprise when she left a kiss on his cheek. Well, that's a surprise, that's for sure. "E-erm.... No problem Nev. Happy to do so." Cross stuttered, stumbling over his words. It was clear that he was blushing, as evident by a light pink dusting his pale cheeks.

  • It filled her with happiness to know that she was able to cause his cheeks to fluster. She released his hand and hugged the book to her chest on content as she hurried towards the park in excitement. "Let's head to the swing set" She chirped childishly as her faced him and greeted him with a smile.